How To Step Into Your Feminine Power

Simonne Lee

Life Strategist

Being a woman, it’s easy for us to assume that we’ve embraced our feminine energy. After all, it is our own gender. The question is, are we confusing our feminine energy for our feminine ways?

There is a very big difference between these two: our feminine ways is where we create a visual softness, touch or sound. It’s an external façade that we project to others such as how we dress, the pitch of our voice and body language.

The feminine energy doesn’t necessarily equate to what gender you are, but it’s always paired with masculine energy.

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This is present throughout Eastern Philosophy for example; Yin (feminine) and Yang (masculine), the sun (masculine) and the moon (feminine). It’s also present in our seasons, Winter and Summer. One isn’t better than the other and we require both to create our own innate balance and flow.

Then there is gender, lets look at how that comes into play. Traditional roles between men and women are aligned with masculine and feminine energies. A customary role for women is to create the home, bring warmth, love and laughter into the household. While the men, are out facing the extremes of the world to bring back necessities and protect his community.

Masculine Energy

  • Action orientated
  • Competitive
  • Direct / Blunt
  • Risk taking
  • External stimuli
  • Talking
  • Force

Feminine Energy

  • Nurturing
  • Compassionate
  • Collaboration
  • Loving
  • Feeling
  • Internal stimuli
  • Listening
  • Flow

Feminine Way

  • How we dress
  • What image we project
  • Manipulative
  • Façade
  • Ego

If we go back to the difference between feminine ways and energy. Feminine energy isn’t about being flirty, cutesy, or even dressing in a womanly or girly manner.

Feminine energy is a deep inner connection with our self. Having the ability to go inwards and step into our own approach of supporting ourselves.

The feminine energy is creative and nurturing. This is what we mean by being able to feed our own soul. Being able to have a deep satisfaction. Our feminine ways are a more shallow connection with self, where we are more reactive then responsive in our actions and thoughts.

At times, we will all feel a sense of dissatisfaction in life. Many of us will step into the masculine energy of actioning to give the illusion of movement. Changing our external world first in hope of finding some contentment.

However many of us may not realise is that contentment, is being in the feminine energy. It’s soft, it’s subtle and it’s a sensation that we all long to feel. Stay in the masculine only and you can miss it.

When discontentment is occurring in life, I will guide my clients into their own internal world of the feelings and sensations within their body. Gently steering them into the feminine energy regardless of their gender. Here, is where we begin to unravel the sea of emotions within.

Having acknowledged how you and your body feel can create a sense of lightness within. Making space for us to receive new ideas and springboard them into our reality – Here is where we step into the masculine energy.


How to step into your Feminine Power

Let yourself feel

We’re so busy controlling how we think and what we should be doing regardless of how we feel about it. Give yourself time to connect to your internal stimuli and listen to those feelings and sensations. Here is where we get our gut instinct and intuitive information. Learning the art of communication through our feelings is like having our own internal compass

Express yourself

The Feminie energy is about creativity and this can be expressed in many forms e.g. cooking, dancing, singing, gardening and drawing etc. Imagination is the key and your flow in expression is referred to as feminine energy.

Getting back to nature

Surrounding yourself with nature and allowing yourself to be absorbed in it is like a reset button. Parks, nature walks and the sea are all about recharging – This is the feminine energy at its highest flow – the life force replenisher. So whenever you’re feeling out of sorts and need to regroup, find a spot of nature for an instant overhaul.

Force vs. Flow

There is a marriage between the Masculine and Feminine energies, a beautiful partnership. When both energies are balanced with one another, it simply means that you are able to step into force and flow instead of pitting them against each other. Synchronicity is the Feminine energy at play.

So next time you’re all dressed up to the nines and ready to go out into the world, check in with yourself and see if you’ve stepped into your feminine energy or just your feminine ways. It’s the difference between stepping into your power or your façade.



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