Rescu Road Test: Dietlicious’ Cleansing Diet and Recipes

The holiday season is well and truly over and the New Year is officially in full swing! But is your body? RESCU takes a look at how you can rebalance and re-vitalize your body with the Dietlicious Five Day Cleansing Diet, along with five expert tips and recipes to keep you on track!

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Did you know that over the past 20 years portion sizes have been steadily increasing? Blame it on the ‘Americanisation’ of our culture but it seems our eyes and bellies have lost the ability to know what is ‘normal’.

To return to a healthy weight, experts say women need to start by eating the correct sized portions. A successful diet or detox needs to be realistic and provide ‘normal’ size meals full of taste and flavour. Liquid diets, bland diet food and going hungry is not the only way to succeed at shedding the last few kilos.

The best way to re-train the brain is to know what is a healthy amount of food to eat. This combined with good hydration (at least 2 litres of water each day and plenty of exercise) will leave you feeling fit and fabulous all year round!

RESCU Road Test:

We road tested the Dietlicious weight loss system and were impressed with the results. This year we were tempted to wipe the slate clean with a fast and fresh approach to the dreaded January detox. The Dietlicious Detox seemed to be a breakthrough- a 5 day program that provides nutritionally sound meals based on high protein, low fat, low carb, high fibre principles, but clean and low calorie enough to start a detox process.

The Dietlicious Detox Menu meals were delicious and surprisingly filling. Never had we thought a lentil soup would be appetizing and something to look forward to as dinner but the flavours were so good and the portions surprisingly large that every meal was almost a treat. We would definitely consider including some of the detox recipes into our weekly repertoire as they were simple and great tasting.

Fish, veggies, nuts and low fat smoothies are so much more fun that broths and starvation!

If your will power doesn’t match your want power, stick to these expert tips from diet expert Emily Devereaux to ensure a successful cleanse to revitalize your mind, body and spirit!


1 Stay hydrated! This will ensure you support the ‘cleanse’ process. Every cell, tissue and organ in your body needs water to function and this water acts as your body’s transportation system to carry nutrients through your body.

2. Try and wean yourself off all caffeine and alcohol a day or two before you commence your Cleanse program. This will reduce possible stress levels when making the transition.

3. Try doing some gentle meditation or deep breathing exercises during the 5 day program; the calmer you are, the better your digestion. Did you know that stress can actually hold toxins within your body? Since the body’s cells are able to retain memories, those that are stressful in nature can cause the cells to perform inefficiently. Your cells are governed by your lifestyle. When your cells are compromised, they are less productive in expelling toxins and waste.

4. The skin gets rid of many of the toxins floating through our body so it is very important to sweat; we recommend going for gentle to moderate exercise each day or if that fails, try to have a sauna or two.

5. In the lead up to your program and for the duration of the five days, try to keep as many healthy snacks on hand, therefore if you do need anything extra, your decisions will be good ones. Push ‘naughty’ foods to the back of the fridge and cupboards….we are aiming for that old adage of ‘out of sight, out of mind!’

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Here are two examples of Dietlicious Meal Recipe’s:

Piri Piri Chicken

Petite Chicken breast in spicy chilli, lemon + herb marinade.

Key Nutritional Ingredients: garlic, olive oil, chili

Ingredients: Chicken (74%), lemon juice, olive oil, fresh herbs, onion, chilli, salt, pepper.

Best Cooking Methods: Place vegetables in pre-heated 200c oven for 40 minutes. Half way through cooking add chicken breast.

Greek Meatballs With Penne

Flavoured w lemon, mint + oregano, baked in tomato sauce on bed of penne

Key Nutritional Ingredients: tomato, garlic, lemon

Ingredients: pasta, tomato, beef (20%), white wine, rice, water, onion, egg, fresh herbs, brown sugar, garlic, lemon peel, salt, Massel stock powder, pepper

Best Cooking Methods: Defrost for approx 8-10mins in microwave and heat for approx 2 mins. Timing is dependent upon microwave wattage.


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