Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert


Your life is about to change. Just when you thought you would never recover from the past few years, you have lucky Jupiter in your sign and crazy Uranus shaking up all your most important relationships. You will be able to breathe again. Know what you want, but be open to unexpected twists and turns. Ride life’s rollercoaster screaming with delight.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION FOR ALL THE SIGNS: How to make the most of the month… It’s a massive month for change

This is arguably the standout month of the year astrologically-speaking. As you will surely read about elsewhere (everywhere!), this month marks the move of the planet of chaos, change and liberation, Uranus, from Aries into Taurus.

And it so happens that the big headline news is taking place on New Moon day just before a clash with Mars. Talk about packing a punch!

All this means something different for everyone. Uranus is the planet of madness and revolution, so as you can imagine, having Uranus so active on the day of the New Moon is mega. Note: this will affect all the signs, and not just Aries and Taurus!

So what does it all mean?

Uranus hasn’t been in Taurus for more than 80 years. That means, unless you’re 80+ years old, you have never had Uranus triggering your chart in this way since you were born.

Your stars this month will give you an ideas of how this new energy is going to play out in your horoscope/life. But in a nutshell; wherever Uranus goes, changes follow.

Suddenly you start to feel as though you no longer can put up with something or even someone. You want out! You wake up! You smell the coffee and you realise that you have to do something to change your life.

Uranus is the planet of the unexpected too, and as it moves through the chart, there can be massive surprises that no one could have seen coming.

Wherever the Uranus energy is in your chart now is where all bets are off! Anything could happen and probably will. Expect the best and you will attract the best.

So what Uranus into Taurus means for YOUR sign (read your Rising Sign if you know it!)

If your love life has been making you feel trapped, then tell your partner to watch out; there is a new energy in town and it’s beaming directly at the two of you. Relationships which are worn out will either be revitalised or electrified now. You want to feel FREE in your relationships – hopefully you have an understanding partner who comprehends your need for space. This applies in your personal and professional relationships. Change is coming. Time to hit reset.

In other news…

If you thought the new women’s movement had peaked with #metoo or #timesup, think again!

The New Moon this month is taking place on a super powerful point in the skies, which is all about feminine wisdom.

So think about your place in the world as a woman – where you are and where you want to be! If you’re not feeling inspired by life, then now is the time to do something about that.


The New Moon this month takes place just before Uranus moves into Taurus. This double whammy makes Taurus the hottest potato in the zodiac, so to speak.
When you have a major event such as this, (Uranus changing signs for the first time in seven years), that activates the sign it’s happening in.

For me this Uranus + New Moon action is astro code for saying: “Cancel all your plans for the evening of May 15 and get ready to make some super-charged New Moon wishes, the likes of which you haven’t made for at least seven years, if not longer!”

New Moon on May 15 (Sydney) at 25 Taurus
New Moon Details:
SYDNEY: May 15, 9.47pm
NEW YORK: May 15, 7.47am
LONDON: May 15, 12.47pm

What to manifest this month

When you’re thinking about Moon Manifesting, you need to consider the sign that the New Moon is in. The New Moon is, of course, the primo moment of the month to set your intentions and make wishes. Note that intentions and wishes are both super-powerful, even if intentions sound more commanding! As long as you intense or wish from your heart, then you have a very, VERY good chance of having your wishes come true.
So this month, the New Moon is in the sign of Taurus, as we have said. There are one main keyword for Taurus; abundance. Taurus is all about having an abundance of creature comforts, of love, of caresses and pleasures.
So when it comes to doing your Moon manifesting this month, do it with those topics in mind.

A quick checklist:

1. Are you happy with your income? If not, what do you intend to earn?

2. How do you plan to increase your income?

3. If you’re ok financially, name a creature comfort you intend to treat yourself to this month. Hands-on pampering like massages is very Taurean since Taurus is a super-sensual sign.

4. Do you have fears around money that you need to work on? Where did they come from? Identifying that can be a massive help. Forgive whomsoever you need to.

5. What do you plan to persevere with? Taurus is very stubborn but the upside of that is the New Moon in Taurus is a marvellous time to recommit to persevering with someone or something you have had issues with but really believe in.

And what is the New Moon triggering in YOUR chart? Read on…

How’s your love life? There’s a New Moon in your Love Zone happening which means you’re getting the chance to really reinvigorate your love life. If you’re single, this is the perfect time to draw a line under the past and to move on from your old loves, your old dreams and any old heart aches. If you’re attached, you probably already know about the importance of keeping your relationship fresh – and this New Moon brings in fresh energy, so have a think about some of the times you and your partner can do this month and over the coming month. Remember, some of the best things in life are free!

If you’re on the spiritual path…

There is also a super powerful May link happening between Jupiter and Neptune. The energy that this generates is one of the big themes of 2018, so make sure you understand it! Jupiter is the planet of plenty and the harbinger of positive developments.

Neptune is the planet of the Divine, of meditation, dreams, soul mates and poetry. Through this year Jupiter and Neptune are making a series of connections which, if you tap into it, can take your life from the mundane to the sacred. This is a potentially inspirational year.

Tune in by using tried and true cosmic techniques such as regular meditation, yoga and/or chanting. It’s a time when all we humans can find the poetry and life and love, and also develop our intuition (which is useful in every part of life, including career). If what you want from life is peace, allow yourself time out for reflection.

Where you can expect to feel inspired – a summary for all the signs:

Aries – spiritually
Taurus – by your friends
Gemini – at work
Cancer – by study, adventure, publishing and the Great Cosmic Quest
Leo – sexually and financially
Virgo – in your love life
Libra – every day
Scorpio – re romance, kids and creativity
Sagittarius – at home and re family
Capricorn – expect mental inspiration
Aquarius – re cash, property and possessions
Pisces – your whole life!

Dispassionate passion… hot-headed team work… cold anger

Meanwhile, the planet of passion, blood and drive, Mars, is moving into the sign of detached, aloof, sometimes ice-cold, usually very modern sign of Aquarius.

The first thing Mars will do as he moves into the sign of the Water Bearer on May is clash with the planet of chaos mentioned above. In other words, hang on because there’s going to be rather a lot of energy in the middle of the month.

Not long after, on May 20, Mars actually then connects with Chiron the wounded healer so there is a good chance that any upsets can be sorted out quickly. We all have Aquarius in our chart somewhere so Mars into Aquarius means something different for everyone.

Here’s what it means for your sign:

There certainly are some sleeping dogs we need to let lie. Right now, though, if there’s an old emotional issue that you never managed to get sorted out, expect it to come back to the surface to be dealt with. Anger is always better out than in, by try not to blast people sky high if you get into some kind of argument with them – it’s probably not their problem. Mars here can stir up issues from as far back as childhood so it’s most likely unfair to blame someone else for your ‘stuff’. Own it. Your home and your family can also become a battleground if you’re not careful. Be nice.

Note that Mars will actually go into a once-every-two years retrograde next month. So whatever issues you’re going through now, you will get a second bite at the cherry of sorting them out in June or July.

What about love?

The love and abundance planet Venus will move into the sign of Cancer this month. This is especially good news for Cancerians and Capricorns (and even better news for people who those signs rising – find out your Rising Sign here!) But in fact you could argue it’s good news for everyone, since Venus in Cancer speaks of Mom (even for us Aussies), apple pie and cuddles. Cancer is actually a very dynamic sign but it definitely has a chicken-noodle-soup and big-breasty-hugs maternal/homely vibe about it. So if you’re after a bit of hygge, you can get it now. Of course, Venus in Cancer brings love to a different part of everyone’s chart – here’s what it means for your sign:

Venus will be moving through your ninth house of study, travel and adventure. If you’re about to head off into the wild blue yonder on an adventure, you really do have the stars on your side. Expect excitement, fun and plenty of excellent memories to come home with. If you’re going with a lover, it could be an extremely romantic getaway which teaches you both about each other. If you’re off somewhere as a single and you’re open to meeting someone, that could be exactly what happens. If you’re not going anywhere during this cycle, all is far from lost. Singles could find themselves drawn to someone from out of town now, while couples have a chance to step back from their relationship for a moment, to see the Big Picture of where you’re going and what you’re doing. Be grateful for what you have. The part of your chart being stimulated by Venus is also the part of your chart which broadens your mind. Love, romance, adventure, study and self-improvement will all do that for you, now and over the next four weeks. Foreigners and people recently returned from out of town or overseas should also hold extra interest.

And then we get the Full Moon in Sagittarius

Full Moon on May 30 (Sydney) at 9 Sagittarius
Full Moon details:
SYDNEY: May 30, 12.19am
NEW YORK: May 29, 10.19am
LONDON: May 29, 3.19pm

Taking into account the major astrological energies at work this month, the Full Moon is going to be the time to declare your LIBERATION from anything which feels like a “tie that binds you too tightly”.

Where in your life do you need FREEDOM? Where are you willing to cut the cords with someone or something that is holding you back from living up to your true potential?
This is the time to ask yourself some important questions and be big enough to see that the answers can change the rest of your life. It’s ok to want CHANGE now, it really is. Uranus plus the Full Moon in Sadge really does equal breaking out or away from anyone or anything which has been holding you back. Life is too short!


Intimacy, power struggles and questions about who has the upper hand, cash, control and joint finances have been a focus for many of your for the past few weeks. This Full Moon suggests that you shift your focus a little. Instead of worrying about who owes and owns what, worry about what you have, and what you have to offer someone else. It’s as thought the Universe is asking you to think less about what someone else can do to make you happy, and to worry more about what you can do to make others comfortable. Rediscover the pleasure of giving.


When you’re working with the Full Moon in a fire sign, you really can’t go past a fire or yagam (as they call them in India) to celebrate.
A mini-ritual for the Sagittarius Full Moon
1. Take a good 10-20 minutes to write about who and what you are releasing from your life. Really think about where you feel hemmed in. Don’t go into BLAME though.
2. Go into yourself and see how you have allowed yourself to get entrapped like this. What was in it for you? In nearly every up-set, there is a set-up that we have set up because on some level or other it suits us. Face up to that and work with it. Write it all down.
3. In a fireproof container somewhere safe, life a fire. It doesn’t have to be large. If you don’t have any outside space at all, you can literally just use a clean saucepan. It’s not important. If you’re outside, get some twigs and let the fire burn and think about what you’re releasing.
4. Say it out loud to the Universe, if you dare. And then? Put your list on the pyre and let it burn!
5. If you have no space and you’re using a saucepan, still read what you have written down out and then simply scrunch the paper up into a ball and light it. Stay over it until there is nothing but ashes. Ideally put the ashes into a garden (or in a park, for example). Or put them in the bin or pour them down the loo.

Summing it all up…

If your love life has been making you feel trapped, then tell your partner to watch out; there is a new energy in town and it’s beaming directly at the two of you. Relationships which are worn out will either be revitalised or electrified now. You want to feel FREE in your relationships – hopefully you have an understanding partner who comprehends your need for space. This applies in your personal and professional relationships. Change is coming. Time to hit reset.
Power date: May 25 – a great day which should leave you feeling more inspired

Have an amazing month…

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