Find Out What Today’s New Moon Means For You

The New Moon is today and if life has been a little bit dark as of late and you haven’t been feeling yourself,  make a wish about it today because your luck it about to change.

According to Astrology expert Yasmin Bold the New Moon marks a new cycle for you, and in many ways, the start of the rest of your life! Moreover, this New Moon is marked by a beautiful Venus/Jupiter connection. All in all, your life is looking better and better. Be nice, be kind and lap it all up.


So here is the news; for the past few months, Saturn has been reversing in your Work Zone. In other words, you have had the chance to rebuild your career in one way or another. Plus you needed to show you’d learned life lessons a-plenty. Now? Saturn is moving forwards. Time to go harder professionally – based on what you have learned. Read More 


There is one powerful energy in your chart right now – Uranus. Other planetary alignments may come and go but it’s going to Uranus that’s dominating you now, as you get used to having his crazy, unpredictable wake-up calls in your cosmic ear. So whatever other distracting madness is going on; breathe. You need to ground yourself, is the bottom line.
And now … info for everyone … the big-astro headline of September is … potential confusion awaits us! Read More.


There is a clash between titanic Jupiter and Neptune this month and it’s hitting two super-sensitive parts of your chart; your Love Zone and your Career Zone. So if you’re feeling discombobulated and unsure of the way forwards, give yourself at least until after September 21. After that, work should be more inspiring, and your personal life more fun. Read More.


There is a challenge coming your way. Ready? The past few months were about rebuilding your relationship with the important people in your personal and professional life. The pressure was off as you reviewed all you have learned. Now? Here come some new lessons to take in. You’ve got this, as they say. (You’ve actually already learned these lessons…. Be wise!)Read More.


With the planet of madness confronting you, it’s a great time to take some time out. Go off grid if you can. A retreat would be ideal. If you can’t do that, how about a meditation or yoga weekend or at the very least an evening gong bath? A little bit of navel contemplation will go a long way now. Read More.


The September New Moon is in your sign so it’s the ideal time for you to do an annual “check-up” on where you are in your life and where you want to go. If you want to use the New Moon, commit to healing at least one damaged work or personal relationship. Make a wish about it on September 28. Read More. 


You have the planet of dreams and soulmates, Neptune, in your Love Zone all this year which is great. However this month he is getting thwacked by Jupiter. So there could be some confusion to deal with on the love/relationship front (at home or work). This too shall pass! Read More. 


Don’t even think about trying to pull the wool over someone’s eyes re sex or money now! You have the Lord of Karma, aka Saturn, in your Daily Life Zone so as soon as you step out integrity, he will be there to bite you! Live well, with healthy routines, and you will create a solid foundation for your future. Read More.


September brings the annual New Moon in your Wishing Zone, so hurry up and decide on what you want and then make some wishes out into the black night sky asap on September 29 when you wake up. In other news, this could be a confusing month, truth be told. Wait and see. Employ your fabulous perspective on life as it all unfolds. Read More.


If you have been feeling as though you’re treading water instead of moving towards where you want to be in your life, help is at hand. This month your planet Saturn, currently in your sign, is ending a long reverse cycle, so you should start to feel like you’re moving forwards again too. Turn and face the direction you want to go. Read More.


There could be mix-ups and misunderstandings to do with a friend and/or money, so go carefully. As they say, “neither a borrower nor a lender be”, if you can avoid it! Especially don’t become involved financially with a friend if you have misgivings. The best way for you to boost your income now is to do something which inspires you. Read More.


September’s big Jupiter and Neptune clash now will affect you three ways. 1. Jupiter and Neptune are connected to Pisces. Since they’re being weird, you might feel quite odd too. 2. Jupiter is in your Career Zone, so expect a bit of strangeness at work. 3. Neptune is in your Love Zone. People could act strangely. Be patient. The mists will clear. Read More.

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