Hairdresser Joh Bailey On How To Get Angelic 70s Hair

The 1970s-inspired hair at the Chloe Autumn/Winter 2010 show made us all want to be Charlie’s Angels. To learn how to attain this luscious retro look, we talked to RESCU’s resident hairstylist guru, Joh Bailey, about the secrets to getting sexy, secret agent hair.

RESCU: How do we get hot 70s hair?

Joh Bailey: For hot 70s hair, you need to pull out the hot rollers, curling the hair away from the face. When set, take out the rollers and flip your head upside down, loosening the curls. Hair spray will help hold the look.

RESCU: Is it really that simple?

Joh Bailey:
There are a few do’s and don’ts. First, you need to have medium to long hair – at least shoulder length. The hair needs to be layered, especially around the face, and you must only ever use the large rollers. If the rollers are too small, it will end in disaster!

RESCU: Are there any good hair products to really make it amazing?

Joh Bailey: Like all heating products, continued use can really damage your hair. I’d recommend Tresemmè’s Thermal Creation Heat Protection Spray, to keep your hair looking fabulous, even after styling.

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RESCU Recommends:

We love Vidal Sassoon ‘Big Curls’ hot rollers, RRP: $62.95.

The Big Curls Tourmaline Ceramic Hair Setter is ideal for quick styling and creating long-lasting volume and curls. Twelve jumbo-sized rollers create extra volume and curl that is gentle on hair.  These are fool proof and fun stylers that give instant gratification.

We loved that the rollers heat up quickly and are coated in felt so hair is protected and not fried. Tip: Make sure your hair is perfectly dry before applying for best frizz free effect and use thermal protecting products.

We asked Laura Janus from L’Oréal for the best product to use with hot rollers. Her top pick was:

L’Oreal Professionnel Pli, RRP: $25.00

This is a strong heat-activated fixing spray for setting the hair while maintaining natural wave and supple movement without the stiffness or sticky residue. It contains ceramides to strengthen, boost shine and protect against heat.

It also features film-enhancing polymers for hold and cationic derivatives for softness and UV filters. It’s ideal for use with velcro rollers, or to add hold to tonged curls.

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