Cosmetic Procedures For Down There

Everyone worries about ageing and genital cosmetic procedures are fast gaining popularity. Last year, Australian Plastic Surgeon Dr Jeremy Hunt reports that scrotox and labia puffing became the most talked about procedures, alongside NSW’s cosmetic surgery laws undergoing further regulation. You may not have considered this extreme form of anti ageing procedure yet, but we’ve got the details to keep you well informed from an expert source.

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There are always new innovations and technology that make our industry interesting, but from what we’ve seen over the past few years – celebrity and social media really drive what is in, what is out and what treatments and procedures become most popular and most talked about.

The most interesting trend we have seen in the past year is the genital ‘freshen up’… No longer is the face the focus, both men and women are opting for procedures to enhance their downstairs area.

Blokes are the fasted growing sector when it comes to these procedures, and it’s more about appearance than functionality.

Men are spending thousands on cosmetic surgery in an attempt to turn back the clock on their crown jewels. Although there is no real medical or health reason for needing to tighten up the area, we’ve noticed a lot of men wishing to re-live their youthful era in a more personal way – with a tighter, fuller and more attractive looking scrotum.

A new procedure dubbed Scrotox or Balltox has surfaced that de-wrinkles the scrotal sack to make it appear smoother, larger and more youthful. Older guys are opting for the procedure to keep their privates looking more in line with the way they are feeling, more vibrant and less ‘well worn’.

It’s more of an emotional thing, we believe. There have been decades of awareness campaigns on how to take care of your skin, how to prolong the anti-aging process and how to look and feel younger… But when it comes to our privates – there has never before been a focus on improving the look or ‘youthfulness’ of the area which is why the scrotox trend is becoming so popular.

This trend is also appealing to women who are turning to Labia Puffing. Again, the aging process hits us all in different ways, but it has been noted that during menopause, the loss of estrogen can affect the vagina – leaving the delicate areas deflated, dehydrated and wrinkled.

Basically, much like other parts of your body, the area loses elasticity and tone, which can be confronting for women as they age. The fat that is naturally present in the labia disappears and the skin develops wrinkles or appears flat.

To correct this, and boost the volume in the areas that have deflated, fat is grafted from one part of the body and injected into the labia, providing a fuller and lush appearance. Not a new technique, fat grafts have been around for years, but never before have they been focused in the genital area.

New Regulation for surgery in NSW

Cosmetic surgery patients have greater protection in New South Wales with the introduction of new laws. Following a spate of cases in the media of cosmetic procedures gone wrong, tougher regulations are being put in place to educate and protect patients undergoing even minor surgery.

Many people are unaware of the differences between a cosmetic surgeon and a plastic surgeon and the different level of expertise needed for certain procedures. The new regulations help to define and delineate the difference between Cosmetic and Plastic Surgeons, advise consumers on what to look for when choosing a surgeon and also includes a ‘cooling off’ period before surgery to ensure the patient is completely in agreeance with the surgery.

What do the guidelines mean:

– A more regulated industry requiring practitioners to take responsibility for post-operative care, as well as emergency facilities when using anesthesia

– Mandatory consults either in person or via Skype if they are considering prescription only injectables like botox and fillers

– Detailed information documented for patients outlining their procedures

– Cooling off periods between consult and surgery

Looking Forward

First and foremost, we expect to see more fat grafting procedures returning to the fore. Already popular procedures like the Brazilian Butt Lift, Mummy Makeovers and Breast Augmentation will see a further increase as they become more commonplace.

We also expect new innovations in non-surgical techniques and procedures. Patients increasingly love the ability to get quick results without having to go under ‘the knife’ for surgery. Kybella –the fat dissolving injection that has taken off in the USA will likely be released in February, and expect further advances in the field if Radiofrequency devices to dissolve fat and tighten skin as we continue into 2017


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