How To Choose The Right Sneakers For Different Fitness Sessions

Whether you’re new to exercise or a seasoned veteran, finding the right trainers for your feet is essential! Your feet can take a pounding during exercise, so be sure to invest in a good pair of trainers that will help you stay injury-free and comfortable during your workouts.

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Choose the right trainers for your fitness activity

Did you know that different fitness activities may need different shoes? It’s important to choose the right trainers for what you’re doing. For example, if you plan on running, buy shoes that provide heavy support at the front of shoe because that’s where your foot strikes the ground when you run.

A popular type of shoe is a “cross trainer.”  Cross trainers are great “everything” shoes but not ideal for a specific sport or activity. Avoid purchasing cross trainers as your primary training sneakers because they won’t give you the full support you need for your workout.

Tips on selecting the right trainers

– Forget fashion!  Don’t pick out trainers just because you like the colours (leave that for your dancing shoes!).
– Have your foot professionally measured at the shoe store every time you go shopping. Our feet change as we get older, and having your feet professionally measured will ensure you’re getting the best fit.
– Make sure you’re wearing the right socks when trying on trainers.
– Look for trainers that have a firm heel, solid support and are light weight. Tip: You should not be able to bend your trainer in half!
– If you plan on participating in a sport more than two times a week, invest in a pair of shoes specific to that sport (e.g. basketball or tennis shoes).
– Ideally go to a podiatrist, and get a video walking and running analysis. An analysis will determine the causes for painful foot conditions. The podiatrist will evaluate your gait in slow motion, looking for poor foot and leg alignment that may impact your foot, knee, hip and back posture.

Save your trainers for exercise

It may be tempting to show off your new trainers, but the best advice is to only wear them when you’re working out. When you’re running errands or cleaning the house, find another pair of comfortable shoes to wear. Only wear your trainers when you’re ready to work out. As soon as you’re done with your activity, put your trainers back in your closet or gym bag so you won’t be tempted to wear them for other purposes.

Know when to retire your trainers

In most cases, your trainers will need replacing long before they start to look worn out.  That’s because the internal support system of your trainers will deteriorate more quickly than the outside of the shoe. If you’re running or walking, be prepared to get new trainers every 800 kilometres. For other activities, you may need to replace your trainers every six months, depending on how often you work out.

Don’t forget your socks!

While there are many different types of training shoes to consider, it’s also important to consider the best type of socks to wear.  Some socks are made especially for running, some support your arches more than others, some ‘breathe’ better.  All of these factors can also impact your exercise efficiency and comfort level as well.  Remember also to try on the socks your are going to wear with the shoes you are going to wear.  No, it’s not a question of fashion!  Socks vary enormously in thickness as well and so can impact and influence your shoe fit as well.

Take care of your feet during exercise and your feet will thank you!  Invest in a pair of trainers that will keep your feet free of injury and full of support for every workout. Remember: get help from the professionals who are trained in finding the right footwear for your level of activity. Don’t let bad trainers stop you from enjoying exercise!



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