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So it’s March. Valentine’s Day has been and gone. So … how’s your love life? If it’s not been going all that well, hope is at hand! By Rescu’s astrologer Yasmin Boland

As we move into March, there is some very big news ahead; an eclipse and the end of a series of clashes (between Uranus and Pluto) that’s been causing mayhem and madness down here on planet earth since 2012.

There will be more info about this in your Monthly Stars, but right now, let’s take a look at how the current astro-weather is affecting our love lives.

The main issue is the Uranus/Pluto energies, which started up five years ago. They have pushed people out of their comfort zone. “Evolve or perish!” was the message.

For that reason, chances are you have moved on romantically, if you were involved with anyone who fits any of the following:

• someone who was as comfy as an old shoe, and about as inspiring
• someone who made you feel hemmed in
• someone who was a bully
• someone who brought out the bully in in you.

So where does that leave you now? More on that in a moment.

Of course, there are some people who have weathered the past five years with their partner. If you’re one of them, take a bow! Things have not been easy on anyone and we all know that we take our a lot of stress on the people nearest us! Special commendations must go to the partners of Scorpios, Taureans, Cancerians, Capricorns, Aries and Librans or anyone with any of those signs rising.

And now? Here comes the March New Moon eclipse in the romantic and dreamy sign of Pisces. It’s not stretching the astrological symbolism too far to say that even people who have started to wonder if romance actually exists might find they start to ‘believe in love’ again – if they will allow themselves to!

The New Moon eclipse takes place very handily on Friday night, March 20. If you would like to make a wish about your love life, do it just after 8.40pm. Anytime after that and for the next few days is fine. You will be harnessing the New Moon eclipse energy and it’s full of romance. Around that date, if you need to have an honest conversation with someone about your relationship status, do it. The Stars totally support you.

Note that early April brings another eclipse, this time a Full Moon one in the partnership-oriented sign of Libra. If you’re still hung up on your ex, give yourself between now and April 4 to wallow and then let go. The eclipse is the ideal time to move on from the past and that can also include forgiving your current partner for any past upsets.

Finally, since these are your Lovescopes, it’s worth mentioning that in July, the planet of love, Venus, will go into one of her rare retrograde cycles. These happen about once every 18 months and can present their own set of challenges. Essentially they are a very good time to weigh up how much people and other things really matter to us.

For example, say you were working too hard and your love life was suffering, it might be a time when you would consider which matters more; happy home or success? It can also be a time when we review our commitment to someone, and when an ex might come back. If you’re pining for someone, Venus retrograde can in many ways be seen as make or break time for a reconciliation.

This time around, Venus retrograde lasts from July 25 to September 6. It will take place in the proud sign of Leo so if you have been allowing your ego to get in the way of your love life, that could be a very good time to make amends.

If you’re single and open to love, you have great stars to find your soulmate. And if you’re attached and with the right person, you should feel that (a) you’re with your Twin Flame and/or that (b) your partner is often inspiring and/or (c) that your love life in 2015 can heal any of the hurts you have experienced in the past. October is particularly loved-up. Plus your self-esteem gets a boost in 2015, and that boosts all your relationships, including romantic ones.

HOT DATES: June 10 – love is in the air. August 6 – looks potentially lovely. October 8 – your love life heats up.

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