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Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Blush is a trend that comes in and out of fashion, but right now, it’s hotter than ever – in the right placement and shade of course.

There have been such blush disasters over the years and women thinking of blush as bright pink cheeks, I mean, who wants to add pink when you have most likely must evened out your skin so perfectly with foundation? That being said, a subtle hint of colour on the right area of the cheek can give a delicate yet luminescent glow while also being anti-ageing – now I’ve got your attention, right?

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There is a big difference between adding blush and adding contour and despite being on a similar area, they create two completely different effects.

Before the contouring trend went gangbusters, we used to see women using pink and peach shades as a contour, all the under and up to the hairline, almost trying to create a shading effect – not very well though!

Because of these scary scenes, women went off blush for a while and it was all bronze and contour, but blush is very lifting, let me explain why…


Blush is generally a pink to peach hue and is there to add colour, glow, freshness to the face. Once you add foundation to the skin to even out your concerns, the skin can look a bit flat as it is all one shade. Blush used to be the savior to bringing back life, and if you couldn’t afford blush, you pinched your cheeks just like my gran did when I was kid – love it!

When we smile, it creates a plumping effect of the front of the cheek, known as the apple of the cheek. This area is usually full and round and therefore creates volume to the face. However, when we don’t smile, we loose this effect.

Placing a light or bright shade on that area, just like a pink or peach tone blush can be light reflecting and therefore plumping, so even at our rest face (lets hope its not the bitchy kind), it gives volume and a pop of colour for a fresh glow.

So yes, blush is anti-ageing as it can lift and plump the front of the cheek, but it is only meant for the apple of the cheek – not a colour stripe for the entire face.


Seeing as blush is meant for the very front of our cheek – the rounded part called the ‘apple’, contour or shade tone – it should be applied under the cheekbone. Why? Because it will then create a hollow under the bone for a more sculpted effect. This also gives lift and shape, but no colour.

Since the introduction into the contouring craze, we did see a decline in blush and nude tones in makeup trends across the globe. Only problem is, nude tones are amazing for creating shape but they lack in fresh glow which only hints of colour can create.

There is definitely the look of using your bronzer as a blush – a warm, golden-based hue on the apple of the cheeks to still create fullness, but with no colour. This is great for someone that suffers a lot of red/pink tones on their skin and by using a blush it will just bring back this ruddiness. However, for anyone else that may lack in colour, or have an olive based skin, a hint of blush can be very lifting.

If your face shape is very round or square, meaning you already have a lot of outer volume on the face, you may choose to avoid blush as it can widen and/or plump this area, accentuating these face shapes.

In this case, a simple contour, a shade tone used under the cheekbone to create a hollow, would be perfect to slim and shorten the outer area of the face for a more sculpted cheek.

My fave look is when the two are mixed together – A little contour to sculpt, but a touch of blush on top of the apple of the cheek to provide both pop and lift.

Blush Bible

Like anything, there are certain tones and finishes that are best for different effects, so to break down, here is my blush guide.

Pink Tone

Best for anyone with an olive complexion, throwing yellow or that looks a tad dull –  pink will add colour for a fresh lift.
Note: Not good for skin that already has pink present.

Peach Tone

This is the safest of all blush hues as it will give colour to a dull or olive skin, complimenting it, therefore looking natural and yet will still balance out a fair skin, as peach is warmer than pink. This gives a summery effect rather than bringing back unwanted pink that could be naturally present on the skin.

Powder Blush

The most common of blushes and can come in a matte or metallic finish. I prefer matte as when choosing a powder as it helps avoid an oily look to the skin, and you can then use a glow giving highlighter on top to add sheen… having everything looking like sheen can be too much and also makes it harder to blend away mistakes.

Gel Blush

Gel blush texture is great for the natural beauty look , emphasising colour from within. Not much foundation needs to be worn, and it tends to stain the skin – great for weekends or vacation. A very small amount is needed on the apple for a pop – great for any skin type, as it is not shiny.

Cream Blush

I love cream blush for its smoothness and is also great for a dry or mature skin as it is easy to blend – you massage with your fingertips until the colour you want is present, but it also gives a glow more than a powder. I sometimes even use lipstick for this!

So ladies, blush up to lift up those cheeks this season… The right shade and texture could be the glow you are needing to always looking fresh this Spring.

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