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Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert


Your month in a nutshell

Even though you’re going through such an intense time, the Universe is conspiring to bring you as many little breaks and as much light relief as possible. You can really evolve now, if you live consciously. This month, upsets and confusion in your love life or in another important relationship (including a professional one) look to get sorted out at last.

After the storm, the calm

So we are now out of eclipse season until the end of the year.

The funny thing is that eclipses are like portals to another world – but they have a sort of wind-rush effect. Think about if you’re on a plane and – Goddess forbid! – someone opens the door.

It would take a lot of luck and all your strength not to get sucked out the door.

That’s sort of what eclipses are like. You get sucked out into another way of being, more or less whether you like it or not.

And just as on a plane how hard it was to resist would depend on how close to the door you’re sitting, so it is with astrology; how hard eclipses are to resist depends on how close to your chart the eclipses are, so to speak.

So the eclipses have been and gone and some of us have been sucked into a new reality and some of us are feeling shaken but not totally stirred. Also last month was a doozy because as well as the eclipses we had Mercury retrograde.

All in all, August looks calmer…

Before anything else, talk about August’s TWO New Moons…

August 2019 New Moon in Leo
London: 1 August at 04:11
Sydney: 1 August at 13:11
LA: 31 Jul at 20:11

August 2019 (second) New Moon in Virgo
London: 30 August at 11:37
Sydney: 30 August at 20:37
LA: 30 August at 03:37

August 1 brings the New Moon in Leo. August 30 brings the New Moon in Virgo. So what does it all mean?

Here are a few other pointers:

– It means that in the month of August we have twice the chances to make set some intentions and make some wishes (though granted the second chance comes at the very end of the month!) So if you’re into manifesting, this is the time to get your manifesting on!
– It means that we have a chance to work on how fabulous we are (at the time of the New Moon in Leo) and how dutiful we are too (at the time of the New Moon in Virgo).
– It means that the New Moon in Virgo is officially called by the rather mysterious name of a “Black Moon”.
– Black Moons like this only happen about once every 32 months.
– Note that there are various definitions of a Black Moon and this is only one of them. The Black Moon can also refer to the part of the lunar cycle around New Moon when the Moon isn’t visible.
– Some people believe that a Black Moon is a time when spells and rituals are even more powerful and effective.
– Others believe they are so powerful they should not be messed with at all!

So what to do with this Black Moon?

In my humble opinion, a Black Moon is just as good a Moon as any for making wishes and sending your intentions out into the Universe – no more powerful and no less. Why? Because thinks of it like this; the Gregorian calendar we live by was introduced by Pope Gregory XIII in 1582. In other words, it’s man-made. The Moon is a part of nature. The fact that two high-points of her current cycle (two New Moons) happen to be taking place within one single man-made calendar month doesn’t have much significance apart from that which is stated above – we have double the chances to make our New Moon wishes.

But what does it mean for ME?

If you had to distill it all down to one main message? It would go something like this…

(Read your Rising Sign if you know it, because you will get a more accurate reading, akin to having a reading based one your time, date and place of birth. Find out your Rising Sign for free here)

Your August lunar headlines…

Aries – This month is all about you and your friends. Hopefully you’re seeing pals that you absolutely love. Also a very good time to map out your timetables for the rest of the year.
Taurus– This month’s New Moon in your Home Zone heralds changes for you on the domestic front. It’s also the month to ensure that you really do have a work/life balance.
Gemini– Expect very busy time over the coming four weeks. You’ll have places to go and people to see. Plus the Full Moon marks the end of illegal dispute or period of study.
Moonchild– There is a ton of energy this month across your celestial Money Boxes. Set some new intentions regarding how much money you want to earn and devise your plans.
Leo– There’s a New Moon in your sign and Full Moon in your Love Zone. This makes August very important time for you. Live intentionally – and move on from the past to the future!
Virgo– There is such a lot happening in your chart this month! Not least is the New Moon in your sign. Make August your restart time, even though we’re moving to the end of the year.
Libra– The August 1 New Moon is in your Wishing Zone. This happens annually and makes August 1 the best time of the year to make your New Moon wishes and set intentions.
Scorpio– The August 1 New Moon is in your Career Zone. Make some work-related wishes. On August 30, make another 10 about … anything and everything which matters to you.
Sagittarius– If you would like to get away from it all, either on a holiday, or maybe even for work, the August 1 New Moon this month in your 9th House supports you. Take action!
Capricorn– The New Moon in Leo and Full Moon in Aquarius are both straddling your Money Zones. Now is time to turn the corner financially. What do you need to do? Do that.
Aquarius– The Leo New Moon is in your Love Zone, so start over again where relationships are concerned. The Aquarius Full Moon in your sign makes time to move on from the past.
Pisces– The August 30 New Moon says “whatever else happened to you re personal and professional relationships this year, draw a line on in the sand, and start again.” Breathe.

And PS …

If you’re wondering about the Full Moon this month, it’s in Aquarius on August 15.

August 2019 Full Moon in Aquarius
London: 15 August at 13:29
Sydney: 15 August at 22:29
LA: 15 August at 05:29

It’s going to provide us all with a really good chance to emotionally detach from something in the past which has hurt us. So where have you been wounded and are you prepared to let it go? The first alignment after the Full Moon is between Mercury (communications) and Chiron (healing) which suggests that if you want to turn the corner emotionally, then 1. Talk something through or 2. Write about it.

Where the Full Moon is triggering your chart…

There’s a balance that’s required and the Full Moon is reminding you about it – it’s between what you do for yourself financially and what you do for others. There’s your income to be considered and your debts. There’s your self-worth and what you think you’re worth and there’s what others are going to pay you, which is usually based on what you ask for, at least within reason. If you’re about to make a major purchase, then you’re doing it at the right time. If you’ve been letting someone control you because they have financial power over you, then this is your chance to break free. This Full Moon is also reminding you that you need to take care of your intimate life. Don’t neglect it because of worldly concerns!

How to…

One of my favourite ways of tuning into the cosmos, and something you can do on the night of the August Full Moon, is to unroll your yoga mat if you have one, place a statuette or photo of your favourite angel or God or Goddess (could be Jesus, Mary, Kuan Yin, Ganesha… anyone you resonate with), light a candle, put on some beautiful music (I highly recommend Aussies Edo & Jo) and then…? Just do some simple stretches or asanas, sit quietly and … see what comes up. Write it down. It’s a powerful process.

Here are the top 5 questions to ask yourself under the Aquarius Full Moon

1. Have I been ambitious to the point of ruthlessness?
2. Have I been obsessed with work to the detriment of my personal life?
3. Have I been hard-headed, hard-nosed or just too hard on others?
4. Have I allowed my head to overrule my heart?
5. Have I been planning my life enough? Or too much?
You can get these questions as a free worksheet here

What else is happening in August?

With three lunations in one month, August really is a very good time to honour the lunar cycle. Especially for women, doing this is life changing. Go for it in the waxing cycle of the Moon, which is the first two weeks of the month, and then chill out (surrender) to Divine for the rest of the time.

In terms of planetary changes, one of the business planets this month is Venus, the planet of love and abundance.

This suggests a lot of us will have love and abundance high on our list at the start of August – hopefully for the right reasons.

For a start, FYI Venus spends most of the month in the sign of Leo, so here’s what that means for you (remember to read your Rising Sign if you know it, for greater accuracy!)

Here’s what that means for you…

This month, Venus moves into your eighth house of sex, money, intimacy and taboos, where she’ll stay for around four weeks. This is one of the sexiest transits of Venus – though sometimes it’s very subtle. This is the part of your chart where you keep your feelings re jealousy and possessiveness, so be careful if you have a tendency in one of those directions. If you’ve already been struggling with one or both of those issues recently, matters can be expected to come to a head at some point over the next month. Subconscious psychological patterns which influence you when you’re in a relationship are likely to become more obvious – analyse yourself and see what you see. Be honest with yourself. Are you scared of letting someone get too close? What tactics are you using to keep them away? Sexually, this could be a super-charged month – make sure you don’t go getting in over your head, if you decide to Do Your Eighth House Thing and smash down taboos. Go at your own pace. Financially, this part of your chart is about shared cash – the coming four weeks is a particularly good time to either ask for a raise or a loan.

Venus makes 6 alignments this month. Here’s the breakdown. Remember, the part of your life most like to be feeling the feelings is the part of your life mentioned above!

1 August 2019
Healing – wherever Venus is for you right now is where you can heal today so set an intention, as a link in the wee small hours of tomorrow grows

2 August 2019
Turnarounds – there could be some madness in the air today as Venus clashes with Uranus. Live and let live.

8 August 2019
Good luck / get lucky – Venus connects with lucky Jupiter early tomorrow so today very promising for love and abundance and good times!

14 August 2019
The Sun and Venus alignment so focus on love and abundance and make sure you’re being the love and abundance you want to see in the world. Be loving and generous.

21 August 2019
Venus moves into Virgo. More about this next month.

24 August 2019
Love and romance are in the air today ahead of a sexy meeting between Venus and Mars. V good for date nights.

26 August 2019
What goes around comes around. Venus aligns harmoniously so positive turnarounds re love and abundance are possible now!

And speaking of Leo…

One of the best ways to stay in touch with the astrological energies is to follow the Sun – in other words see where the Sun is in your chart and therefore where the focus will be. This month, like Venus, the Sun spends most of it’s time in Leo … which is drawing even more attention to the same part of your chart. Here’s how you can expect it to play out…

Over the next four weeks, you can expect to feel a whole lot more in touch with your Inner Self. It’s a very good time to look at where you are going and what it is inside you that is leading you there. If you’re confused about why you have chosen your current path, this is the time to stop and think. You may soon be able to change directions. On a less ethereal note, this is also the time to have a look at your finances – what you owe, what you’re saving. Pay off as many debts as you can now – you will be very happy you did so in six months time, as the Sun moves into your other money box.

Next question; what’s going to be on your mind?

So where is your head going to be at this month?

Hopefully, in a really good place.

Mercury actually goes direct (ie: ends it retrograde cycle) on the first day of the month, so we start August in a more straight-forward state of mind. Events of the past few weeks have hopefully helped you to work out what you want, what you’re going to be and where you really are ALL IN.

Mercury is changing direction like this in the last degrees of Moonchild (aka Cancer). So wherever you have the sign Moonchild in your chart is where you can expect

– To have been stopping and starting
– To have gathered more into these past few weeks
– To finally know what you want and what to do

Because the beginning and end of a Mercury retrograde cycle tend to be the most intense, accept that the start of August could be a bit confusing. But as every day goes by, we should start to feel more and more stable.

Here’s what it all means for you…

Some good news for you! After the retrograde, communications planet Mercury is now resuming normal transmission and going forwards again… This could impact your love life because Mercury has been going backwards in your SEVENTH HOUSE of relationships. If you’ve been feeling like your love life is going slightly crazy, if you and your partner or ex seem to have one missed called and one misunderstanding after another, if you just can’t seem to connect with You Know Who, now you know why! This weekend, as Mercury changes directions, you can expect (or at least allow for the possibility) one last blast of mayhem. And after that? Your love life will start to make more sense – you can expect a lot less confusion and madness.

PS Stay tuned next month for information about my new Mercury Retrograde book…

In other news…

Could you be about to get luckier?

One of the bigger changes up the skies this month is the end of the Jupiter Retrograde period, Yes, Jupiter goes retrograde too. Jupiter is the planet of good luck so if you’re a glass half-ful person, you can see the rertrogrades as good luck because a certain part of your chart gets more attention from Jupiter than it normally would do. Now as Jupter resumes direct motion, as it’s called, the good luck starts to shift and we get luckier in new parts of your chart and our life… All you need to know now is “where is Jupiter for me?”

If you already think of yourself as a fairly spiritual type, your engagement with All Things Mystical can go off the scale as Jupiter continues his visit to your House of All Things Cosmic. Jupiter is the planet that expands things and in this part of your chart, he’s going to raise the intuition levels of everyone born under your sign. Even the most cynical and disbelieving amongst will wonder if perhaps there is something in this “spooky” stuff after all. You have a chance to learn oh-so much about the spiritual side of life if you’re so inclined…

Picky, much?

Last but not least, let’s talk about the sex and anger planet Mars. Here’s the thing; Mars is the brash planet that pushes forwards but right now it’s pushing forwards into the polite sign of Virgo. So it’s a bit of a weird energy – a very good time to push forwards towards your goals but do it in a way that serves others, or serves the world. Virgo loves to help!

Here’s what Mars in Virgo means for you…

Even if you feel like you worked out what you think about Life’s Big Questions a long time ago, prepare to have a rethink. Mars in your 9th house of Life’s Big Questions means you will be asked to redefine your views – it will give you a chance to think about where you stand on issues such as fate and free will, destiny and life-after-death. Open yourself up to doing what you can – reading, travel, study – to open your mind up. Just make sure that once you (re)formulate your answers to Life’s Questions, that you don’t go ramming your point of view down others’ throats.

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