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Do you wish you could get away from it all? That wish could come true sooner than you think, as mighty Jupiter makes his once-every-12-years visit to your 9th House of travel and adventure. Where do you want to go? If you think you can’t afford a trip, regularly visualise yourself where you dream of being and see if you can start to manifest the money, practically and magically. This is a time to expand your mind, too. Doing a course of study will open your eyes, too. If you’re an expert, it’s a great time for you to teach.

Power date: October 26 – you can expect some extra attention today


Around about once every 12 months, the planet of good luck and good times, aka Jupiter, changes signs. And that is happening this month. Jupiter is moving from Libra into the sign of Scorpio.

This is very good news for Scorpios, but it’s actually good news for everyone! You can read all about what this means for your sign further down. (Tip; read your Rising Sign if you know it, for an even more accurate result! If you don’t know your Rising Sign but you wish you did, find it out for free here – your Rising Sign is the gateway to your personal astrology chart.)

There are two main ways to look at the move for Jupiter into Scorpio; on a world level and also on a personal level. Remember that wherever Jupiter goes, improvements and expansion follow.

On a global level, as expansive Jupiter moves into deeply sensitive Water sign Scorpio, the focus will be on expanding (Jupiter) emotionally (Scorpio). Expect massive (Jupiter) transformations (Scorpio). Over the coming year, as Jupiter moves through Scorpio, expect society to explore certain taboos (taboos are very Scorpio).

These will more than likely lead to debates about some dark and/or mysterious Scorpionic subjects such as death, life-after-death, sex workers’ rights, euthanasia and sex trafficking, among others. Dark underbellies will be exposed and justice served. Hope (Jupiter) can replace fear (Scorpio).

On a personal level, wherever Jupiter is for you now is where you have extra ease and luck over the coming year. Here’s a rundown of where Jupiter is for all the signs (remember to read your Rising Sign if you know it).

Aries – it’s to do with sex and money – you can more of both!
Taurus – Jupiter will improve your love life, no kidding.
Gemini – you will start to enjoy your daily life more.
Cancer – anything to do with romance, kids and creativity will improve
Leo – things will be better for you to do with home and family
Virgo – you have the gift of thinking positively, which could change your life!
Libra – expect improvements connected to cash, property and possessions
Scorpio – your whole life can get better now – fortune favours you
Sagittarius – your spiritual life is going to expand – expect to feel most cosmically connected
Capricorn – a happier and more social time is ahead of you
Aquarius – your working life is going to go to a 12 year high of success
Pisces – it’s the right time for you to travel, teach, study and have adventures


The other thing about Jupiter is that it’s the planet of good luck. Wherever Jupiter goes, good fortune follows. Here’s what Jupiter’s stay in Scorpio is going to mean for you…


You’re in for a fabulous Jupiter cycle now as the planet of freedom moves into your adventure zone. Over the next 12 months, your chances to get away and travel far and wide are at a 12 year high, so book those tickets asap.

Jupiter actually favours long-haul see-the-world style travel. He’s the planet who broadens our minds, so he loves to get us up off our bums and questing around the world. If you can only manage a quick trip here and there over the next 12 months though, don’t despair. Jupiter will see to it that if you can’t go to some foreign mountain, that foreign mountain will come to you, so to speak.

People from far away places will enter your life, you’ll find yourself more drawn to people who are in some way ethnic or exotic, you’ll get a rush by trying out new foods from foreign lands and your appreciation of armchair travel and foreign films will be unsurpassed.

Anything which helps you see the world beyond your own backyard is what the Jupiter Doctor ordered and just what you need now. Study is also on the cards for many of you – once again, it opens your mind to things you never knew before and that’s what Jupiter wants to do for you now. Jupiter is also about the Cosmic Quest so if you’re into working on yourself through seminars and self-help books, or via religion, knock yourself out. You won’t recognise yourself in 12 months. Your horizons are about to expand.


That is the main headline for the month ahead. No matter what your star sign, if you would like to live intentionally using the stars as your guide, make a note of where Jupiter is blessing you now and keep that part of your life in mind as you go about your daily affairs. Inject confidence (Jupiter is very confident) into that part of your life, even if you have to fake it ’til you make it. Expect the best.

Also, remember that imagination is one of the most powerful tools that any of us have. If you can believe it, you can achieve it, as the old saying goes. So refer back to the list of where Jupiter is for you and take a moment now to imagine your IDEAL scenario in that part of your life. What would it look like and even more importantly, how would it feel?

Once you have the picture and the feeling, refer back to it, go as far as allowing five minutes a day to think about it. To quote Wayne Dyer who in turn was quoting Neville

Goddard, feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled. That is the way to manifest it.
So that’s the good news for the month.

Is there any bad news? Not really but October 9, 10 and 11 are all likely to be very highly charged days for pretty much all the signs. The planets are clashing then so if you have a short fuse, then make an extra effort to b-r-e-a-t-h-e through any upsets. There could be issues to do with anger – the best way to find a solution on these days is to look with all sincerity for a win/win outcome. The other two slightly hot dates are October 19 and 27. On all these days, the best way for EVERYONE to make the most of the intense energies is to:

• Act with integrity
• Let go of the past
• Get rid of the deadwood
• Avoid or process jealousy and other negative emotions
• Detox
• Believe that transformation is possible
• Breathe through anger
• Don’t beat your head against a brick wall


Another big (though not as big as Jupiter) changes this month is the move of Mars into the relationship sign of Libra. Note that as the planets go around the Sun, they are seen against the backdrop of the 12 signs and said to be ‘in’ that sign. So now Mars is in Libra. While it’s been more than a decade since Jupiter was in Scorpio, it’s only been two years since Mars was in Libra. Even so, it’s a noteworthy astro-event.

Mars is the red planet, of course, and the God of War. Mars is brash and angry, driven and determined. Contrariwise, Libra is the harmony-seeking sign of peace.

As Mars moves around the chart, his fire power (Mars is masculine) will energise your chart. Mars’ energy can cause arguments and sometimes when Mars is about, we move too fast, shooting first, thinking later (metaphorically, one hopes!)

Without Mars, nothing would get done – Mars drives us. However it’s such a heated energy – Mars can bring about burn out. Wherever Mars is in your chart, you need to pace yourself!
Mars in Libra is an interesting combination, since Mars is also about sex and Libra is about love and relating. Mars is male and Libra is associated with Venus, the planet of the feminine. Having Mars in Libra (which we all do this month) will reignite some relationships which have been feeling lank or lacklustre. If your sex life is down the dumper, this could bring some of the passion back. However remember that Mars is very argumentative and Libra is the sign of relationships so there could be more arguing during this cycle too, personally and/or professionally. Try not to argue to angrily (Mars) but rather focus on negotiating (Libra loves to negotiate!)

Here is where Mars is for YOU under this cycle… (note that while Mars in Libra has certain qualities as explained above, which will trigger us all, it will also trigger YOUR horoscope differently to how it will trigger someone else’s horoscope – therein lies the fun of astrology!!)

Sex. Passion. Intimacy. Cash. What you are not allowed to do. All these are the domains of the 8th house. Now you have super busy Mars in there, stirring up these areas of your life. Having Mars in the 8th house – as you do now – can do wonders for your sex life – certainly your libido should be higher. However, Mars is also an argumentative so and so and in this part of your chart, he can cause arguments about sex or with your partner (or ex) about cash. Best advice – enjoy the heat of Mars in your sex zone. Promise yourself not to argue about cash.

So that’s sex covered, but what about love? This month the planet of love, Venus, starts off in the sign of Virgo (see last month’s stars for details about that) and moves into the sign of Libra on October 14.

So that means we will have Venus AND Mars in Libra, meaning that Libran issues, such as love, harmony, relationships and beauty, will be to the fore.

It also means that there will be a particular theme developing for each of the signs. For you as a Pisces, the theme is all about … sex and money.

For everyone, regardless of their star sign, Venus in Libra is actually one of the most auspicious placements for Venus – Venus being the planet of romance and riches. So when Venus is in a good cosmic mood, we are too. Remember, astrology works on the “we are all connected to all life everywhere, as above, so below” theory. When Venus is happy, humans are happier too. And Venus is happier in Libra.

Here are the standout Venus dates for the month ahead – note these apply to all the signs as they are when the planets connection, clicking or clashing:

October 3 – a good day for love and abundance
October 5 – ditto with bells on
October 8 – could be a day when people are a bit mean… watch out!
October 10 – a healing day
October 14 – Venus moves into Libra
October 28 – avoid being obsessive re love and money

And here is what Venus in Libra means for you …

Venus will be moving through your eighth house of sex, money, intimacy and taboos. This is one of the sexiest transits of Venus – though sometimes it’s very subtle. This is the part of your chart where you keep your feelings re jealousy and possessiveness, so be careful if you have a tendency in one of those directions. If you’ve already been struggling with one or both of those issues recently, matters can be expected to come to a head at some point over the next month. Subconscious psychological patterns which influence you when you’re in a relationship are likely to become more obvious – analyse yourself and see what you see. Be honest with yourself. Are you scared of letting someone get too close? What tactics are you using to keep them away? Sexually, this could be a super-charged month – make sure you don’t go getting in over your head, if you decide to Do Your Eighth House

Thing and smash down taboos. Go at your own pace. Financially, this part of your chart is about shared cash – the coming four weeks is a particularly good time to either ask for a raise or a loan.


The October Full Moon will take place in the sign of Aries, on October 5. Remember, the Full Moon is when matters come to a head, so expect feelings to be running high as October begins.

Full Moon at 13 Aries
SYDNEY: October 6, 5.40am
NEW YORK: October 5, 2.40pm
LONDON: October 5, 7.40pm

This particular Full Moon will be clashing with the detox planet Pluto, so if you’re thinking about something you want to detox from your life, this is the time to do it!

The Full Moon is always a good time to let things go but that does triple this month, thanks to the Pluto clash. Let go of anything which no longer serves you. Things you might let go of could include:

– An argument
– An unhealthy habit
– A toxic relationship
– Clutter in your home
– A fear

Meanwhile, the New Moon will take place in the sign of Libra on October 19. The New Moon, as you might already know, is the time to set our intentions and make our wishes.

Because this is the annual New Moon in the relationship-oriented sign of Libra, this is the New Moon to make some wishes on about your most important relationships. That can include personal or professional relationships.

New Moon 27 Libra
SYDNEY: October 20, 6.12am
NEW YORK: October 19, 3.12pm
LONDON: October 19, 8.12pm

If you want happier times with someone in your life, this is the month to make that an official intention. Write it down on the day of the New Moon, write down what action you’re willing to take to make it happen and then keep the idea that your relationship with X or Y is going to get better over the coming month – and see what happens!


Fancy a bit more travel in the coming 12 months? What about doing some study? Are you interested in expanding your mind and exploring your life philosophies somehow? This is the time to stop worrying too much about life’s details and instead start to think about how you want your life to improve and expand on a grander scale.

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