Why Eye Cream is Essential for Every Age

Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Beauty and Lifestyle Expert

Are eye creams an afterthought? Find out why and when your eye peepers become a major skincare priority.

eyecreamFact: The skin around the eyes is around 10 times thinner and therefore more delicate to that on the rest of the face.

Fiction: It needs the same amount of love, care and skincare as the rest of the face.

The truth is that the environmental onslaught on eyes – coupled with the fact there are fewer sebaceous glands under the skin in this area- contribute to a poor lipid barrier and drier skin increasing the skins sensitivity around eyes. The result? Higher levels of dehydration and faster visible fatigue.

Now do you need more convincing that eye cream is an essential?

If you have youthful, vibrant eyes in your sights, then here are some more hard cold facts about why the eye area is arguably the most important to look after on the face:

Nip it in the Bud

Just got your drivers license? Then it’s time to get and eye cream! “From around 20 years of age look at purchasing a lightweight eye cream or gel to supplement moisture,” suggests La Prairie National Training Manager, Belinda Besant. “Many times it is the lack of oil glands in this area that cause the eye area skin to dry faster and therefore show fine lines more quickly, so applying an eye cream or gel regularly helps,” she says. While wrinkles may not be a big concern when you are young, dark circles under the eyes appear at any age. “An eye cream can help soothe puffy eyes and help you appear wide awake and bright eyed”

High End Ingredients for High End Results

Quality skincare ingredients prove priceless when it comes to eye cream, with caviar, Beta Carotene and peptides all being high-end extracts that you really shouldn’t skimp on. Their benefits include firming, cooling, tightening and nourishing. But, Besant notes, each eye need is individual, so if you are feeling bamboozled at the beauty counter, have a personalized skincare consultation. “Another consideration is texture,” she notes, “a richer texture will nourish dehydration concerns whereas gels are good to hydrate and smooth.”

Windows To The Soul 

There are several notable mentions in the downfall of the eye area. They include heritage, sun exposure, sleep patterns and lifestyle. Besant explains that 80% of ageing can be attributed to lifestyle and only 20% genetics, “so the onset of early fine lines around the fragile eye area is another reality of stressed skin,” she says. Additional lifestyle choices affecting skin include lack of sleep, neglecting to use sunscreen, smoking, and drinking excessively. “If you indulge a bit too much, the ill effects of skin aging will start showing first around your eyes,” she warns. “You’ll start seeing wrinkles and fine lines that make you look older than you are.”

Shut-Eye for Young Eyes

Sleep relaxes the facial muscles and that helps to smooth wrinkles. In addition, the sheer position of lying-down means finally gravity is on our side. “This helps in reducing the mechanical stress on your skin and aids in the reduction of lines and wrinkles,” explains Besant. “Similarly, the lack of facial expressions during the night allows the dermal layers of your skin to rejuvenate so after a good night’s sleep, you actually look younger and your skin has less pronounced lines and wrinkles. “

Skin cells do their repair work most effectively at night with research showing that cell regeneration almost doubles in the evening – peaking between 11pm and 4am. The production of collagen is also boosted, harmful free radicals are destroyed and cell damage is rectified during this time also. The moral? Use an eye cream before bye byes for boosted benefits.

Rule Of Thumb

Be gentle when applying eye cream. Lord knows it doesn’t need any more manual wear and tear from your mitts. “Use your ring finger – one of the least used of your fingers – it will glide against your skin lightly,” says Besant. “Your ring finger will also exert the least amount of force to save your sensitive eye skin from being pulled so lightly smooth from the inner eye to the outer to promote lymphatic drainage.” Of particular importance is to pat inwards towards the inner eye, rather than pulling – and subsequently weakening – the already thin skin outwards.

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