Feng Shui Tips For Romantic Energy At Home

Are you ready for romance but your home isn’t?

Marianne Vicelich, author of Love Spells, shares her tips for using the classic Chinese tradition of Feng Shui as a powerful force to enhance and ensure love will continue to flow through the rooms of your home and love life, no matter what.

The first step is to declutter yourself. Make room in your heart by doing a symbolic space clearing to enhance positive energy and draw love in. Burning sage is the best way to eliminate stale, negative energy or remnants of past relationships.

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To burn sage, take your smudge stick and light it until there is a good amount of smoke. Blow out the flame. The smoke is what clears the energy and turn it in a counter-clockwise motion. Make sure to do the doorways, mirrors, windows and the corners of your rooms and ceilings, as well as in your aura to clear your energy field.

Room clearing is all about intention. By focusing your thoughts and telling yourself, your home and the world that you are ready for something, this positive energy and light can be instrumental in attracting what you want and need.

Here are a few tips on how to prepare yourself for new love to enter your life:

Make space in your bathroom cabinet for a partner’s items.

Shop for new bed sheets.

Have two bedside tables clutter free. Have one for you and one for your future partner.

Consider painting your bedroom door red. Mystic folklore says red attracts passion.

Make sure your doors can open fully – if not, you are blocking someone new entering your life.

Have two wine glasses ready for a romantic partner to share a drink with you.

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Let Love Blossom

In order to bring love into your life you should enhance your personal Peach Blossom Romance energy. This Feng Shui exercise creates specific energy connections to help you attract the right partner, and uses your Chinese animal sign to determine where to focus your energy.

Find your Peach Blossom location:

You Chinese Animal Sign is:          Your Peach Blossom Location is:

Tiger, horse, dog                                    82.5 to 97.5 degrees east

Rabbit, goat, boar                                 352.5 to 7.5 degrees north

Ox, snake, rooster                                 172.5 to 187.5 degrees south

Rat, dragon, monkey                           262.5 to 277.5 degrees west

If you are looking for love, place a vase of fresh flowers in clean water in your Peach Blossom locations. Keep the flowers and water fresh, and once you have connected with your love, replace the flowers with a photo. If you want to enhance an existing relationship, place a “happy couple” photo in this location.

Once you have identified the location based on your Chinese animal sign, use a compass to pinpoint it in your home. To make that easy you can download compass apps onto your phone.


Copper pots increase the flow of love in a relationship. Hang them in your kitchen.

Place herbs and spices in the south west corner of the kitchen, this will keep the passion in your relationship alive.


Hang a round mirror in the bathroom, as this will reflect the unity and completeness in your relationship back to you.

Living Room

Place items in pairs to signify your togetherness – two twin figurines on the mantel, two flowers in a vase, two matching chairs, sitting opposite from each other, photographs of the two of you together.


The bed should not face the door, the energy will flow out of it. Do not have a mirror facing your bed – it brings the energy of other people into your bed and bedroom, even if those people are just reflections of you and your partner.

Place your bed in the centre of the room, framed by two bedside tables in echo of two people in a relationship and to provide equal opportunity for both partners. The bed should have a headboard to back up the relationship.

Remove any artwork or photographs in the bedroom that depict alone figures. Even if the images are of happy loved ones, they will bring loneliness and solitude to your relationship, instead of feelings of togetherness.

Do not perform any kind of exercise in your bedroom, for that exertion will carry over and make your love much more effortful and also do not use your bedroom as a workspace.

During the day keep blinds or shutters open to let the light in. If the weather is temperate, keep the window cracked as well. This will revitalise the love energy in the room so your relationship feels forever fresh and new.

Place green plants in the bedroom to keep positive love chi (love energy) flowing.


Be sure that closets have enough space for both partner’s belonging, while still leaving some breathing room. His and her closets are not a good idea.

Throughout Your Home

The Feng Shei “love centre” of the home is located in the far right corner of the home (from the front door). Give this space the strongest love chi possible by placing one or more of the following objects there:

Two pieces of rose quartz

Red candles

Two vases with real flowers, or a pair of live plants

A pair of bird figurines

Throughout the home keep clutter to a minimum. A tidy home will keep stale, slow energy away.

Remove all reminders of past relationships, whether they are letters, clothing, or gifts from old loves. Simply keeping those objects can hinder your current relationship.

Finally, make sure all doors in your home open smoothly and quietly. Doors that squeak or scrape are blocking love energy.

Now simply wait, love will be on its way.


Love Spells by Marianne Vicelich 

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