Dr Mark Kohout On How Liposuction Works

When you’ve tried everything to tone your body through diet and exercise but still trouble spots remain, there are options. In fact, there are now more surgical procedures to reduce stubborn fat than ever. And they’re permanent. Here’s the low-down on four types of liposculpture from RESCU’s cosmetic surgery expert, leading Australian plastic surgeon Dr Mark Kohout.

By Dr. Mark Kohout, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist

As with any kind of surgery, we advise careful research before taking the plunge. Overall, liposculpture is best viewed as a method for contouring rather than reducing weight and can make a vast difference to your silhouette.

1. How liposuction works:

Liposculpture is an extremely popular plastic surgery procedure to remove unwanted deposits of fatty tissue from particular areas on the body. The technique has been around since the 1970s and has been refined and improved ever since.

Most common is the tumescent liposuction technique for reducing fat bulges on the abdomen, knees, outer thighs, ankles and upper buttocks. Because it relies on firm, highly elastic skin for best results, it’s best suited for younger people.

The procedure begins with injecting a fluid mix beneath the skin and then extracting fat cells with a cannula [tube]. Short-term swelling and bruising can result.

2. How Soft liposculpture works:

This is a gentler and more accurate form of fat removal known as Liposoft, which I am proud to now be able to offer to patients at my two surgeries in New South Wales.

Many people live with problem areas because they don’t want the higher risk associated with traditional liposuction, as well as the uncomfortable drainage period and extended absence from work. Liposoft is an excellent alternative for them. It’s much more comfortable and safer for the patient, and the results I can achieve are more accurate.

The procedure uses a fine jet of water to dislodge fat globules. This makes contouring easier because the water pressure pushes tissue out of the path of the cannula, which makes fat removal much easier for the surgeon and minimises damage to the treatment area.

What’s more, the procedure has the benefit of reduced recovery time and improved results. Because patients are awake during the procedure, I’m able to ask them to change position to ensure the best results as we go along. Sometimes they may even stand, which offers me a much clearer perspective on the final results.

And since the patient doesn’t require a general anaesthetic, they save on hospital and anaesthetist fees. Also, the procedure uses much less fluid, which reduces post-operative drainage time to 24 hours.

3. Laser Lipolysis:

Laser lipolysis does not take the place of liposculpture, but it’s becoming an established way to improve the appearance of small areas quickly and with a minimum of discomfort. In fact, it combines the latest liposculpture advances with the precision of laser technology.

That’s why it’s best suited to smaller areas, such as the face and neck, neck and breasts, plus areas of loose skin and cellulite. Results appear within a week and can continue up for between two to four months after the procedure. Since the laser also assists in collagen shrinkage and skin tightening, it also helps with delivering a smooth finish.

4. Ultrasonic liposculpture:

One of the more aggressive forms of surgical fat reduction, ultrasonic liposculpture uses high frequency sound waves to emulsify the fat before removal with a liquid-cooled cannula. It’s really only used in a handful of situations, including on men who may have tougher areas of fat that can be difficult to remove.

Before and After images from one of Dr. Kohout’s real patients.

These images have not been adjusted or airbrushed.

For more detailed information on any of the above mentioned treatments, please consult Dr. Kohout’s website: www.drmarkkohout.com.au/

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