Simple Steps For Boosting Your Health In Your 20s, 30s, 40s, and 50s

As we get older, our bodies and fitness needs evolve—what worked for us at 25 might not be so effective when we’re 45. But once you understand how your body works when you’re in your twenties, thirties, forties and fifties. Health and fitness expert, Sally Symonds shares how it’s easy to introduce simple steps to boost your energy, vitality and appearance in as little as five days.

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If you continue to make small adjustments to your movement and exercise routine as you get older, you’ll do amazing things for your mood and your ability to naturally eliminate toxins—and, of course, you’ll feel young no matter what your age!

Every day for five days, incorporate this specially designed exercise for your age group into your normal exercise routine and I’m certain you’ll feel fitter and more fabulous come Friday.


When you’re in your twenties, you’re probably having fun and beginning to establish your career. It’s important to create healthy habits now so they become part of your daily routine and don’t fall by the wayside as you work your way up the job ladder.

Start position: Lie on your back on a Swiss ball and bend your knees, keeping your feet flat on the black side of a bosu. Brace your core and either stretch your arms out on either side of you, cross them over your chest, or—if you really want a challenge—place them behind your head. If you choose this option, keep your elbows back and make sure you don’t push your hands into your head as you move. Keep your chin tucked and your neck neutral.

Movement: Brace your core and breathe out as you slowly roll your upper torso upwards, keeping your chin tucked. Breathe in at the top and slowly lower yourself back down, keeping your core braced all the way. Perform several repetitions.


At this stage of your life, you’re more likely to have additional stress in the form of career or family commitments. Stress can have a damaging effect on your health, so make sure you incorporate stretching and relaxation into your exercise routine and integrate dynamic warm-ups to get your blood pumping.

Start position: Position yourself on your hands and knees, with your hands directly underneath your shoulders and your knees directly underneath your hips. Keep your head facedown, but level with your shoulders—don’t let it hang down.

Movement: Slowly arch your back upwards, like a cat, and hold for several seconds. Return to the start position and repeat the stretch several times.


Your bone density decreases the older you get, so now is a great time incorporate strength training into your routine, or increase it if you strength train already. In no time at all, you’ll improve your joint health, reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis, and—of course—tone up those muscles!

Start position: Start in a normal push up position, either up on your toes or on your knees. Make sure you draw your stomach in to support your core.

Movement: Bend your elbows laterally out to the side as you lower yourself down to at least 90 degrees at the elbow joint. Pressing through your chest, push yourself back up straighten out your arms. Repeat.


You’re never too old to exercise, and when you reach your fifties, it’s more important than ever to stay fit and active. But you don’t have to be out there running every day to stay fit. Flexibility and balance exercises are really important at this age, and benefit your mind as well as your body.

Start position: Place one foot on top of a bosu. Make sure your legs are shoulder-width apart.

Movement: Lower into a normal squat. Make sure you distribute your weight evenly through both legs as much as possible. Tip: Try using the bosu black side up first for this one and then swapping to blue side up (which is slightly more challenging)


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