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Madcap, unique, zany, eccentric, unusual and dedicated to humanity are the words often used to describe you. Are you bored of those labels? OK. Well there must be some Aquarians out there who do not fit those descriptions but I have yet to meet any of them. Honestly, when I found out that Paris Hilton is a Water Bearer, I felt totally different about her. She probably is as mad as she seems! Aquarians are the mad scientist of the zodiac and you probably know it – she is no doubt conducting some very weird experiment in What It Means To Be Famous. I mean, how UNUSUAL is her life?!

So is there anything that’s not amazing about you? Well, sometimes you have a tendency to come across as a teensy bit unapproachable or even detached. Sometimes you might seem just a little bit disconnected from others – including people who love you so much. This is partly because you’re an Air sign and you do have a tendency to allow your mind to wander. Which is how you pick up your brilliant ideas. But do be aware – you can come across as Not In Touch With Reality (there’s that P. Hilton again) and/or Your Feelings.

Your modern ruling planet is the one with slightly shocking name, Uranus, and you’re the one with the ability to really surprise those around you. Uranus also rules electricity and flashes of brilliance, as well as chaos theory. For you, variety is the spice of life. Taking at least one adventure a month suits you well.

It doesn’t matter what the adventure is, as long as it’s pleasant – you love a good surprise. And your friends and beloveds love you because you’re so eclectic. Your true fans know that behind your slightly zany ways – and sometimes apparent cool aloofness – is a treasure. Be careful of a tendency to drive people away when you would rather they came closer. You do give off mixed-signals sometimes.

Your world view is one of the most appealing things about you. You see things from a slightly left-of-centre perspective which is not only refreshing but original. Aquarius is the inventor of the zodiac, the one who loves to experiment and, as a result, breaks new ground. You have a laissez faire attitude – in fact, for some people it’s all too much. Sometimes you’re only mistake is having ideas which other people can’t get their heads around. You’re a fixed sign, which means you can be a little bit stubborn when people aren’t seeing things you way. You don’t always have time for social niceties either – but your best friends understand that doesn’t mean you’re not gorgeous.

Aquarius Medical Astrology

Aquarians unfortunately are hugely prone to issues with their ankles and calves, meaning they need to be more careful than they would otherwise of causing injuries in this area. Problems for this zodiac sign also tend to manifest themselves in the circulatory system. While Aquarius is freedom-loving and eccentric, they can often be hindered by their pesky ankle and calve problems. Due to these issues, Aquarius are susceptible to twists, sprains and breakages from the slightest wrong step. Their circulatory problems can unfortunately come through in varicose veins, hypertension and heart problems. Due to their mental aptitude, Aquarians are prone to weight gain. Despite naturally being drawn to naturally starchy and carbohydrate-loaded foods, Aquarians should avoid these for optimum health. All in all, Aquarians rarely suffer from any serious medical setbacks.

Hindrances can also come in the form of other’s opinions of them — Aquarians can be seen as detached, unemotional and cold due to the fact that they think more about things than they feel them. They are a rational sign, and while they have good coordination, tend to be drawn more towards intellectual pursuits.

Appropriately for Aquarians, whose zodiac symbol is water, they should eat a diet rich in seafood, as well as spinach and lemon. They may suffer from a deficiency of sodium chloride, so this ought to be consumed as much as possible. A lack of sodium chloride may lead to higher chances of dehydration in Aquarius than other signs — again key, given their symbol is water!

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