Dr John Demartini on Love and the Single Mum

When Sam swept Snezana off her feet with a robust final display of affection, and a really ugly promise ring, single mums everywhere cheered.

The punters finally had it wrong. Despite Lana’s gorgeous eyes and adventurous spirit, Sam was smitten with Snez and pledged to take care of her and nine year old daughter Eve.

We spoke to human behavioural expert Dr John Demartini to explain why Single Mums should rate themselves highly when it comes to dating.

The nay-sayers had been quick to point out all the obstacles in the way of Mr Wood ending up with Ms Markoski. Firstly there was the distance, she lived in Perth, He and his business were based in Melbourne, then there was her extended family. Would the Tassie-born trainer really be able to live up to the expectations outlined by Snezana’s brother during the home visit. Including the fact that if Snezana were to be Sam’s betrothed, he would go from carefree cad to parental figure, overnight.

The physical chemistry between the final two was evident from early on, and ultimately it was enough for Snezana to go from 9.4/10 in her suitors eyes to 19/1.

Dr Demartini explains that people are looking for the whole package, not just one aspect of a person’s life. When meeting a potential mate you should focus on your best qualities and how they can be used to your advantage.

Remember “There’s always someone who wants your package.”

According to Dr Demartini, chemistry is based on perceptions and associations from previous experiences. Look at the benefits that having a child brings into your life. Communicate these advantages with confidence.

Potential suitors will look for ways you can embody all the qualities and values they are looking for in a mate. Compatibility is far more wide ranging than attraction based on perceived ‘hotness’.

Can’t get enough of The Bachelor? The Bachelorette starts this Wednesday Night, 7:30pm on Channel 10.

Image: instagram.com/samjameswood

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