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Virgo 2014 Lovescopes

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If you’re feeling light-headed with love and happiness, lucky you! You’re a Virgo making the most of what the cosmos has to offer you at the moment. If you’re confused and uncertain, then watch out! 2014 will be more of the same for you in terms of your love life. That’s why it’s so important to be with someone you love, can trust and who inspires you (and vice versa.) 2014 will also be healing for Virgos who are willing to forgive and forget. The first half of 2014 looks very social too – great for getting out and meeting someone new if you’re available.

HOT DATES: February 5 – looks very healing for one important relationship around now. May 24 – get clear on how you feel about someone. November 16 – your love life can start to inspire you again.

Your Best Matches: Cancer and Scorpio

Want to seduce…

An Aries? Take him to a racetrack, a boxing match, a running track, a red room, a war museum, a gym, track or pool, sports car or motorcycle show.

A Taurus? Take him to… The countryside, a lush garden, in a bed with thick linen sheets, a massage health spa, an art gallery, a clothes shop, a luxury hotel.

A Gemini? Take him to… A public debate, on the phone/via email, at a party, a public library, a bookshop, his local neighbourhood, a newsroom, a university.

A Cancer? Take him to… Your home, his home, a restaurant which feels comfy as home, his mum’s, anywhere moonlit, a spiritual healing centre.

A Leo? Take him somewhere very sunny, his own birthday party, a party at home with his friends, anywhere ‘royal’–from the Royal Yacht Club to The Royal Oak Pub.

A Virgo? Take him anywhere neat and tidy, a health food shop, a trendy healthy restaurant, a yoga class.

A Libra? Take him to the opera, an art gallery, an expensive health spa, a fashion parade, Paris, a perfect countryside setting.

A Scorpio? Take him to bed, bed, bed. Or a peep show, a sex shop, a scary movie about lust and obsession, an S&M parlour, anywhere dark.

A Sagittarius? Take him to a comedy show, somewhere foreign, a study hall, mountain climbing, a meditation centre, a travel expo.

A Capricorn? Take him to an antique shop, a real estate office, a historic site, the Egyptian pyramids, a black comedy show, ice-skating, a natural history museum.

An Aquarius? Take him to the beach, a wildly foreign country (eg: Patagonia), a pinball parlour, a computer show, a new age exhibition.

A Pisces? Take him somewhere where a whole lotta drinking’s going on, a themed hotel, a psychic’s show, a haunted house, a photography show, an aquarium, the beach.

Your Astrological Profile:

You have your feet on the ground and are able to see the funny side of almost any situation. You love routine, feeling more secure when life is ordered. You’re often the sporty type, and pay attention to your diet. To learn more, including your medical astrology, read your full Astrological Profile here.

Your Year Ahead:

You will get the best from 2014 if you make ‘healing’ your main aim. For you, this is the year of Self-Help. In careers, you will have good opportunities to rethink your working life in January/February and June/July. For more on your year ahead read your full 2014 Horoscope here.

Get your love chart here!

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