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As Saturn moves into your 11th House of Friendship, it’s time for you to ask yourself who do you want in your life. That might sound very harsh, but Saturn isn’t exactly an easy planet to deal with. You can expect to learn lots of important lessons from your friends in the coming few years. However there are also going to be some lessons which drive you totally mad to the point where you’re not even sure if you want to maintain the friendship. Be discerning.

Power date: December 2 – should be an uplifting and enlightening day for you

THE HEADLINE NEWS for all the signs…

We have to begin by looking towards the end of December…

On December 20, heavy-weight planet Saturn, the tedious taskmaster, moves out of comedy sign Sagittarius and into serious and sombre sign Capricorn.

Saturn in Capricorn is all about being a headmistress or a good student. Saturn is about lessons and Capricorn is about teaching and vice versa. Basically, we are all due lots of lessons. We are possibly talking school/studying lessons, but more than likely, it will be LIFE LESSONS and yes, possibly in capital lessons. Are you ready?

Saturn is about rigorous truth and so is Capricorn. Saturn will reward good behaviours, Capricorn is ambitious. Can you get the feeling of what Saturn in Capricorn is going to be all about?

A time to build something new and solid and impressive, and to tear down what’s lacking integrity at all. Integrity is essential at this time. Watch yourself. Are you living in integrity?

It’s a very big deal when Saturn changes signs. For one thing, the pressure goes off you in one part of your life. However Saturn can be the type to give with one hand and take with the other. In this case, the pressure is going on in another part of your life… read below to find out where that is for you (read your Rising Sign if you know it.)

Fyi, Saturn’s move into Capricorn is extra interesting because Pluto, the potentially incandescent with rage planet of paranoia and power mongering, is also in Capricorn. The energy wherever you have Capricorn in your chart is getting hot! Here is a quick rundown for all the signs – read your Rising Sign if you know it!

Keywords for this Saturn cycle: It’s your responsibility to be…a good friend

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your solar 11th house, which is the part of your solar chart which rules friends and the networks you belong to, as well as the part of your chart where you keep your hopes and dreams. This can have various effects. One is that although you know that you need your friends, it’s slightly awkward to reach out to them now. It’s the times that we tend to feel awkward about something when the best lessons are on offer. It is highly possible this year that many of the greatest lessons you get come from your friends, whether you have a large group or just a select few around you. There could be a slight fear that you’re being judged by your friends and while that may or may not be true, if you do as you say, and live up to your responsibilities, your report card can only be glowing, no? One of the great things about a true friend is that he or she can tell you the truth and you both know this is not about egos but about forging stronger bonds. Friends can push buttons, especially if you are single and your social group forms most of the company you keep. They help us grow in the areas we need to and this year that goes double for you

Many of you will want to go it alone this year, and that’s not a bad thing, as long as you don’t isolate yourself and get lonely. Try not to judge others too harshly this year and remember that just because a friend transgresses what you think is right, doesn’t mean the entire friendship has to come to a grinding halt. One of your biggest Saturn lessons now is about reaching out and dropping your barriers with people you know you can trust. Adopt ‘forgiveness’ as one of your keywords for friendship in this Saturn cycle, and don’t let fear stop you from forming new friendships if they waft past you. They could help you build very firm foundations for the future and could turn out to be the relationships that last and last.


So here we go into a new Mercury retrograde cycle. This is one of the best known astrology cycles – as in, plenty of people who have never studied astrology have heard of it.

I know of people who work in the publishing industry who literally dread / honour Mercury rx, as it’s called for short. They sign contracts before. This is especially apt as Mercury rules writing and writers, as well as communications, cars, computers, travel and more.

So what about this Mercury rx? It’s taking place in the sign of Sagittarius (which speaking of writers and publishers, also happens to be the sign of publishers. Are you noticing a theme here?

However more than that, Saturn is the current dwelling place of the planet of lessons and karma Saturn (until December 20). We are now at the end of this long Saturn cycle and by retrograding here, Mercury, planet of communications, is in some ways drawing attention to our lessons of the past few years. Think about about fears… Which ones have you not worked through yet? Whichever fear came to mind, can you work on it again? Working on things again is a very Mercury rx thing to do, and Saturn is all about fear.

To work out where it came from think of it like this:

  • What does having this fear bring to you?
  • Can you see this upset is a set-up you have set up in order for your soul to learn one of its lessons this lifetime?
  • Can you remember where it started?
  • Can you forgive that situation and anyone who was involved?

Do all that and you will be making the most of this Mercury rx cycle.

Mercury will be going backwards in your 10th House. This is the part of your chart that is connected to your career and social standing. When Mercury goes backwards here you can expect to be doing some rethinking and reconsidering re your public face and your career and professional standing – and there could also be some confusion. Take extra care around the office (or wherever you work) and be sure that silly mistakes don’t mar your performance. That’s the possible downside of this cycle – little errors. The upside is that you are in a position to rethink your ambitions now. Are you happy with your job direction or is it time to start looking around for something new, with more benefits which suit you? For some, there are career advancement delays. Some of you will be able to renegotiate your work terms and conditions – eg: adding flextime to your arrangements. For others there will be long overdue rewards for a job well done, be they financial, a welcome pat on the back, or even a tempting job offer from elsewhere. The key with Mercury retrograde is always to let the cycle unfold without making any major decisions, if you can. Mercury retrograde usually leads to more information being sent your way so it’s best to way and see what transpires before you act.


Adding fuel to the Mercury/Saturn/Sagittarius fire is the fact that Venus arrives and spends most of the month with Mercury and Saturn.

Venus is about love, personal and professional, and also about abundance in all her forms.

With Venus joining the Mercury and Saturn in Sadge throng, lessons in love are likely to come up now. For some they will be bittersweet. Maybe you realise you have been too hard on someone.

This affects us all in different ways – here is the basics of what it means for your sign or your Rising Sign –

Venus will be moving through your tenth house of work. Venus is in many ways, the Great Attractor. Wherever she appears in your chart is where you suddenly find yourself able to attract people to you, charming them as you go. Right now, Venus in your work zone means you can expect your professional life to pick up. If you’ve been waging wars with office politics, relax. You are entering a four-week period when you’ll find it much easy to negotiate your way to peaceful agreements with co-workers and clients alike. Alternatively, you can use this cycle to bring in more business as people find themselves quite simply being drawn to you. If you want to convince someone to invest in your ideas, don’t delay. Now is a great time to speak up. If you’re contemplating or actually having a romance at work, Venus’ move through your tenth house means the relationship gets a chance to blossom. Because this part of your chart is associated with the planet of age, you could easily find yourself being drawn to someone either a lot younger or older than you.


Another big energy change this month is that the sex and drive planet Mars is moving into one of its home signs, Scorpio (its other home sign is Aries). Mars in Scorpio is dark and dirty and definitely has a strong sexual energy around it.

Mars is a but ruthless and Scorpio is too (by the way we all have Mars and Scorpio in our chart, that’s just how astrology works, so no one should be offended or self-righteous, for that matter!)

If there is something you really, really want, how far are you prepared to go to get it? That is one of the questions Mars in Scorpio will ask, no matter what your star sign.

For some there is even vengeance or fury in the air.

Here are the hottest Mars dates in December – you may feel the energies a couple of days either side:

  • December 1 – Could be some fiery moments and even some radical turn arounds, especially for Aries, Librans and Aquarians,
  • December 7 – a very good date to seal a deal you’ve been pursuing.
  • December 9 – Mars moves into Scorpio
  • December 28 – all’s well that ends well – great day for meditating

Even if you feel like you worked out what you think about Life’s Big Questions a long time ago, prepare to have a rethink. Mars in your 9th house of Life’s Big Questions means you will be asked to redefine your views – it will give you a chance to think about where you stand on issues such as fate and free will, destiny and life-after-death. Open yourself up to doing what you can – reading, travel, study – to open your mind up. Just make sure that once you (re)formulate your answers to Life’s Questions, that you don’t go ramming your point of view down others’ throats.


And finally we get the Full then New Moon. The Full Moon will be the last Full Moon of the year so start to get your head together regarding what you want to release from the past 12 months.

Gemini is the sign of the details, the close-up focus. The Full Moon in this part of the skies is challenging all of us (some signs more than others) to balance our view between the minutiae and the big picture.

For example, as you look back over the past day or so, the past week, month and year, what do you focus on? Think about it? Do you see the good stuff or do you remember what went wrong? Do you see the big picture or just the details? Getting things in perspective can help us to see how right our lives are going, as opposed to seeing only what’s not working.

This all segues into the Law of Attraction. As Oprah Winfrey said “the more we praise and celebrate our lives, the more we have to praise and celebrate”.

And on that note, this is the perfect week to make a Gratitude 2017 and Intention 2018 list.

Making a list might seem like “a fun thing to do” but it’s actually much more than that. Intention is everything!

It’s pretty self-explanatory, but in one list, note all that you’re grateful for in 2017 and in the other, list your plans for 2018.

If there was something really hard that happened for you in 2017, you can also make a Burn List. Write down the bad stuff … and burn it!

This month’s New and Full Moon times…

Full Moon at 12 Gemini1

SYDNEY: December 4, 2.46am

NEW YORK: December 3, 10.46am

LONDON: December 3, 3.46pm

New Moon at 27 Sagittarius

SYDNEY: December 18, 5.30pm

NEW YORK: December 18, 1.30am

LONDON: December 18, 6.30am


They say “show me who your friends are and I’ll show you who you are!” This sounds like it could be a snob thing, but it’s much more than that. The people you spend time with are the people are the people who shape you. Think about who you’re allowing to influence you. It might be time to do a friends cull?

Watch below Yasmin Boland talk about how to make the most of this month.

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