5 Ways to Achieve Timeless Bridal Makeup

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

How much has bridal beauty changed in the last five to ten years?

Forget slick up do’s with bouncy curls and plastic looking makeup of yesteryear, now we’re seeing a big fashion element into bridal beauty. Today’s bridal makeup has much more relaxed feel, instead of opting for what a bride once was thought to look like, and I love it!

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More and more brides are making the decision to apply their own makeup on the big day.

For some it is about saving money, for some, it’s because of remote locations, but for most, they actually feel confident enough and feel they know their look, the best.

Michael Brown’s Top 5 Bridal Beauty Tips:

Like anything, prep is key!
Be prepared to take time to learn new techniques, take good care of the skin and keep practicing the application to get the best look possible, designed for your face – good prep saves time on the big day too!

1.    Inspiration

Take inspiration from red carpet beauty looks.

As most red carpet events start late afternoon/early evening, it is a great way to see the celebrity look from day to night, just like a wedding.

It is a real person wearing them, not photographed in a studio, like a lot of bridal magazine shoots are and you know it will be a current, modern, beauty trend.

bridal-2image via pinterest

2.    Research

Once you decide on a look, check out the detail from the style you want.

Does it involve a bold lip, or a liquid liner, maybe adding lashes and perhaps (definitely should do) contouring?

Get as much info from beauty blogs, websites (you’ve come to the right place) and even tutorial videos on how best to apply these products.

The more application techniques you learn, the more you have to test on yourself.

Some may not work for you, so it’s a good idea to test a few different options to get the one that best suits your face structure.

 3.    Get your makeup done

So many women have never had their makeup professionally done before. That still surprises me.

If you are going to attempt your own wedding makeup, I feel it’s a great idea to get your makeup done by a professional.

By now you should know your theme and general look what you want. You should have general tips and application methods up your sleeve from research and now its time to see if you love it when applied by a professional.

Explain or show the look, maybe don’t say for your wedding as you will get bombarded with a hundred products you don’t need.

It is just yourself, wanting to learn how best to create this look for you.

You might pick up a lot, or maybe only a little, but great to see it applied.

When you go home, you then decide to tame it down to your world, or keep it as is and work on it for your big day.

 4.    Product

From your makeup session you may have picked up some great product tips. But, my advice is to follow makeup artists on instagram, read their blogs or in general be aware of product reviews from bloggers/websites – they are the most honest.

You need to know which textures work best for your skin tone and type and then how long they last – this is key!

So many makeup artists apply makeup; it looks amazing and never see their client the rest of the day.  Did it last?

It is so important to find the right products for your skin that will go the distance without lots of touch ups.

Powder and lipstick should be the only thing you really need, but, if eye shadow is creasing and wearing away, you know it’s not right for you.

Once you have the right product on your skin, you will know – it will just sit and gel perfectly, without looking like it is sitting above the skin, looking very noticeable.

 5.    Photography

Test your makeup look with a camera, preferably under flash and in different lighting situations.

Even celebs, such as Nicole Kidman, Eva Longoria and Angelina Jolie have had flash mishaps – certain products can reflect the light incorrectly, it’s worth the test.

If I am working with a new client or product, I always test with my iPhone flash on, before they leave me, just so there is peace of mind.

These photos last forever and this will give you a guide of what to expect on the big day.


Always be yourself.

Don’t try to create a look that just isn’t you. Makeup is about bringing the best of you out, not creating a new you!

Hide flaws yes, but also focus on all your good areas.

If you have a great eye shape, work on highlight and shade for this area to make it even better. Or if you have perfect lips and like a natural eye, choose a lip shade that will give wow factor.

All these steps take time, so plan ahead and you will make it work…

Trial and error is apart of learning a new skill and just think how much your general day-to-day makeup will improve with all this new knowledge!


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