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Your month in a nutshell

This month we get Uranus back in your Love Zone. Uranus is the planet of Five Cups of Crazy and he will be hanging out in your Love Zone until 2026. So if you’re thinking it sounds like there could be some weirdness ahead when it comes to your most important relationships, frankly, you’re right! Prepare to love and let love.

The Big News Of The Month…

There is a major astro-headline this month; the planet Uranus is moving out of Aries (again) and into Taurus (again) but this time it’s far more permanent.

If you’re a regular reader, you will know that the planet of chaos and madness with the rude-sounding name, Uranus, moved out of Aries, after a seven year stay, back in May last year. However since then, Uranus went retrograde, in other words, retraced its “steps” on the zodiac and reversed all the way back into Aries where it stayed until now.

On the one hand, wherever there was mayhem and madness in your life from May 2018 to now, that was probably Uranus ending its seven year cycle in Aries. On the other, the crazy doesn’t end here – it just shifts! Your stars this month are all about where you can expect the feel the Uranus electricity during its stay in the money sign of Taurus.

Who does this affect? It affects us all in different ways as we all have Taurus in our chart somewhere (that’s just how astrology works).

How you can expect Uranus in Taurus to play out for you

If your love life has been making you feel trapped, then tell your partner to watch out; there is a new energy being triggered and it’s beaming directly at the two of you. Relationships which are worn out will either be revitalised or electrified now. You want to feel FREE in your relationships – hopefully you have an understanding partner who comprehends your need for space. This applies in your personal and professional relationships. Change is coming. Time to hit reset.

Want to know more about the move of Uranus into Taurus? Click here.

March brings a Mercury retrograde cycle

Also this month, note that Mercury will be retrograde from March 6 to 28. On the one hand, that makes this month ideal of any rethinking or revising or redoing that needs to be done. On the other, it does mean there could be even more mayhem and confusion in the air. The thing is that Mercury is the communications planet so when it goes backwards (which it does up to four times a year) communications can go haywire.

This time around, Mercury will retrograde in the sign of Pisces (so wherever you have Pisces in your horoscope is where you will feel it).

What to expect from Mercury retrograde this time around

Don’t panic if there are delays or confusion connected to children, creativity and light-hearted romance. Mercury will be backwards in your 5th House and you’re having a chance to have a rethink about one or more of these subjects. There could also be confusion in one of these areas. For example, if your partner wants a child and you’re not so sure, this is the time the subject could come up. Or vice versa. Or maybe you’re rethinking the whole romance. It’s a good time to do that! Creatively, it could be you’re writing something and you’re not sure whether to edit it or scrap it and just start over. Wait before you decide. In other cases, you and your partner seem to be missing each other’s mark. The key with Mercury retrograde is always to let the cycle unfold without making any major decisions, if you can. Mercury retrograde usually leads to more information being sent your way so it’s best to way and see what transpires before you act.

Where’s the Moon?

As for the Moon; we get the New Moon in the sign of Pisces and the Full Moon in Libra.

March 2019 New Moon in Pisces
London: 6 Mar at 16:03
Sydney: 7 Mar at 3:03
LA: 6 Mar at 8:03
The New Moon is a great time to work on your intuition, especially if you have allowed your commitment to the spiritual path to dwindle at all lately.

The New Moon is triggering the start of a big new cycle

The March New Moon comes just hours after one of the biggest astrological events of the year; the move of the planet Uranus into the sign of Taurus. So the New Moon effectively triggers this new cycle.

In astrology and moonology, the Sun and Moon act like “the big and little hand” (respectively) on the great cosmic clock. When they meet up once a month, as they do at the time of the New Moon, they work as a trigger of sorts, depending on whatever else is going on in the skies.

So this New Moon (which is making a direct connection to Uranus known as a “semi-square”) is effectively lighting the touch-paper of this new and important seven-year cycle of Uranus in Taurus.

So what does it all mean?

It means expect big changes! It also means that the New Moon this month is super-charged. It’s actually also triggering the planet of dreams and poetry, Neptune, and the planet of responsibility and longevity, Saturn, both of which are a very different energy to Uranus. So we can expect a very mixed bag this month at the time of the New Moon.

Also, if you’re into manifesting

More and more of us are waking up to the fact that we can actually create our reality with our thoughts. So how do the March energies work for manifesting? The move of Uranus is a big one because it’s all about LIBERATION – so where in your life do you need to liberate yourself? From someone, from something, from the past?

Normally you might think to use the Full Moon to liberate yourself but because the New Moon and the move of Uranus are coinciding within a few hours of each other, actually the March New Moon is the time to

– Decide what you need to be free from
– Declare your freedom to the Universe
– Make a statement that starts with the words “Everything is changing! From here on in I _______________________________” and fill in the blank.

How the New Moon will affect you

Remember to read your Rising Sign too, if you know it.

Welcome to the House of Fun! Have you been having a bit of that lately? If not, then the skies are strongly suggesting to you that it’s time to get out and do a little bit of what you fancy! There’s a new start possible for you now re romance, creativity and kids. Could any of those parts of your life do with a sort of restart? Identify which one(s) you want to work on and draw up an action plan. What could you do to inch closer to what you want? Remember, the law of attraction means we can’t get what we want until we know what we want.

The top 5 questions to ask yourself under the March New Moon

The top 3 questions to ask yourself under this New Moon, given the connections it’s making with other planets are:

22. Where do I need a major change in your life – am I willing to release the old to usher in a new way of life? (Yes, it’s that big!)

23. Am I feeling inspired? And if not, what are you going to do about it? This is a year to make dreams come true more so than ever, thanks to rolling alignments between Saturn and Neptune, so start now. Seek people who lift you up.

24. Are you willing to work hard to make your dreams come true?

And the Full Moon?

March 2019 Full Moon in Libra
London: 21 Mar at 1:42
Sydney: 21 Mar at 12:42
LA: 20 Mar at 18:42

The Full Moon in the partnership-oriented sign of Libra is great from moving on from a relationship upset.

Life has probably felt very busy recently and no one can blame you for wanting to take some time out. Now the Full Moon in your 12th House is going to allow you to do just that. For many people, the Full Moon in the 12th House comes at a time when they’re feeling a little bit down in the dumps but the fact is, you’re probably not down in the dumps per se, you’re probably just exhausted after the efforts of keeping up with the demands of daily life. Take some time out. If you know how to meditate or do yoga, go for it. You need to strike a balance between working and time out.

Top Moon tip: Use the Full Moon to sort out a relationship problem

One of the meanings of life must surely be to learn how to get on with other people. That said, if it seems like some people are sent to test us, it’s because they were! How so? Think of it like this; before you incarnated this lifetime, you made soul agreements with your Divine Higher Self about what you wanted to learn this lifetime. And you made soul agreements with other souls that they would teach you thee lessons (just as you teach other people lessons too).

Overall it’s a month to expect anything to happen because it probably will. Even though Uranus is returning to Taurus, we are all still going to feel lots of shocks. The best thing to do is to go with the idea of “live and let live” as you move through March. The minute you try to control anyone or anything is the minute where your life is REALLY going to spin out of control!

Also be honest with yourself, if you have something of an “awakening” or a big realisation about someone or something. Maybe you’re realising that someone is not who you thought they were or a situation is not what you thought it was. The only thing worse than realising something like this is pretending it didn’t happen and ignoring what you have learned!

Live consciously this month and you will see your life evolving in amazing ways.

You also need to know that…

The planet of love, Venus, is going to spend most of the month in the sign of Aquarius. This is actually a good thing if you do want to work on your relationships for the simple reason that Aquarius is actually a very detached sign, so at the very least, you shouldn’t find relationships too cloying or claustrophobic. That’s the upside. And it’s easier to work on a relationship when no one feels smothered, right? That said, sometimes the Aquarius energy can be detached to the point of being aloof. So if you’re feeling a big relationship freeze this month, that could be the issue.

Here’s how Venus in Aquarius plays out for you

This month, Venus moves into your fourth house of home and family, where she’ll stay for around four weeks. This marks the start of a relatively quiet time when you’re far more likely to be found happily ensconced at home than out on the town. Book your calendar up over the next four weeks so that you get to spend plenty of time chez toi, either with a loved one, friends or family, or at least a couple of DVDs and a loving cat. Venus here in this part of your chart is less visible than she is in other sectors. If you want to take time out from the hustle and bustle, do so. You have the skies on your side. It’s clichéd but true – home really is where the heart is for you now. You can expect to feel quite peaceful over the next few weeks – what you’ll want is to proceed quietly, surrounded (if possible) only by people you love. You only get this chance to reconnect with this side of yourself once a year, so make the most of it. If you’re thinking of doing up your home, renovating or decorating, you have the stars totally on your side.

Top 6 hot dates of the month for your diary…

43. March 6 – Uranus into Taurus / Mercury goes retrograde / New Moon
44. March 7 – good for meditation and contemplation
45. March 14 – highly productive
46. March 20 – chase your goals and transformation can follow
47. March 21 – second chances at work possible / potentially very romantic / Full Moon
48. March 28 – Mercury retrograde ends

All in all it’s a massive month of change. Use it or lose it!

Summing up…

If you think you should be having more fun, your March horoscope agrees with you. It’s too easy for you to think negatively now but having fun shakes you out of that. Fun is actually a really underrated but crucial part of any healthy lifestyle. March 20 – aim high – the planets are aligned in your favour.

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