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This is a great time for you to either get away from it all or to plan a trip away. The New Moon eclipse is in your 9th House aka your Travel and Adventure Zone. So think about where you really want to go and what you can do to make it happen. If you’re strapped for cash, think about doing a home swap with someone a few hours away from you. A change of scene will do you good.

Power date: July 5 – you will find it easier to express yourself/speak your mind

The headline news…

This is an eclipse month. It means the energies are extra high. The eclipses are marked by points in the sky called lunar nodes. If the New or Full Moon is a certain number of degrees away from the Nodes, it’s a New or Full Moon eclipse.

The Lunar Nodes are quite complex to explain here but think of them as a knot in the cosmos where energy gathers. On an energetic level, they are like portals that line up a few times a year with the Sun and the Moon, and when they do, there’s an eclipse.
If a regular New Moon is good for manifesting and intention setting, then a New Moon eclipse is that plus plus.

So – as there is a New Moon eclipse this month – this is the time to get our ducks in order, regardless of our star sign, in particular when it comes to matters domestic, as the New Moon is in the home sign of Cancer.
What needs sorting out in your home? At the very least think about this under this month’s New Moon eclipse.

Cancer is the sign which is all about home, family, hearth, kind, where home is, where you feel at home and other private matters. Once a year we get the New Moon eclipse here. That will trigger everyone’s chart differently, depending on their star sign (or rising sign). But overall it’s the time to work on your home.

Your home is your temple

Think of your home as your temple month and refresh the space. If you only do an energetic space clearing in there once a year, do it when the New Moon in Cancer takes place. Refreshing the space will include opening the windows to let fresh air in on a regular basis, no matter what the season. If you’re living in tundra- or desert-like conditions, counter this with plants and natural air cleaners such as beeswax candles. Burning white sage also clears a space amazingly well. As well, there is just nothing like good music to raise the vibration of a space! Avoid chemical pollutants like plug-in air conditions as they just create messy air space! Instead use a pure, preferably organic essential oil room spray. You can click here for the latest New Moon worksheet.
But enough of the home décor tips.

New Moon eclipse times around the world…

New Moon Eclipse on July 13 (Sydney) at 21 Cancer
New Moon Eclipse details:
SYDNEY: July 13, 12.47pm
NEW YORK: July 12, 10.47pm
LONDON: July 13, 3.47am

What does the eclipse mean for you?

The coming six months will be all about you expanding your mind and your horizons. If you’ve been feeling trapped by the minutiae of life, that can change now. The New Moon eclipse this week heralds beginnings and opportunities in your Mind Expansion. If what you really want to do is pack your cases and head off into the blue yonder, the Stars are on your side. Ditto if you want to stay where you are but you still want to expand your horizons through study, reading, new ideas, new ventures and new friends. This period is not about getting bogged down in the details, it’s about seeing the big picture of what you want. Go with your heart and explore your options. The coming six months are also very good for you re teaching, study and publishing. Nothing ventured, nothing gained!
There is also a Full Moon eclipse this month. Full Moon eclipses can be quite intense and the Full Moon is about change and so is the eclipse double-y about the possibility of change.

Full Moon Eclipse on July 28 (Sydney) at 5 Aquarius
Full Moon Eclipse details:
SYDNEY: July 28, 6.20am
NEW YORK: July 27,4.20pm
LONDON: July 27, 9.20pm

Talking about decluttering and feng shui and all the rest of it, this Full Moon in Aquarius is actually perfect for decluttering as well, since the Full Moon is the time to let stuff go and the sign of Aquarius is so … detached. So promise to recycle at least three things from your life at Full Moon!

Here is what the Full Moon means for YOU:

The last few weeks have most likely seen you giving Number One priority to your career. If that’s the case, you can expect your personal life to start demanding some more of your attention now, as the Full Moon eclipse takes place across your career and family zones. It’s all very fabulous doing brilliantly at work and getting kudos (or at least managing to hold your own). But don’t let your ego lead you into thinking that that’s the most important part of life. Because it’s just not. Sure, there will be time to start to focus again on your professional life, but right now, if you listen to the Stars, you will hear them reminding you to take care of your personal life.

That’s the eclipses, what else?

Mars is still reversing and doing so in the sign of Aquarius which is the same sign as the Full Moon eclipse so wherever that is in your chart is a super sensitive part of your chart now. Here is a reminder of where Mars is retrograde in your chart…

For you, Mars is initially going backwards in your Fourth House – this suggests that if your family, domestic or home-life has been a bit of a battleground of late, it’s time to lay down your guns! Stop with the bickering and the taunting. Presumably if you live together, you do so by choice. So it makes sense, doesn’t it, to do what you can to get on with your family, or the people you life with. Mars here also suggests that if you’re about to buy or sell your home, or just renovate, or if you’re about to move towns or even countries, there could be some delays. You may need to work a little harder to make it all happen.

And speaking of retrogrades, this month we get another Mercury retrograde, this time in the sign of Leo. This means something different for everyone.

Here’s what it means for you:

Mercury will be going backwards in your 10th House. This is the part of your chart that is connected to your career and social standing. When Mercury goes backwards here you can expect to be doing some rethinking and reconsidering re your public face and your career and professional standing – and there could also be some confusion. Take extra care around the office (or wherever you work) and be sure that silly mistakes don’t mar your performance. That’s the possible downside of this cycle – little errors. The upside is that you are in a position to rethink your ambitions now. Are you happy with your job direction or is it time to start looking around for something new, with more benefits which suit you? For some, there are career advancement delays. Some of you will be able to renegotiate your work terms and conditions – eg: adding flextime to your arrangements. For others there will be long overdue rewards for a job well done, be they financial, a welcome pat on the back, or even a tempting job offer from elsewhere. The key with Mercury retrograde is always to let the cycle unfold without making any major decisions, if you can. Mercury retrograde usually leads to more information being sent your way so it’s best to way and see what transpires before you act.

Mercury retrograde is actually very useful. It’s great if you want to give something a do-over, be it giving someone a second chance or catching up on something you started ages ago. So work with Mercury retrograde rather than against it! This doesn’t start until the end of the month so spend the first three months of July getting as much sorted as you can, because once the retrograde starts on July 26, it will be harder to get everything straight! Things to do before July 26 include:

1. Booking any travel plans if you can
2. Buying any electronic equipment you have in mind
3. Signing any agreements you want to be watertight

What about love?

The planet of love, Venus, moves into the chaste sign of Virgo this month, though please note that Virgo can be very kinky behind closed doors. So having the planet of love and pleasure, caresses and sighs, can be a rather fun thing, right? If you’re trying to woo someone this month, you have good stars for it as once Venus moves into Virgo, she makes some good connections with other planets.

Hot Venus dates

July 11 – good things can happen fast today as Venus connects with crazy Uranus
July 13 – a very good day to make a deal
July 21 – there is luck in love and abundance in the air today, for everyone
July 24 – could be dreamy and romantic, unless you have got involved with someone shady, in which case…
July 27 – good for love that goes deep

And of course, as Venus moves through Virgo from July 10 onwards, she will affect everyone in different ways. Here’s where Venus is sewing magic for you this month.

Venus is now moving through your eleventh house of wishes and friends. This Venus cycle sprinkles some magic love dust over you and your friends. OK that might sound a bit ridiculous but watch over the next few weeks. It should start to become pretty obvious which of your friends are worth keeping for life, as your relationships grow warmer and lovelier. Anyone who makes you feel less than great about yourself could be cut off your Christmas card list now. Even if life has been tough of late, being with people you love will be extra rewarding over the next four weeks. Expect to find it easier than usual to meet new people, if you know the time has come to expand your circle. If there’s something you’re keen to accomplish now and you need a friend’s help, just ask. If you’re sexy but single and looking for love, this is the ideal time to either go to as many parties as you’re invited to, or to throw a party or dinner part of your own and see what happens. Anywhere that you have to spend time with lots of people rather than one on one is best for you over the new few weeks.

Summing it all up…

There is a very strong sense in the skies this month that you REALLY need to find something resembling a proper work/life balance. The July 27 Full Moon eclipse straddles your Work Zones, so you can expect issues to come up then, reminding why you really do need to give equal love and attention to your personal and professional lives.

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