Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert


This month sees the planet of love and abundance, Venus, in your sign. This is great news, straight off the mark, even though right now for many Scorpios, your love life is either over-exciting or perhaps even slipping into disarray. If it’s the second, you need to make “live and let love” your motto. You’re in a new relationship cycle.


What you’re about to read will tell you about – among other things – what’s up with Mars, Saturn and Pluto. They are all heavy duty planets at the best of times but extra worth watching this month as they are all in on part of the skies – Capricorn.

This puts a lot of focus and attention on one part of your chart.

As you will see as your read your September stars, for you it’s all about communications, reading, writing and quick trips here and there. Focus on that this month and you could make some proper headway/strides forward.


Every month, as the planets move around the skies, they click and clash with each other, creating something you could call astrological “weather”. This weather affects us all in different ways.

When I write these monthly stars, I like to start off with a general astrological forecast, so you can see the overall outlook.

Then we drill down further to see how it affects YOUR sign. Remember to read your Rising Sign if you know it because that will give you even deeper accuracy (because it’s more akin to reading a forecast prepared personally for you – the Rising Sign is the most personal point on your chart and dictated by your time date and place of birth.

If you don’t know your Rising Sign but wish you did, you can find it out here for free.

Also, it’s to read your Star Sign and your Rising Sign. The Star Sign is a quick fix, the Rising Sing goes deeper.)

There are three big astro-events this month adding up to a time when progress and change are both possible, as long as you stay calm!

Saturn goes forwards…

Saturn is the planet of lessons and karma, and as such is rather feared by a lot of people! However if you want success then you need to make friends with Saturn. Saturn is the planet that reminds us “you make your bed and you lie in it!” So what kind of bed are you making? Saturn has been reversing for a while but on September 6, Saturn changes direction. In other words, the time has come to stop rebuilding things (when Saturn reverses, rebuilding works best) and to start a new cycle of constructing the life of your dreams. On September 6, make a list of what you want to build in your life in the year ahead.

Here’s a reminder of where Saturn is for YOU:

Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your communications zone. Put that together and of course it means there are lessons about communications coming your way. This relates to what you say and how you say it, and also covers the way you think as well as the way you listen. Let’s begin with that last one.

Learning how to listen is a very important lesson this year. It’s not that you’re necessarily not a good listener, but listening to the information you’re receiving in a constructive and mature way is an excellent goal this year. If you think you’re way too old to have to worry about maturity, perhaps your lesson this year is of a different nature. Perhaps you need to loosen up your ways of communicating. There is no denying that Saturn is a restrictive planet so for some of you, this year’s lesson will be about finding the inner strength to speak up for yourself. Others will need to learn how to handle the new responsibilities they are given—and that will include learning how to be a boss.
If you find yourself at loggerheads with various kinds of authority this year—from parents to teachers to corporate execs—you may be getting lessons about how to communicate with ‘superiors’ in a constructive way. This is also a good year to streamline your thought processes and to look at ways to order your ideas. However, also check to see that you are not immovable in your ways of thinking—avoid rigid thinking now.

So what good are all these lessons about communications which Saturn is handing out? This is the end of a three-year cycle and this period is about preparing for the next cycle when you will start to move out of your local environment and into a wider sphere. The one thing you should do this year is keep your spirits up. Saturn in your mind zone can sometimes lead to sombre and serious thoughts. Look for the levity in all your situations and be honest with yourself if you know your mind is filled more with fear than facts.

A big chance for change…

One of the big promises of 2018 is CHANGE! That’s thanks to a fantastic series of Jupiter/Pluto links which have rolled out throughout the year. Jupiter is the positive planet of plenty while Pluto is the planet of profound change. Put them together harmoniously as they are this year, and you really do have the right cosmic recipe to make whatever changes in your life that you want to. Sometimes it’s tougher to make changes and sometimes it’s easier. And right now, with and Jupiter/Pluto combination happening this month, it’s easier. This will play out differently for everyone and some signs will be more affected than others. See your stars for more details. It’s worth nothing though that we are not all that long out of a series of clashes between Uranus and Pluto (2012-2015). During that time, change was hard and it hurt. Now it can be painless and happier. Much happier! So once again, harness the energies by getting really clear about what you want. Living intentionally is always important but never more so than at a time like this when positive change is possible! Sometimes it feels like life happens to us, but once we decide to live with a plan, and when we really believe in that plan, change really is possible!

Here’s what you need to know about what Pluto is currently doing for you:

Remember this; ‘Your Word Is Your Wand’ at the moment. That’s actually the title of a book written early last century by a metaphysician called Florence Scovel Shinn reminding us that we humans create our lives with our words and our thoughts. If you haven’t read it yet, I highly recommend it. It totally applies to you right now. With Pluto being triggered soon, in your Mind Zone, you are manifesting your life with your emotions/thoughts more than ever before. Get your head around this idea. Every time you focus on the negative, you’re going to draw it to you at a rate of knots. Conversely, when you focus on the positive… well, you can imagine the rest!

And here is where you can expect to get lucky…

The luckiest planet Jupiter moves is in sign – there’s no doubt that this is good news. Having Jupiter in your sign is like having a lucky charm with you 24/7. If something has to go either way, it’s more likely to go in your favour while Jupiter’s about. But beware. Jupiter can breed complacency. We get into a “oh, everything’s gonna be fine” state of mind and while there’s a lot to be said for that, we still have to ‘do the work’, if we want the results and rewards Jupiter can bring. Take note!

Don’t lose your cool!

One of the pressure points this month will be a clash between Mars (anger) and Uranus (out of control) on September 19. Make sure you don’t get side swiped by it! In the days leading up to this, check in with yourself and see if you feel yourself getting hot under the collar. If you’re in the direct line of fire of this drama, you could find yourself completely surprised by the sudden upsurge of fury you feel. As Confucius says “when anger rises, think of the consequences! The signs most affected by this will be Aries, Aquarius, Taureans, Scorpios and people with those signs rising. If you don’t know your Rising Sign but wish you did, visit and find out for free. The way to work out this energy without upset is to let people be themselves – and back off from anyone who is clearly picking a fight!

It’s also worth noting that Mars ended his reverse cycle back in late August and is now moving forwards again after a long delay. That means you are now more likely to start moving forwards too. Here’s where Mars is for you:

The good news is that your mind is now as sharp as a tack. The not-so-good news for anyone you don’t like the look of is that your tongue is also razor-like. Mars moving forwards again in your communications zone means you can expect to perform well mentally and in writing. You will relish the chance of a verbal dual, you will cut people down to size with a few well-chosen words and you should find it easy (at last) to catch up on all those old emails. Want the courage to send that saucy SMS? You’ve got it. Just remember than Mars is the planet of anger too, though. Remind yourself 10 times a day to speak calmly and respectfully.

What about the Moon?

New Moon in Virgo:
SYDNEY: September 10, 4.01am
NEW YORK: September 9, 2.01pm
LONDON: September 9, 7.01pm

This New Moon could change your life

There really is a “life-changer” feel in the air at the time of this New Moon in Virgo. Reason being, it’s taking place in the sign of Virgo and thus making a harmonious link to Pluto in fellow Earth sign Capricorn. Pluto is the planet that changes everything from the inside out. Earth and Water signs and people with planets in those signs stand a better chance of tuning in but everyone can hop on the New Moon/Pluto magic, just do some New Moon wishes on the night of the New Moon, preferably outdoors with an easy chant.

And here is where the New Moon is on your chart:

The New Moon is taking place in your 11th House which is the part of your chart which relates to your friends and the things you’re wishing for. In a nutshell, having the New Moon here is very auspicious for two reasons. For one, it means you’re in a cycle over the coming four weeks when you can meet new people and sometimes, that’s the exact tonic we need. Be open to having new friends in your life. For another, though, it’s a hugely important time for manifesting. Check my website for the exact date and time and make your wishes just afterwards.

And what about the Full Moon?

Full Moon in Aries:
SYDNEY: September 25, 12.52pm
NEW YORK: September 24, 10.52pm
LONDON: September 25, 3.52am

Full Moon in Aries

This is a super fiery combination. The Full Moon symbolises swollen emotions, among other things, and it’s a pretty widely-accepted fact these days that people really do go a little loony at the time of the month Full Moon lunation. We have all read about it by now. If not, look it up! Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and a Fire sign so the Full Moon here is quite the intense combination. So breathe, in the lead up, during and afterwards!

And here is the info you need about where this Full Moon is for you…

If you’re one of the lucky ones, this is the Full Moon when you see yourself for who you REALLY are and therefore see your good points as well as your flaws – and you decide to do something about your flaws. This is all about the daily life you lead. Are you living in a healthy fashion? Are you getting out and about to exercise? Have you long ago given up the bad habits like smoking and partying too much? If not, then this Full Moon is your annual chance to start again when it comes to taking care of yourself body, mind and spirit. Routines are your friend now. At work, go slow and steady.


This month sees the planet of love and abundance, Venus, in your sign. This is great news, straight off the mark, even though right now for many Scorpios, your love life is either over-exciting or perhaps even slipping into disarray. If it’s the second, you need to make “live and let love” your motto. You’re in a new relationship cycle.

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