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Yasmin Boland

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March has quite straightforward astrology – there are no major planetary clashes. However it has one rather outstanding feature and that is a double Full Moon, also known as a Blue Moon!

The first Full Moon comes on March 2 in the sign of Virgo. The second one comes on March 31 in the sign of Libra.

There is no actual astrological significance to having two Full Moons in one calendar month. However there is a symbolic significance; the Full Moon is the time to release negativity from our lives, so March gives us double the usual chances to detox emotionally.

Remember the Moon is the Queen of Emotions, and as she swells, our emotions do too. Women in particular have worked with the Full Moon for literally thousands of years. The practise was lost for a while (when being seen to work with the Moon could get you burned at the stake!) but it’s coming back.

If you would like to work with the double Full Moons this month, make the time. Light a candle and put on some beautiful spiritual music (such as Dave Premal or Edo and Jo) and make a list of anything negative in your life that you want to release. In particular think of anyone you need to forgive and think if you need to forgive yourself for anything. It’s a powerful to do any more but March gives us all double the chances!

If you want to go the Full Moon Monty, recite the words below and see how it makes you feel. It’s from my book Moonology and inspired by the work of Catherine Ponder.
‘Under the glorious Full Moon, I forgive everything, everyone, every experience, every memory of the past or present that needs forgiveness. I forgive positively everyone. I also forgive myself of past mistakes. The Universe is love, and I am forgiven and governed by love alone. Love is now adjusting my life. Realizing this, I abide in peace.’


So while we are talking about the Moon, here are the Moon times for the month ahead..
Full Moon on March 2 (Sydney) at 12 Virgo

Full Moon Details:
SYDNEY: March 2, 11.51am
NEW YORK: March 1, 7.51pm
LONDON: March 2, 12.51am

New Moon on March 18 (Sydney) at 27 Pisces

New Moon Details:
SYDNEY: March 18, 12.11am
NEW YORK: March 17, 9.11am
LONDON: March 17, 1.11pm

Full Moon on March 31 (Sydney) at 11 Libra

Full Moon Details:
SYDNEY: March 31, 11.36pm
NEW YORK: March 31, 8.36am

And summing up the month ahead for your sign:

Your biggest lesson this month (and next) is for you to learn how to control the way you express yourself. It’s a well-known astrological fact that Scorpios feel things more deeply than just about anyone else. And sometimes, these deep feelings cut you to the quick and you end up lashing out at others. Use the current energies to discipline yourself to start to think things through well and truly before you speak.


As you might know, the planet of communications, Mercury, goes retrograde three to four times a year. What this actually means is that from our point of view here on Earth, Mercury appears to be going backwards. It’s an optical illusion with a symbolic meaning. When Mercury reverses it’s time to re-do, rethink, revisit and revise.

Here’s what Mercury retrograde will mean for you – buckle up!

Expect to be doing some rethinking and reconsidering re your daily work and health routines. There could also be confusion in one of these areas. If you find an old health concern comes back at this time, try not to be alarmed and instead look at it as a chance to release the malady forever. There are times when Mercury going backwards means we can somehow put an end to something which started under a previous Mercury retrograde. So if you have a health problem which first emerged while this planet was in reverse, you may find the coming few weeks give you the chance to knock it on the head. This cycle is also good for anyone who’s fallen off their exercise routines timetable. Get back into them now and you shouldn’t have to wrestle too hard to keep it all up until at least the next Mercury cycle. At work, this period gives you the chance to renegotiate your daily duties. Think about what you would like to change. The key with Mercury retrograde is always to let the cycle unfold without making any major decisions, if you can. Mercury retrograde usually leads to more information being sent your way so it’s best to way and see what transpires before you act.


With the skies a little less stressful than they have been lately, we have a chance to enjoy some of the finer things in life, such as romance and the flow of abundance in our lives. So let’s take a look at the moves of the romance and riches planet Venus this month… remember the energies don’t turn on and off – they swirl around the day mentioned.

1. March 1 – Venus trine Jupiter: a very good day for love and abundance. Make the most of it!
2. March 4 – Venus conjunct Chiron: Venus is the planet of love and abundance, and Chiron is the planetoid of healing – put the together as they are today and you have the chance to heal wounds related to romance and money.
3. March 6 – Venus moves from romantic Pisces into the Speedy Gonzales sign of the zodiac, Aries. The mood is going to change. Romances will go faster, money matters too. More fire, less emotion.
4. March 13 – Venus clashes with Saturn – could be a day when life feels a bit cold, people seem less caring, and you could feel like there is not enough love or money to go around…
5. March 23 – Venus clashes with Pluto – and there is a good chance that some of us will be feeling a bit paranoid. If you’re being obsessive about someone or something, take it down a notch.
6. March 29 – the day when everything could change! Especially everything to do with love and money, as Venus meets change-maker Uranus.
7. March 31 – Venus moves into Taurus

As you can see, Venus will spend most of March in Aries – so here is what that means for YOU.

This month, Venus moves into your sixth house of daily work and health routines, where she’ll stay for around four weeks. This is perhaps the least sexy of all the Venus transits BUT before you start feeling ripped off, be glad! Someone Else can take a back seat for a while as you use the coming four weeks to work on yourself body, mind and spirit. Venus loves to be pampered so she if you can book yourself in for a massage or day spa, if you like that kind of thing. If you’d rather Do It Yourself, book yourself in a night alone where you can give yourself a candlelit bubble bath, manicure and pedicure (and NO this doesn’t apply to women only!) Venus here is also good news for you at work – you should find yourself feeling more amiable around the office, and you can pretty much expect your colleagues and clients to notice and approve, too. (And good things happen when those around us like us more than usual!) Romance-wise, this is the time to address the practical matters, rather than aiming for a love and hearts and flowers situation.


Now let’s take a moment to think about many astrologers’ favourite planet – Jupiter. Jupiter is basically your good luck planet. Where Jupiter goes, good times, maybe some excess, expansion and adventure usually follows. One of the key phrases for Jupiter is “lots of” because Jupiter is the planet of “lots of”. Right now, Jupiter is in the sign of Scorpio so we are getting “lots of” Scorpionic things – with money, sex and power being the main themes. These includes issues about previously taboo topics (Scorpio loves a taboo) such as medical marijuana, questions around sexuality (the last of the same sex marriage debates), on-going issues around euthanasia could well come to a head during this cycle (Scorpio rules death), and … the entire #metoo and #timesup movements. In fact, exactly when Jupiter entered Scorpio, Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein was accused of sexual assault and harassment by multiple actresses. Jupiter is also what you could call “the publicity planet” so as he sails through the signs, the subjects encapsulated by those signs get to be front and centre.

And this month? Jupiter goes retrograde. What is that going to mean for everyone? For one thing it suggests the whole #metoo campaign isn’t going to die down any time soon. In fact, if anything, some of the upsets which certain people may have hoped would be quietly forgotten are likely to get more attention (let’s wait and see what happens at the Oscars, for example!)

On a personal level, the retrograde of Jupiter isn’t a bad thing since it means Jupiter will go back over one part of our chart. Some astrologers may believe that Jupiter retrograde is negative but not all. Jupiter is a benevolent planet which does not turn negative just because it appears to reverse. Rather, as I see it, when it re-covers old ground in your chart in the retrograde cycle, it gives you a second chance to get lucky!

This is what Jupiter is up to for all the signs right now – yes, they are all NEARLY the same on purpose – because it’s the truth!

Aries – Jupiter is improving your sex and financial life. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Taurus – Jupiter is improving your love life. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Gemini – Jupiter is improving your daily life. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Cancer Jupiter is improving your matters related to romance, creativity and kids. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Leo – Jupiter is improving your home life. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Virgo – Jupiter is improving your ability to communicate. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Libra – Jupiter is improving your cash flow and your self-esteem. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Scorpio – Jupiter is improving your WHOLE life. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Sagittarius – Jupiter is expanding your spiritual life. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Capricorn – Jupiter is improving your social life. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Aquarius – Jupiter is improving your professional life. Not yet? Stayed tuned!
Pisces – Jupiter is expanding your opportunities for travel and adventure. Not yet? Stayed tuned!


Meanwhile, the planet Mars is on the move. Mars takes around two years to go around the chart. This month, Mars moves back into Capricorn towards the middle of the month. So wherever you have Capricorn in your chart, you now have the planet of action and drive, Mars (see below for more information about that). Mars goes well in Capricorn because Mars is the energy planet and Capricorn is the stamina sign. Put them together and you get sustained energy in whichever part of your life and horoscope chart Mars is triggering.

Here is where Mars is for you as of the middle of March.

The good news is that your mind is now as sharp as a tack. The not-so-good news for anyone you don’t like the look of is that your tongue is also razor-like. Mars is in your communications zone so you can expect to perform well mentally and in writing. You will relish the chance of a verbal dual, you will cut people down to size with a few well-chosen words and you should find it easy (at last) to catch up on all those old emails. Want the courage to send that saucy SMS? You’ve got it. Just remember than Mars is the planet of anger too, though. Remind yourself 10 times a day to speak calmly and respectfully.


T’is the season to get all your relationship ducks in a row. You’re getting closer and closer to a time when there will be disruptions – your love life could feel like a roller coaster (hopefully in a good way!) If you have issues you need to work on regarding your relationships, dating, romance and/or being single address them now.

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