Halloween Party Makeup That Still Looks Beautiful

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Hands up who loves a dress up party? MEEEE! Themes are so fun, as long as everyone involved goes all out and one theme that seems to be bigger than ever this year is Halloween.


With Halloween right around the corner, I thought we could get creative and still make Halloween makeup beautiful. After all, if Vampires can make scary sexy, so can we!

This is the time of year to bring out your creative side with makeup, but also perhaps an alter ego that wants to come out. If you are normally a strong woman, perhaps go opposite and become the white swan from Swan Lake, or if you are quiet and gentle, perhaps a vampire or cat women? Either way, you have to feel the costume and look you are going for.

First tip — don’t go overboard with makeup!

You don’t want to come across as a Drag Queen, or just so much blood and gore that you are unrecognisable. Its still fun when you are dressed up, but still show a little of your personality through your look, leave the real scary stuff to the boys.

For a low maintenance makeup girl, or someone that perhaps isn’t that confident with applying makeup daily, let alone a creative masterpiece for Halloween, let your costume do the talking like Beyoncé did in her Spiderman get up or as Kim Kardashian does every year!


These celebrities choose to beautify their faces and let the costumes do the talking. An easier way to get the message across, but I would still like to have a bit of fun with makeup.

Halloween is a great time to actually apply makeup in a way that maybe is quite harsh, or unblended, maybe even a bit crooked, because do Zombies have perfectly rounded and blended eye shadow? NO!

It really once again is all about contouring. With the correct highlight and shade, you can always create different facial features to become, or appear to be someone else, by either ageing yourself – Squinting and drawing dark lines in the creases of your face, when you relax the wrinkles are visible, or looking hollow in places using a lot of dark shading like a skeleton – it all can be done easily yourself at home.

Take this great look from model, Alessandra Ambrosio…


It is all using highlight and shade. Shade tones – dark and matte will hollow out the face, giving stronger cheekbones or that zombie/skeleton like result and the highlight makes areas look bigger.

Apart from the looks above from letting your costume do all the talking, then the highlight and shade, art pieces, a great Halloween look is the Vampire or even the ‘Hot’ version of a Zombie. This is the chance to use all those makeup shades in the drawer that you perhaps haven’t used in so long because they make your eyes look red – perfect.

Get put all your plums, pinks and purples and even use blush as eye shadow to create these smokey eyes, but using plums as a base instead of chocolate or granite.

Define everything that little extra – a little more eyeliner, that extra depth on the brow and even the stronger, contoured cheekbone by adding a little deep eye shadow into the bronzer to really cut in the hollow of the cheekbone.

Try and use a pale tone foundation, rather than going to tan as this will help the illusion of the vampire type look, which still can look beautiful.

When it comes to beauty and Halloween, there is only one brand for me that came to mind and that is Illamasqua.

There collections all have a goth, spiritual, fantasy element, which can all be re-created very easily.

Exclusive to Myer, it is worth checking out the colours and pigments, as the range will definitely inspire you for this Halloween.


The Illamasqua Complement Pallette (RRP $75) is perfect for general wear and then with added intensity, the perfect shades for Halloween and great for ALL eye colours too.

Add the Illamasqua Lipstick in Atomic and you are set — such an on-trend colour, even still after two seasons!

Lashes are a great way to jazz up any Halloween look as they can add that touch of sexiness to the eye, or if your eye is left more bare, they can be the focal point, without you spending too much time applying makeup.

These Bat Wing lashes from Illamasqua (RRP $32) are amazing and could suit several different themes as they will still give length and definition, but also that webbed like bat wing flick.

But for some of us, fairies and princess could be what you are after..

His means all things shimmery, rose like and lots of liquid highlighters dabbed onto the skin to create that almost dewy, pearlised skin could be for you.

Lots of silvers and metallic, washed across the eyelids with a pale hue to the skin could work wonders.

Shu uemura have some great products to bring out the more innocent Halloween side if the going dark is not your thing!

I love the Princess Collection that will slowly start to be seen at shu uemura counters throughout seclected David Jones city Stores – perfect for a princess like Halloween makeup.

My favourite part is the lashes!


So whatever your inner alter ego is, dark side or light sides of fantasy, try to remember that often your costume can speak for itself – there are always masks.

Those wanting to have a little fun, I would recommend to think of your face like an art piece, even if wearing a fairly simple makeup look. Go polished, yet undone in parts to create the best Halloween look.

Over contour and re-define areas like the lips and brows to get results this Halloween, definitely add some lashes – there are so many styles to suit every costume!

It’s playtime ladies get creative and inspired by the above looks!


feature image via pinterest

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