Say Goodbye To Back Cleavage

Bring sexy back… Here, personal trainer Natalie Carter discusses how to prevent dreaded back cleavage, which is caused by excess body fat in the upper and mid back, shoulders and the back of the arms. All brides-to-be must read this!
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As the hook and eye is clasped on your gorgeous wedding gown, are you fretting? There’s been immense build-up to this day, are you satisfied with how you look?

Here we go folks, it’s wedding season and as a trainer I know too well of the anxiety that all brides go through to look perfect. On your wedding day, it’s really important to most women to look and feel amazing. I work with a lot of women preparing for their wedding day. Besides the whole day going off without a hitch, what are all brides hoping for their big day? Zero back cleavage!

There is nothing worse than seeing the spillage of extra fat over your gown. Too often ladies leave trimming down to the last minute. Bad idea! If you’re not happy with your body shape, you are going to need at least 6-8 weeks to significantly change its appearance. Don’t bother with any pointless cabbage soup-lemon-detox diets unless you want to slow your metabolism right down, stress your body out and cause muscle loss. Instead, try reducing your portion sizes, cutting down on alcohol (no more than 4-6 standard drinks per week) and adding more lean protein (at least one serving at each meal) and fresh veggies (try snacking on them every 3-4 hours to keep your metabolism firing constantly) into your diet.

Now I know how stressed out some brides can be before the big day, so before you turn all Bridezilla on me…

Here are my top 5 Best Anti-Back-cleavage exercises.

Perform these exercises at least 3-4 times per week for optimal back sexiness:

1. Dip.

Grab a chair, sit on the seat and slowly remove your butt from it whilst balancing on both hands. Keep your head up and focus on something in your eye line. Lower your body down slowly for 3 counts and then 3 counts up. You will feel a nice burn in the backs of the arm and in the mid back. Try 10-20 reps x 3 sets.

2. Rows.

If you have some dumbbells fantastic if you don’t- improvise (2 x shopping bags filled with at least 3kg of random items- cans, sugar bags, whatever). Place the weights (or bags) in each hand. Bend over, from the hips, with a nice, flat back. Lift the bags with the elbows tucked in and up to your mid back slowly up for 3 counts, squeeze your mid back together then lower down for 3 counts. Let’s try to get 3 sets of 12 done.

3. Pull ups.

My favourite! Start at the basic level then we can increase as it gets easier. Go for a jog to the local park and locate the kiddie’s monkey bars or a parallel bar. Hold the bar as if you were going to hang off it. Make sure you can touch the floor and jump up to the top of the bar hold yourself for as long as you can (anywhere from 2-10 seconds repeat this jumping and holding process for 12 reps of 3 sets. As you get stronger, try to pull yourself up with no jump.

4. Push up and twist.

Pop yourself down on the floor and place both hands in front of you, shoulder distance apart, and get up onto your toes in a push up position. Perform one push up then transfer your body weight onto your left hand and start to twist your whole body so you are balancing on one hand as you lift the right hand off the floor. Hold for 3 counts then place the right hand back down. Lift the left hand, transfer weight and twist. Hold for 3. Try to do a total of 10 push ups for 3 sets

5. Press and shoulder raise.

This is a two part move. Grab those weights again. Hold them in each hand. Stand tall, tuck the pelvis under and make sure the feet are shoulder width apart. Press the dumbbells straight above your head and then bring them down to the shoulders, then hips. Now from the hip, go horizontally out to the side till you reach the shoulders. Hold and squeeze the shoulders then place them back down to your hips. Repeat shoulder press then the raise for 12 reps 3 sets

There you have it! Now YOU have the tools to a beautiful and defined back for your big day. Spread the word ladies: The only cleavage we need to see is right in the middle of your chest!


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