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Yasmin Boland

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Your month in a nutshell

It looks pretty encouraging for you when it comes to love and money this month, thanks to the moves of abundant and loving Venus in your sign, added to the New Moon in your Money Zone. Cash, property and possessions are all well-starred so decide what you want and focus on that. Feel it as real. This stuff works.

The big news of the month…

April should be a month when we can all start to settle down a bit after a hectic time. If you’re one of the people that’s been on a complete roller coaster of late then chances are you were feeling one or all three of these:

– The recent move of Uranus into Taurus
– The intense Full Moon we just had
– The just as or even more intense Mercury retrograde

And this month? Honestly, it looks calmer. So breathe.

Here is a run-down of the major headlines and info about how they affect you (remember to read your Rising Sign if you know it!)

The trickier aspects…

I am big one for focusing on the positive but forewarned is forearmed, right? So here are the days which are going to be more challenging for most of us.

April 2 – could be confusing
April 10 – lot of weirdness, bossiness, possible deception – keep your eyes open!
April 12 – easy to say to much
April 13 – power struggles ahoy
April 23 – could go either way
April 27 – a day to take it easy if you can

As you can see, the first part of the month is going to be a bit more up and down than the second half. However overall, it really is fair to say that we are getting some celestial breathing space to process to the past few weeks and months. Use it wisely by developing a daily yoga, meditation and devotional practise.

What that means

Obviously everyone has their own idea of the best way to live. I can only offer you ideas about what works for me. If you are not interested, just scroll down for more astrology!


I am no yoga bunny, believe me. But I know some really basic yoga moves and have been doing them on and off for more than a decade. The more I read about yoga, the more I see why it’s so amazing. For example, it basically aligns the body energy centres. This isn’t a passport to a perfect life – I always remember my late psychiatrist dad telling me that one of his patients ran a massive yoga school (he gave no more details – his point was that yoga isn’t the answer to EVERYTHING). However it really does help to align yourself and your chakras. My current favourite morning practise is just 5 minutes long and here.


Meditation is one of the most awesome things ever, end of story. If you haven’t tried it yet, it’s time to get with the program. There is a reason why it’s so powerful! I recently interviewed a man called William Bloom on my Hay House radio show here He is considered by many to be one of the leading meditation teachers in the world. Mr Bloom basically says that any meditation is a good meditation, whether you use a mantra, your visualise, your work on your chakras or anything else. He says the too most important things are that your body is at ease and you’re silent and awake. And then just breathe. Give it a go this month. When life is tempestuous, it’s harder to find the time to meditate… this month should be easier. Relatively!

Devotional practise

Of the 3 things I am suggesting here, this is probably the most controversial. After all, I am an astrologer – who am I to suggest spiritual practises? Well, no one really however Neptune, the planet of spirituality is in the sign of spirituality, Pisces, now and for the next few yeaers, so there’s a perfect spiritual storm right there. Moreover, 2019 sees lots of Saturn (learning)/Neptune (mysteries) links so it’s the perfect time to be learning about life beyond 3D. Moreover, Saturn is about discipline, as well, so it’s a year to discipline yourself into a spiritual routine, if that is something you feel you would benefit from. My teacher in India recommends at least 10 minutes a day spent lighting a candle, being grateful and maybe doing some chanting (or do your meditation).

What will happen if you do all this? Well, based on my experience, your life will change.

Every time I get it all done, I see amazing changes happening. This is not the point of doing it but it really helps. So what is the point? I don’t think anyone really know but it could be to do with the fact that we are all magical, Divine creatures and so a little practise like this helps us to connect to our Divine self, with the power to create and bring joy into the world.

Thanks. What else?

For one thing, we are finally out of Mercury retrograde. Many people wrote to me last month to say how brutal the Mercury retrograde was. And it was! I agree! Normally I wouldn’t use such a word to describe Mercury retrograde but I think that added to the Uranus energies added to the Full Moon, which all took place around the same time, made life intense! So as Mercury now start to move out of the echo phase and resume normal transmission, here’s what it all means for you.

Want some good news? After the retrograde, communications planet Mercury is now resuming normal transmission and going forwards again… So? Things should be less complicated from here on in, for a while at least. For you, Mercury has been going backwards in your FIRST HOUSE – that means your entire life has been subject to madness and mayhem as Mercury has played his funny little tricks (not) all over you. If life has been chaotic beyond belief of late, now you know why! This weekend, as Mercury changes directions, you can expect (or at least allow for the possibility) one last blast of mayhem. And after that? It’s smoother sailing. There will be fewer crossed wires, less drama and much, much less to-ing and fro-ing.

What about the Moon?

I’m glad you asked! If you’re a magical person and you like to create as much as you can about your life, then the Moon is the celestial sphere to tune into. The Moon’s frequency is what allows us to manifest our dreams. And guess what the Moon is all about in astrology? Our feelings!

If you know anything about manifesting, you will know that we manifest not with our thoughts but our feelings, right? So how are you feeling? The most important thing is to feel all our feelings because otherwise, if we stuff them down, they can turn toxic. And this month offers us the chance to feel our feeling without them going out of control, since the energies are less intense. The 3 practises I mentioned above will also really help to level our your feelings.

So what about the Moon?

This Month’s Cosmic Dates…

5 April 2019 – New Moon in Aries
12 April 2019 – First Quarter Moon in Cancer
19 April 2019 – Full Moon in Libra
26 April 2019 – Third Quarter Moon in Aquarius

Why the April New Moon is extra important

April is the idea time to commit to working with the magical Moon for 12 months. Why?
Because April brings the New Moon in Aries, which as you might know, is the first sign of the zodiac.

If you’re one of the thousands of even millions of women around the world who has rediscovered the power of connecting with the Moon, then use this month as a starting point for your Moon “work” in the coming 12 months.

That means taking time each month to tune into the New Moon, setting your intentions, and then using the Full Moon to release any tensions.

What does that look like? At the very least it means taking time out at New and Full Moon.

At New Moon set your intentions and at Full Moon, surrender to the Divine.

And what does it all mean to me?

The good news for you is that this month, there’s a New Moon taking place in your 2nd House which is the part of your chart which is all about cash, property and possessions. If you want changes in any of these parts of your life, this New Moon is the ideal time to start to make the changes you want to. Remember that money is energy and it responds quite quickly to our thoughts of abundance or lack. If you know you’ve been thinking negatively about cash, use this New Moon as a marker and decide that henceforth you will turn your thoughts and expectations about cash around.

Everyone loves the New Moon because it’s a chance to start all over again and this month’s New Moon is no exception.

The month’s New Moon is clashing with Saturn though, so watch out. If you feel restricted, talk things through. If you feel like life is sending you tons of lessons, you might be right; learn them and move on. If you know you’re being too hard on someone, have a word with yourself.

As well, use the Saturn energy of the New Moon to break through any limiting beliefs you have about getting whatever it is that you want in life. Dig deeper and remember that you are worth it!

And then there is the Full Moon

The funny thing is that the longer I work with the New and Full Moon (and I’ve done it for 20 years already) the more I start to love the Full Moon. Yes, sure, the New Moon is awesome for manifesting but the Full Moon is all about miracles that come when we surrender and that is in its own way even more fascinating, not to mention liberating.

So what does it mean to surrender? It means that we accept that sometimes life/God/Goddess/the Universe has a better idea about what we need that we do. And so at the time of the Full Moon (or anytime you’re manifesting) surrender it all to the Divine. I truly believe from experience that surrender works magic. Maybe it’s because we detach from our desired outcome a little and in doing so, we allow space for our dream to come true.

So this month, surrender!

About this month’s Full Moon in Libra…

FYI this is the SECOND Full Moon in Libra in a row. So what does it mean to have two Libra Full Moons in a row?

The Full Moon in Libra is very much about relationships; in particular it’s about the give and take which is needed in all relationships. When we get two in a row, we get two chances in a row to work on balancing out the energies in our most important relationships.

If there is a big relationship issue between you and your beloved or ex, you are getting twice the chances to sort things out. Similarly, Libra is about all partnerships, including business partnerships, so if you have a partnership that’s a bit volatile at the moment, tread carefully. Emotions could be hot!

OK. And what does the Full Moon mean to me?

Every Full Moon lights up one part or other of your chart – here’s what this one is doing…
The Full Moon is taking place in your 8th house. For you, it’s all about cash, property and possessions – what’s yours, what’s someone else’s and where the two may or can or even should meet. You may find that you’ve been thinking too much about someone else’s needs but now comes a time when you start to focus more on feathering your own nest. There really is nothing at all wrong with that – in fact, with the Full Moon in your 8th house, it’s pretty much what you should be doing. It’s also the end of a cash cycle.

You also need to know that…

One part of your chart is a real hotspot this month. Why? Because we have the New Moon there and the planet of communications Mercury will be in there and the planet of love and abundance, Venus, will be too.

And this part of your chart is? Wherever you have Aries in your chart. And before you say “But I don’t have Aries in my chart!” well, you actually do. We all have 12 signs in our chart, ruling different parts of our lives. Here is where Aries if for you (remember you read your Rising Sign if you know it – you will get a more accurate reading!) Wherever it is for you is where you can expect d-e-v-e-l-o-p-m-e-n-t-s!

Aries – so Aries is all about you, your whole life, your appearance and how you come across
Taurus – Aries is your 12th House so it’s all about what scares you! And your spiritual life.
Gemini – Aries rules your 11th House, which is all about friends and your social circles.
Moonchild – it’s all about your 10th House – your career and ambitions
Leo – your 9th House which is all about travel, study, teaching, learning and the Cosmic Quest
Virgo – it’s your 8th House so expect matters to do with sex and money to come up
Libra – guess what? it’s your 7th House aka your Love Zone
Scorpio – it’s your 6th House so all to do with your daily life and health routines
Sagittarius – your 5th House so all to do with fun, romance, flirting, kids, creativity
Capricorn – your 4th House so all to do with developments re home and family
Aquarius – it’s your 3rd House so it’s about the way you think and express yourself
Pisces – it’s your 2nd House which is all about cash, property and possessions

Let’s talk about Venus…

Mercury, as already discussed, is actually in a slightly weird state at the start of April, moving from having been going backwards, to stalling to slowly but surely starting to pick up speed after the recent retrograde.

So let’s about Venus in the part of your chart mentioned above… what does it mean for you once Venus moves into Aries in the second half of April?

Venus is now moving through your second house of cash, property and possessions. On the one hand, you do need to watch yourself, if you know you have a tendency to spend more than you should. You could find yourself feeling very flush now – but be sure you can cover your basic expenses before you go lashing out cash on something which has taken your fancy but which you maybe should be hesitating over. Your tastes might be more expensive than usual but before you give into your desires, double check with your accountant or whoever else is likely to go “Tsk tsk” if and when you spend up big on things you don’t really need! The up side of this Venus cycle is that you can expect more financial opportunities to come your way. Keep your eyes peeled and you could find the period lucrative. Also use this four-week period as a chance to work on your self-esteem. Don’t just think about that – do it. Start by making a list of what you know is Uniquely Wonderful about you. Seriously. Then ask your best friend what he/she thinks is Uniquely Wonderful about you. Try it.

April dates for a romantic rendez-vous

For the record, there are only 4 hot Venus dates this month – they are:

9 April 2019 – ahead of Venus’ meeting with Neptune, it’s dreamy and romantic.
15 April 2019 – there is lots of love in the air but don’t smother your partner!
20 April 2019 – Venus moves into Aries and love speeds up
22 April 2019 – just before Venus meets Chiron – it’s a healing time for love

And that’s it for the month – have a wonderful April!

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