From Botox To Better Body Slimming Techniques, Dr Mark Kohout Explains The Latest Developments In Cosmetic Surgery

By Dr. Mark Kohout, Cosmetic Surgery Specialist

Dr. Mark Kohout, RESCU’s resident plastic surgeon, reveals the newest approaches to non-surgical facial favourites including Botox, plus better body contouring methods to make stubborn fat disappear.

You’ve heard the hype, seen the results – good or bad – on celebrities (not to mention friends) and maybe even dipped a toe into the waters of non-surgical procedures yourself. So what’s news in the very popular field of cosmetic enhancement via injectables and body slimming ultrasounds? Well, lots actually. In expert hands, products, such as Botox and cosmetic fillers like Restylane, can have major benefits for minimum expenditure with next to no downtime involved. Likewise, UltraShape body slimming ultrasound is now better than ever for reducing localised fat deposits. Here’s a snapshot of the latest developments.

Local anaesthetic inclusions

biggest news is we’re heading towards pain-free procedures. Restylane now comes exclusively with local anaesthetic, so that injections are much more comfortable than before and there’s no need for separate “blocking” injections to numb the face first. It all adds up to a more comfortable experience.

New uses and techniques

Injectables, such as Restylane, aren’t just for filling wrinkles. We’re increasingly using filler injections along the cheekbone to give more defined and youthful look to the upper face.  These injections are also very effective in decreasing the appearance of the cheek folds.

What’s next?

After Botox and fillers, the next step is combination treatments: specifically skin tightening and the photo facial. Usually, the combination of these procedures gives great results for patients who don’t have a lot of skin looseness. After that, facial rejuvenation moves into short-scar and minimally invasive facelifting, which usually mean day-only operations that involve brief downtime.

Better body contouring

The new generation of UltraShape body slimming ultrasound is here. We’ve had lots of success with this kind of body slimming and localised fat reduction already and it’s only getting better. The latest version is even more powerful, more comfortable and more effective, with the ability to treat more patients. We’re also seeing great results from combining the treatments with lymphatic massage.

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