Hailey Baldwin’s Beauty Secrets And The Bible Passage That Makes Her Feel Fabulous

RESCU Editor and Founder Bahar Etminan caught up with model, muse, entrepreneur and social media darling Hailey Baldwin as she launched her capsule collection of make up with Aussie beauty brand ModelCo. The 20 year old beauty, with over 8 million social media followers is a devout Christian, Ex girlfriend of Justin Bieber and the daughter of Hollywood royalty yet she remains warm, humble and true to herself.

Here she shares her favourite passages from the bible, what’s on her playlist, the best beauty trick she’s ever learned and the secrets to her killer body.


RESCU: So you developed an entire make up collection with Aussie brand ModelCo.. Can you tell us what was the most interesting and surprising aspect of creating your own cosmetic line?

Hailey Baldwin: I just think the thing that surprised me the most was the process. I mean we talked about everything from colour to the way the highlighter would shine on the skin, and how I didn’t want it to be too sticky and I didn’t want it to be too loose and fluid. There were so many really little details that went into each thing individually.

RESCU: You can see that! Even from the pay offs and textures, it really a dream collection for any woman to use. It really feels like someone has thought about every little end user detail and how a normal girl would apply each product.

Hailey Baldwin: Yeah, for sure. That’s what I wanted to achieve.

RESCU: On a day like today or when you’re traveling what do you do to get gorgeous if you’re feeling blah?

Hailey Baldwin: I mean it’s funny because feeling blah does happen when you’re travelling the way I do. When you go on long flights you get bloated and you just feel gross. Your body is in a completely different millennium because of time difference. There are a lot of factors.

RESCU: So how do you trick yourself into feeling fabulous when you’re feeling blah?

Hailey Baldwin: There‘s little things you can do, like I have a little break right now before I go out to dinner so I’ll probably sit in the spa for a little bit and steam or just take a good hot shower. There are a lot of little things that I do for personal relaxation and I’m just always making sure to take vitamins and am drinking a lot of water as much as sometimes I hate to drink water.

RESCU: In terms of your face is there any little make up tricks that make you look perky and good when you’re feeling less than fabulous?

Hailey Baldwin: I mean, there is a reason why someone invented concealer and I think that is for that!

RESCU: You were talking about getting a little bit of rest and downtime, are you a meditator, do you pray, do you practice mindfulness? What do you do to chill out and zone out?

Hailey Baldwin: I am not a meditator per say, I am a Christian I was raised in church and that’s a very important thing to me. I landed here yesterday and I went to Hillsong church last night when I got here.

I make sure to make that a part of my day every single day. If I have to get up early and I’m rushing to set I’ll make sure when I’m in the makeup chair I read a devotional that I keep on my phone. Then, if I have time before I’m going somewhere during the day I’ll sit and play some Hillsong or worship music and I’ll sit and I’ll read and do a little bit of a study because it sets a tone for my day.

RESCU: Do you think that these days it’s easier to talk about spirituality because there’s all this conversation around mindfulness and having a healthy attitude so it’s not so weird for someone in your position to openly speak about being spiritual?

Hailey Baldwin: I mean I think people always have their opinions about spirituality and religion or whatever it may be, but particularly when someone comes forward and says that they are a Christian sometimes I find that people question that more than anything.

RESCU: You were talking about music, and music that gets you centered or music that is uplifting, what are your 3 favourite tracks at the moment?

Hailey Baldwin: Let me read this straight off my phone.. This is what’s literally my top three most played songs.. these are all bangers!

X – 21 Savage
24k Magic – Bruno Mars
Bad and Boujee- Migos

RESCU: Do you have a girl boss that you really admire? It must have been wonderful working with Shelley Sullivan (founder of ModelCo who celebrates 15 years in the beauty Biz this year) but you would have the opportunity to work with some pretty inspirational women from around the world is there a particular girl boss that you currently admire?

Hailey Baldwin: The girl boss of all girl bosses who is just a legend is Anna Wintour -obviously.

RESCU: What do you most admire about her?

Hailey Baldwin: I just enjoy her work ethic and I think that she is very dedicated to Vogue and I also think that she is so mysterious and it’s so cool. You don’t really know much about her except that she is Anna Wintour and she is just dope.

RESCU: That’s kind of a contradiction because your whole business model and incredible popularity is explosive and you have 8 million social media followers. So, there’s not a lot about you that can’t be mysterious, I guess that people want more and more of you and the more you give the more they want.

Hailey Baldwin: Here’s the thing, I actually disagree only because there’s actually quite a bit that people don’t know about me and I don’t think I throw my personality out there so much. I think people mistake seeing photos and seeing what I put out and seeing my face everywhere as me being really out there but that’s not actually me putting myself out there like me opening my personality to everybody and sharing my business with everybody.


RESCU: I do have a personal question for you – I would love to know what is your fondest memory of childhood?

Hailey Baldwin: My old neighbourhood. Sometimes I like to go back to the town I grew up in, I live in New York and I grew up 30 minutes outside of New York City so sometimes I’ll take a car out there and have lunch or walk around. I like to take friends of mine that don’t know where I grew up out there and show them. I was a ballet dancer for a long time, 12 years, so I think those things are really close to me.

RESCU: It’s no secret that you’re from a genetically blessed family.

Hailey Baldwin: Well thank you!

RESCU: I’m sure you were given lots of advice from your parents. Is there one piece of beauty advice you would give to your daughter?

Hailey Baldwin: I think one thing that I would always stress in terms of beauty and skincare would be, first of all when it comes to makeup I wouldn’t let my kid wear makeup or a lot of it at least. I know that I argued with my parents growing up when I was younger about wanting to wear mascara and I wasn’t allowed until I was 13. Now, I’m actually happy that was the case because it taught me that natural is better and less is more, and not to rush into trying to look grown up or older.

RESCU: And you look absolutely gorgeous, you look fit and radiant. Everyone has asked me, what did she look like really? And I said flawless!

RESCU: (laughs) I’m really curious, how do you keep so fit? Because you look more fit than just skinny and you do look radiantly healthy and I’m sure our readers would like to know what are some of the things that make you look so beautiful and healthy?

Hailey Baldwin: Well, I drink a lot of water and that is something that my mum has literally burned into my brain. When I was growing up and I would be minding my own business reading a book in my room my mum would be like “Hailey” out of no where, and I would be like “yeah what’s up?” “Did you drink water today?” Like every single day nine times a day.

RESCU: Wow, there’s a good mum.

Hailey Baldwin: So I think that’s a big one. Exercise is really important to me too.

RESCU: What do you do?

Hailey Baldwin: I do a lot of Pilates, training with a personal trainer and boxing. I am an active person as it is, and I enjoy all of that.

 RESCU: In terms of a day on a plate when you’re travelling, what are you eating? Because of course it would be a really different routine.

Hailey Baldwin: It’s really hard for me to eat when I’m travelling in terms of in an airport because there’s usually never any healthy options. I try and find the best options, if not I’ll go for a fruit and nut mix, energy bar or something like that that will hold me over until I get where I’m going and can sit down and have a proper healthy meal.

RESCU: Do you eat everything? You’re not vegetarian or pescatarian?

Hailey Baldwin: I’m no vegetarian no, but sometimes I’ll go through phases. When I was back in the US I was not eating any meat for like a week, and sometimes I’ll just eat all vegetables for a week or do a juice cleanse. Or, I’ll have my cheat days of course when I can eat whatever.

RESCU: What is your life motto?

Hailey Baldwin: I definitely think there are certain things I live by. There are certain bible verses that my mum has instilled in me.

RESCU: Is there one that you could name?

Hailey Baldwin: Philippians 4:13 , “I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.” There are little quotes and verses I’ll read that stand out to me but I don’t know if there’s really one specific thing.

RESCU: Thank you so much for your time and I hope you get some rest ahead of your dinner, it was a pleasure to meet you and it’s a beautiful collection, congratulations!

The Hailey Baldwin for Model Co Collection is a limited edition of 22 products. Hailey’s personal favourites are:

On The Glow Cream Highligher in Rose Glow 

Skin Perfecting Beauty Balm

Perfect Brows in Medium

Coconut Luxe Beauty Oil

Super Lips in Baby

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