The Diet That Actually Works

How many people reading this article right now could honestly say that they have never been on a diet? There’s a reason why the word ‘diet’ has so many negative connotations associated with it. Tim Robards, Sports Chiropractor and creator of the 721 Nutrition Program explains why his program is a positive lifestyle choice that will help you on your weight-loss journey. 

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While ‘diet’ is typically a word that we use to describe what we eat, over the years there have been hundreds of unsustainable diets on the market that have shouted out (and marketed to death) the benefits of quick weight loss. The problem is that many of them use restriction and cutting out entire food groups to get results, which in turn can affect that dieters metabolism and cause more harm than good. Furthermore many of them are not sustainable which can lead to binge eating and the person feeling worse off than they were before.

If you look at the current landscape of ‘health and wellness coaches’ and female focused eating plans, you will see that more and more of the experts behind them are talking about their own experiences with dieting and how it destroyed their metabolism, digestion and they essentially felt much better once they ‘broke up’ with their diets.

In general, this message of eating well and enjoying a treat here and there is spot on because if you allow yourself a treat now and then you are less likely to binge or have anxiety if you go out for dinner with your friends. However it’s always good to have a guideline so you know when enough is enough.

The 721 Formula is essentially means that you eat 70% clean and whole foods, so this means as unprocessed as possible. 20% sensible and 10% relaxed. So if in a week you are eating 21 meals, this means that 15 of them will be super clean, 4 will be sensible and 2 will be relaxed. It’s super easy to follow and very unrestrictive.

I would also like to point out that rather than focusing on how big your meals are when it comes to the meals, focus on the nutrients. So for example if you are having a sensible meal and you decide to have 2 slices of a wholegrain based pizza, then feel free to load up the side with steamed vegetables or salad. You are better off getting the nutrients from that food, than just eating the 2 slices of pizza which will most likely be predominately bread.

Within reason, I would try to eat for good health rather than restriction. Of course if your portions are out of control you may need to watch that, but if they are reasonable, try to boost your antioxidant and nutrient intake whenever you can.


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