5 Party Hairstyles To Try This Summer

Summer is here, have fun with your hair and refresh your look with these five fabulous hairstyles that are perfect for any summer soiree. Redken’s Artistic Director and owner of Muse Salon, Philip Barwick, shared his five favourite party hairstyles for the summer and easy steps to achieve each one.

Side Pony with Fishtail Braid

fish-tail-braidimage via pinterest

1. Side part your hair on the desired side and add a loose texture with tongs. Gather your hair at the corner of your nape and tie off close to the scalp for control.
2. Select a portion of the pony & divide into two pieces holding one strand in each hand. Take a fine slice of hair from the outside edge of the right strand & pass to the left strand then do the same from left to right allowing the small slices to blend into the larger strands.
3. Tie off ends with a clear band and rough the braid by pinching the band & pulling a tiny amount of hair at the ends while sliding the braid up, this gives a fuller softer effect.

The Braided Bun

braided-bunimage via pinterest

1. Take a section two cm back from the front hair line curving down along the sides of the head & back to behind the ears, pin away both sections for now.
2. Brush the remaining central hair into a low pony at the back of your head and tie off firmly with a hair band.
3. Twist the pony and wind it around itself, roughly pinning as you go. Now start at the front of the left side taking a square section and divide into three like a normal plat.
4. Plait as normal to begin then pick up slices of hair as you work along the section, first from the upper side of the braid then from the bottom passing to the bottom of the braid. Continue until you reach the ends then wrap the ends around the bun and pin.

The High Pony

high-ponytailimage via pinterest

Hold the pony with one hand and rake upward with the fingers of the other hand to create a channelled texture, now tie off, keeping firm tension.

TIP: We want tight and textured not baggy or loose. With your head in its natural position, spray and rake the front back and tie off in the same way. To add extra freshness use the palm of your hands and rub from back to front to fray fibres of hair or pinch and pull at the tight areas to really rough it.

The Beach Wave

beachy-wavesimage via pinterest

To add to the beachy feel, vary the amount of time the hair stays wound around the tong, some 10 seconds and others 5 seconds.
1. Blow dry your damp hair after applying a generous amount of Redken Guts 10. Start with your fingers then use a large round brush, lifting upward as you dry to add volume.
2. Part your hair where desired then take a section about 4cm back along the part from the front hair line diagonally down to the back of your ears.
3. Take a segment of hair at the temple as wide as the barrel of the tong you are using and with the barrel of the tong pointing down, pinch the segment of hair close to the roots and wind.
4. Continue throughout the head but randomly wind in different directions after the left and right front sections.

The textured bun with sweeping fringe


1. Apply Pureology Nourishing Nectar to damp hair then take a super low diagonal side part that starts at the outside of your eye and finishes at the side of the crown.
2. Blow dry quickly with fingers then use a brush, being sure to sweep the front across the forehead and the rest down and back toward the nape.
3. Tie off with a hair tie into a ponytail at the nape nice and low, then twist the pony around itself and pin into a bun, make sure all is secure.
4. Using your fingers, pinch away small fibres of hair, lifting up and away until you create a rough windswept texture.
5. Pull small, light strands down softly around your ears and allow the hair to look frayed all over and remember to keep the front sweeping down and across your face with a gap in the strands.

Watch the video below as Joh Bailey shares his Summer Hair Secrets


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