Daily Moon Report

Saturday August 19

What will you be doing at the time of the New Moon eclipse?

Moon into Leo: Today the Moon moves into Leo, the sign where the eclipse will soon take place. Here are the eclipse times around the world:

New Moon Eclipse at 29 Leo

SYDNEY: August 22, 4.30am
NEW YORK: August 21, 2.30pm
LONDON: August 21, 7.30pm
LONDON: August 21, 7.30pm

In another location? Click here for your time zone.

I will be in Paris and if I can manage it, I am going to go to the Eiffel Tower to do some wishes. I fancy the spire will be all-the-better to carry them off into the Universe!
This is a massive eclipse – I can feel the energy building.

This is one of the most wonderful bits of writing I have read about how to describe one ray of the eclipse energy – it’s from my astro-pals the Astrotwins from astrostyle.com:

“During a Lunar Eclipse, the Earth is exactly between the Sun and the Moon (known as an opposition between the Sun and the Moon). For a brief spell, we can see the Earth’s shadow turning the luminous Full Moon intense shades of reds, browns and grays. According to astrology, Lunar Eclipses give us a glimpse into what Carl Jung referred to as the “shadow self.” We all want to think of ourselves as good, kind people, but c’mon—we’re also human! What we discover about ourselves and others during Lunar Eclipses can be tough to swallow, even shocking. Still, this gives us the opportunity to embrace our wholeness, and see where we have room to grow in new directions. Owning the fact that we have emotions like fear, anger, jealousy and rage is the way to get a handle on them. Trying to pretend we’re Polly Pure or Sam Straightlaced? That’s when our feelings creep up and overwhelm us. If we’re willing to accept the good along with the bad, Lunar Eclipses can be magical moments of discovery.” Read the whole post here.

Tomorrow I will expand on how this process actually liberates us and can boost our ability to manifest our dreams. It’s incredible how it’s all tied up, I think you will agree.

Get your New Moon Info Sheets here – they are the same as last month’s as the New Moon eclipse will be in Leo, as was last month’s New Moon so if you already have it, refer back!

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