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Still on a high from the fabulous RESCU ME! Live Event this Saturday passed; one of the many highlights from my day was the exquisite Alex Perry runway show at the close of the event. Inspired by off-duty beauty and full-scale glamour, for all those wanting to keep up the inspiration from Saturday this could be how you put your best self forward in the hair and makeup department.

Makeup with Bobbi Brown and Michael Brown


RESCU Beauty Expert and ‘Hello, Gorgeous!’ panelist, Michael Brown described the makeup look as, “Extremely wearable with highlight and shade being the main feature, which lifts and sculpts the face for the ultimate ‘best face forward’ look. The tones are neutral yet alive and with a slightly smudged eyeliner wing around the eye, teamed with the bold brow, it gives a touch of glamour without going over the top, showing off beautiful skin.’

Michael Brown also wowed the audience with his incredible contouring tips on stage. Here are some of his top tips and watch the video below for a complete how-to.

The opposite to that is shading, any darker colour than the highlight will recede the area away or further back and this is applied on the hollow areas of the face, or under the bone areas.
Shading is how most of us in a day-to-day makeup routine can create lift with small amounts. Pretty much think of a shade colour as an eraser, if you don’t like something on the face, using a dark colour will hide or make it smaller.

The greater the highlight and shade, the more contrast you will get, creating a very sculpted, lifted and shapely bone structure – it is actually amazing how much the face can be transformed with the right colour tones used.

Get the Hair Look with Aveda:


As Joe Bailey reiterated during his presentation on fabulous hair, “I love a great ponytail, nothing beats a ponytail.” Get the Alex Perry models’ street-chic-to-glamour ponytail with subtle volume at the root area emphasised on top section, sleek sides and bottom.

1) Start by creating a good foundation of texture  (I recommend using Aveda Pure Abundance Style Prep $44.95, and Aveda Phomollient Styling Foam $29.95). Work product through the hair with your hands; start to blow dry to create a texture effect that is soft and defined (not uncontrolled). Use a low setting of airflow.

2) Take thick sections, and through mid lengths use a round brush to create a soft finish with light wave movement.

3) If extra texture is needed, tong with med to large tongs, taking larger than normal sections, starting at top of section and roll around the barrel. Result; the hair needs to be a textured barrel, not a flat wave.

4) Now secure the ponytail by gathering the hair together mid way between your crown and the bottom of your hairline. Leave the top section to gather in last. Secure with a hair tie and bobby pins.

5) Use a small bristle brush to create a smooth, sleek finish on the side and the bottom.

6) Then use the tail comb to define hair in the top section for a loose, voluminous look.

7) Add some Light Elements Smoothing Fluid to define the hair in the pony to a soft wave.

8) Finish with a hair spray to hold in place. (I recommend Aveda Air Control $29.95)

Aveda is available nationally across Australia and New Zealand. For stockist details please call 1800 706 377.

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