Bachelorette Georgia Love On Modern Day Romance

Australia fell in love with it’s second Bachelorette, Georgia Love, when she graced our screens last year being serenading by men whilst we could watch from our living rooms. In our modern world, this role reversal is an increasingly popular perspective showing that woman can choose their man.

Recently meeting up with the former bachelorette in Sydney in her official role as ambassador for the beloved skincare range Palmers, we got chatting about modern day romance where woman can make the rules, her favourite beauty tips and tricks and how she decided who deserved her final rose.

“I think it’s a great thing that this show exists and that we do that. In this day and age it’s not all about the girls having to line up and let the prince choose them. I love that this show flips that on its head, that’s what 2017 is, that’s what the world is now.”

The big controversy from the show was Matty J’s heartbreak, who Australia had decided was Georgia’s prince charming, only to discover Lee had won over her heart at the final rose ceremony.

“The only thing i’ll ever say about the editing is that in the last few episodes they just hid Lee away a bit. There was a very obvious connection between us that was electric and that didn’t really come across. I think that was i think was for that, oh who is she going to pick, who is it going to be moment. That’s the nature of television”.

Watch the video to see the full interview with the former Bachelorette and discover more about her journey for love.


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    • This is a jade roller. It's like a little bit of magic for your skin care routine. The beauty alchemist Jeannie Bourke at Venustus taught me how to use this to massage in moisturiser and serums deep into my skin. The other side has a smaller roller for around the eyes. I keep mine in the fridge to re-create some of the skin tightening, glow getting, depuffing benefits of their stellar cryotherapy facial. Buy a Jade roller. It's the best $33 you'll ever spend. 🙌
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