Have You Tried The Latest Anti-Ageing Facial?

Beaming, glowing and luminous skin is a result of more than just a healthy diet and regular exercise routine. Just as important as these factors is infusing the skin with nourishing vitamins and minerals for rejuvenating and uplifting benefits.

When it comes to skincare, taking time out to have professional in-salon treatment with product and movements designed to enhance the results of homecare product use is essential.

HydroPeptide has revolutionised skincare through the power of peptides as messenger molecules that work to increase hydration, visibly reduce lines and wrinkles, and enhance skin’s natural luminosity.

With over 60 peptides, antioxidant-rich botanical stem cells and hyaluronic acid, HydroPeptide product offers targeted customizable results-driven regimens for all skin types.

So, is a HydroPeptide facial treatment all it’s cracked up to be? We teamed up with HydroPeptide to trial the Anti-Wrinkle Facial treatment.

Typically we offer our readers the chance to experience our trial team treatments and have them report back to us on their findings. This time however, the RESCU team decided to road test the treatment themselves.

With three vastly different levels of experience with facials – from a facial virgin to a seasoned beauty editor and a beauty treatment veteran – RESCU set out on a road test to trial the Anti-Wrinkle Facial treatment.

How did they find it?

From a facial treatment virgin: Jessica Arrowsmith

I must admit, the idea of a facial prior to my experience with the HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle facial entailed thoughts of slight discomfort and an extensive effort for something that in my mind, surely a slather of facial moisturiser could equally provide my skin with. It is now safe to say that I was well and truly misconceived.

From the minute the facial started, an instant feeling of tranquility and relaxation brushed away the slightly apprehensive feelings I had walking into the spa. My therapist was gentle and outlined the treatment beforehand, educating me on the protocol and purpose for each component of the treatment – an aspect I truly appreciated feeling so foreign to the experience.

I quickly adjusted and sunk deeply into the comfort of the massage bed. The aromas of each of the HydroPeptide products were sweetly scented and felt equally soothing as they were massaged into my skin. I could feel each product individually working, making my skin feel nourished, hydrated and plump.

What was most surprising and exciting for me, was feeling the active ingredients working as they were being massaged into my skin. I could feel my skin being nourished and hydrated throughout the treatment. My preconception of a facial was that results would appear later on and not instantaneously – once again I was proven very wrong.

The combination of the peptides being massaged into my skin and actively feeling my skin become more hydrated, nourished and firmer converted me from a non-believe to a facial enthusiast. This feeling was reinforced when my best friend told me how glowing and dewy my skin looked that evening – having not reapplied makeup after the facial, as my skin felt so great naturally, this was a huge compliment. Even a week later I could visibly see that the facial had boosted my circulation leaving my skin looking radiating and fresh, especially under my eyes. 


From a seasoned beauty editor: Juliette Winter

When it’s your job to try beauty products and treatments you tend to get a little picky. From the moment I lie down on a treatment bed I notice everything, from the fluidity of the therapists strokes to the textures of the products and the aroma of the room. I believe it’s the little details in beauty treatments that make all the difference, and luckily so does my therapist Maya, the owner of Maya and John Beauty + Hair in Sydney. What I’m about to discover is that everything about this HydroPeptide facial is perfection, from the HydroPeptide products that leave my skin glowing with health yet still calm and clear, to the luxe treatment room and the top-to-toe relaxation.

Maya begins by explaining the different steps of the HydoPeptide Facial and how it’s  customised to my skin type. The treatment products are also selected to suit my specific skincare concerns which means this facial is perfect of all skin types even my sensitive, dry skin.

Once I’m cocooned in soft blankets the HydroPeptide products are massaged onto my skin and I being to feel how active the peptides are. My skin warms as a sweetly scented exfoliating Peel whisks away dead skin cells and brightens my skin. Next is a Massage Oil rich in peptides that goes to work soothing, nourishing and strengthening. Maya’s expert fingers perform massage magic across of my face and décolletage, using a combination of deep tissue, pressure point and lymphatic drainage which stimulate my skin, boost circulation and leaves me floating in a relaxed state of bliss. A silky mask nourishes and firms my skin while Maya revives hands with more massage.


From our Editor, a beauty treatment veteran: Bahar Etminan

The HydroPeptide Facial was exceptional. From the totally immersive experience of the beautiful spa at 54 Park Street, to the glow of my skin after the treatment, I can say this is a facial to add to your must do list.

Over the past few years, I have become quite specific about the treatments I indulge in, favouritng fast, cosmeceutical procedures like peels and light therapy to long winded facials.  I don’t have the time or patience for a facial that just feels good. I need my facial to perform miracles. Every now and then however, I am convinced to combine my love of relaxation with real beauty results.

The famed peptide technology of HydroPeptide products left my skin firmer, brighter and more even toned. The facial massage, which combined lymphatic drainage and acupressure, stimulated the flow of blood to my skin, drained all puffiness from under my eyes, contoured my jawline and left me feeling deeply relaxed.

Immediately after the treatment, my skin was so smooth and radiant, I opted not to have any make up applied before heading back to the office for a meeting. I was glowing and feeling very confident with my skin and didn’t want to cover up anything, which is unusual for me. The next morning, I woke up to fewer fine lines and a visibly brighter, hydrated complexion. A week later, the compliments were still coming.


What was the overall verdict?

RESCU Editor’s Verdict:

I have long been a fan of the Plump & Polish Peel Kit, Refining Mask and Cleansers from the HydroPeptide range. Having now added their treatment to my beauty game plan, I know that this additional step is the difference between good skin and great skin.

Beauty Editor’s Verdict:

As I emerge from my treatment room, I realise this facial has managed to combine serious skincare benefits with the ultimate in relaxation. Not only do I feel fabulous but my skin looks brighter, firmer and has a luminous glow that puts a little pep in my step.

Facial Virgin’s Verdict:

I am converted. My entire experience with the Anti-Wrinkle HydroPeptide facial has transformed my idea of facials, and truly allowed me to understand just how important they are for my skin. This is definitely a treatment I will be adding to my skincare routine and I now believe it’s a necessary step for allowing my skin to reach and expose its potential – both for immediate and long term results.


Treatment: HydroPeptide Anti-Wrinkle Facial Treatment


Fifty Four Park Street Health Club and Day Spa

170 Castlereagh St, Sydney NSW 2000
(02) 9282 8999

Maya & John, Beauty & Hair

158 Queen St, Woollahra NSW 2025

(02) 9327 4788

Treatment price is RRP$160, however can vary at stockists across the country.

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HydroPeptide is a commercial partner of RESCU

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