Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert


Your month in a nutshell

If your relationships aren’t going a bit up and down now, then you might need to check you’re actually a Scorpio (or Scorpio rising). There is some much activity in your opposite sign which is where you deal with other people. You need to live and let live more now, if you want happy times with people you love.

So what is up in the skies?

Every month as I sit down to write this column, I open up my ephemeris and look at the planetary “aspects” for the month ahead. That’s a list of where all the planets are for the month ahead. For example, will angry Mars clashing with Saturn or harmonising with Pluto? Will Venus be whispering sweet nothings with Mercury? Will Uranus be making us all feel a little bit crazy?

There are some months when I open the charts and think “Oh my heavens!” Actually those are the months when I feel as though its most essential stay in touch with the astrology for the month ahead. That’s because when the planets are clashing, we have a big chance to change, but it can be very disruptive and even a bit traumatising at times.

Then there are months like this one , when I open up the chart, and see pretty much nothing too worrying.

This month They really is nothing too much to be alarmed about. Yes there is a bit of a clash between Chiron an Mars. And yes, Mercury will be squaring Neptune. I will go into that a bit below. But there are no eclipses, no new retrograde, and no hideous clashes to contend with.

Overall, I would say the main message of the month ahead is that things are easing up an it’s time to show what the past few months have taught us. No matter which sign you are, Expect life to be a little bit easier. In particular, if you’ve learned the lessons that the universe is been trying to teach you for the past few months.

Saturn and Pluto retrograde

What we have happening in the skies right now, in case you haven’t caught on yet, is Saturn and Pluto are in the same sign for the first time in a very long time. This is a very big deal because they are both such incredibly powerful planets. As it happens, they are in the sign of Capricorn. But they affect us all in different ways. Here’s a run down of where they are affecting everyone … please read your rising sign if you know it because you will get a far more accurate reading. Don’t know your rising sign but you would like to find it out for free, visit

What it means sign by sign…

Aries – it’s all to do with your career
Taurus – it’s to do with travel, study, adventure and the great cosmic quest
Gemini – it’s to do with sex and money
Moonchild – it’s to do with your love life
Leo – it’s all about your daily work and health routines
Virgo – it’s to do with children, creativity and romance
Libra – it’s all to do with your home life
Scorpio – it’s about the way you’re communicating with other people and what you’re thinking
Sagittarius – it’s to do with cash property and positions
Capricorn – you may or may not be surprised to hear, that this intensity is basically affecting your whole life!
Aquarius – it’s to do with your spiritual journey and also about blowing up your fears
Pisces – it’s to do with your friendships, your networks and your hopes and wishes

So what to do?

The thing is that Saturn and Pluto are both retrograde all month. In other words, they are appearing to go backwards in the skies. This means a couple of things

1. All the lessons that Saturn has been teaching us … you know all that hard **** you’ve been through? Well now you get a chance to show you learned your lessons. Basically what you can expect a certain themes and patterns with certain people and situations to repeat but this time it’s not a loud banging noise in your ears. It’s more like an echo. It’s softer easier to deal with presuming you’ve learned your lessons.

2. As for Pluto, this is the planet that razes everything to the ground but for a good reason. It’s the planet of explosions, total transformations and win slash win outcomes. When Pluto is going forward, it can be quite tricky for the simple reason that we have to deal with a lot of stuff. When Pluto stops going forward and start going retrograde, we get some respite. If you feel like you are being transformed at your very cool, from the inside out, then you are working well with Pluto.

3. It’s also worth noting that there is karma at play here. So what have you sewn? Now you can reap it. Plus you can expect your shadow side to come out a little bit. All the better for you to work on it. The thing with the shadow side ka is we all have one , whether its anger, jealousy, the belief that we are not good enough or anything else, now is the time to love that part of you into the light. Acknowledge it and work with it.

Living consciously this month…

It’s worth noting that whatever part of your life or your chart (see above) is being affected is actually going to be affected for a long time to come. Saturn and Pluto are going to stay in capricorn all this year and well into next year as well. So whichever part of your chart in life is being triggered, you have lessons to learn. I don’t think it’s going too far to say that for many people, this astrology is some of the most important they will ever experience in their entire life. So pay attention. Think about the idea that we incarnate here on planet earth as a particular star sign or with a particular rising sign because our soul needs to learn particular lessons. However this astrology is playing out for you , is giving you a chance to evolve as a person. people often ask me “what does it mean to live consciously?” In my humble opinion, learning how to live in alignment with strong energies such as these, goes a long way towards actually living consciously.

A really easy way to do this…

One way to live consciously is to follow the Sun, so to speak. Every month, the Sun moves into a different sign, going through the zodiac in the traditional order. When the Sun is in a particular sign, the people of that sign have their birthdays. Note that the change-over every month is between the 19th and the 22nd of the month – so it’s just for the first three weeks that the Sun is in one sign before changing to the next.

This month, the Sun spends the first three weeks of May in the sign of Taurus (which is why we get the New Moon in Taurus).

What the Sun in Taurus means for you…

As the Sun goes through the 12 signs, it triggers different parts of our charts, depending on our star sign or rising sign. Read your rising sign if you know it for a more accurate forecast about where your focus is likely to be in May.

The Sun is now in your 7th house, aka Your House Of Love. Over the next three weeks, you can expect love to rise to the top of your agenda. Someone Else is going to be very important, taking up a lot of your headspace. This could be a lover, an ex or a potential new partner. The best lessons you are going to get now are going to be through your most important one to one relationships. Do as much as you can with someone by your side over the next month – partnerships will lead you in the right direction, whereas going it alone won’t feel so good. On another note, this astro-event can bring enemies out of the woodwork. If you need to bury the hatchet with someone, now is the time.

And what about love and abundance?

Venus is the planet of love and abundance – so what is she up to in your chart this month? This month she spends May 1-15 in Aries before moving into Taurus. So let’s look at where she will be for the first two weeks of the month…

Venus is also moving through your seventh house of love. As you might expect, having the Planet Of Love in your Love Zone is pretty good news for you on the relationship front. As Venus passes through this part of your chart, you can expect to be easier to get along with, plain and simple, and that alone will instantly sweeten all your friendships and relationships. Added to this the astro-fact that Venus here also means it’s easier to express yourself and your warmest feelings to others, and you start to get an idea of your pulling power over the next four weeks. Singles should get out and mingle, while happy couples should lap up the Happy Couples vibes. Unhappy couples find themselves focusing on their love life now – look for a way to come to a gently accord with each other. And beyond romance, all partnerships of all descriptions are favored under these astro conditions, including business partnerships. You are a Peace Maker Extraordinaire right now – don’t be afraid to use your skills as and when you need to, for yourself and for others.

The stand-out Venus dates for May 2019

May 7 to 9 – as Venus clashes with Saturn and Pluto, there could be some tough times and tough calls to do with love and money. The only way out is through. Live with intention and integrity, for best results.
May 14 – happier days as Venus connects with her love Mars, and love and abundance starts to flow again.
May 18 – Venus meets the planet of madness, Uranus, so anything is possible re love and money. A very good day for an online enterprise.
May 31 – the very issues which might have upset you in the first 10 days of the month could be sorted out so well that in fact you’re happy with the status quo by the end of May.

Mars is on the move…

Also this month we have the planet of drive and determination moving into the sign of Moonchild (aka Cancer) for the first time in two years. Wherever Mars goes, things burn up, heat up and speed up.

So have a read about how this is going to affect you…

Even if you feel like you worked out what you think about Life’s Big Questions a long time ago, prepare to have a rethink. Mars in your 9th house of Life’s Big Questions means you will be asked to redefine your views – it will give you a chance to think about where you stand on issues such as fate and free will, destiny and life-after-death. Open yourself up to doing what you can – reading, travel, study – to open your mind up. Just make sure that once you (re)formulate your answers to Life’s Questions, that you don’t go ramming your point of view down others’ throats.

And then there is living intentionally…

Living intentionally means living in a way that is in alignment with your intentions. So just say for example, you intend to have a happy marriage, then what would you need to do in order to make that happen. Obviously the answer depends on where you are now. If you are single, there will be certain things that you need to do in order to move towards finding the right person and then getting married. If you are married, yes you need to look at how you and your spouse are behaving with each other and treating each other.

To use another example, if you intend to get rich, what would you need to do? Of course some people are just going to go straight to the shop and buy a lottery ticket and hope for the best. That’s not really living intentionally – that’s living with your fingers crossed. If you want to get rich and you’re prepared to leave intentionally, then you will work out the steps you need to take in order to create the income that you would consider “rich”. you would also need to believe that you can be rich.

So how can you use these energies intentionally?

The first thing is to work with sudden an look at the lessons that life has taught you – ever. We are here to learn and Saturn is the great teacher, whether we like him or not and mostly we don’t like him very much. He is a very tough taskmaster and it’s very hard to go through a Saturn clash.

This information is for all the signs but just FYI, the signs doing it toughest right now with Saturn and Pluto are the so called Cardinal signs. That’s Aries, Moonchild, Libra and Capricorn.

But don’t think if you are not one of those signs that you are off the hook. We actually all have all 12 signs in our chart. It’s just the way astrology works. Quite soon I will create a course that explains this! But in the meantime, I’m just going to have to ask you to believe me. So have a think about where you’ve been learning lessons and wear your life has literally felt like it was exploding! That’s Saturn and Pluto energy. Work with it.

Working with the Moon

One of the best ways to live intentionally is to work with the Moon. Here are the New and Full Moon times for the month ahead:

May 2019 New Moon in Taurus
Sydney: 5 May at 8:45
London: 4 May at 23:45
LA: 4 May at 15:45

May 2019 Full Moon in Scorpio
Sydney: 19 May at 7:11
London: 18 May at 22:11
LA: 18 May at 14:11

So where is the New Moon for you?

If you have read this far (and you’re paying close attention!) you might have read about the Sun being in Taurus. And then we also have the New Moon in Taurus.

This stands to reason since the Sun takes a month to go through one sign and the Moon only takes a couple of days, so eventually the Moon will always catch to the Sun in each sign, which is when we get the New Moon.

If that sounds a bit complex don’t worry; just know that wherever the Sun and the New Moon are for you this month are most certainly special areas of interest in May.

How’s your love life? There’s a New Moon in your Love Zone happening this month, which means you’re getting the chance to really reinvigorate your love life. If you’re single, this is the perfect time to draw a line under the past and to move on from your old loves, your old dreams and any old heart aches. If you’re attached, you probably already know about the importance of keeping your relationship fresh – and this New Moon brings in fresh energy, so have a think about some of the times you and your partner can do this month and over the coming month. Remember, some of the best things in life are free!

So where is the Full Moon for you?

And then we get the Full Moon which occurs when the Sun and Moon are on opposite sides of the zodiac. Since the Sun is in Taurus for most of this month, it’s when the speedy Moon zips around to Taurus’ opposite sign of Scorpio that we will get the Full Moon.

Here is where that is for you…

It’s all very well and lovely to be focused on someone else. Certainly it sounds like a very valiant thing. But once a year around about now, the Full Moon lights up your chart to remind you that you also need to focus on yourself – and that time is now! Many of us are givers rather than takes and again, that sounds great, but it messes with the flow in our lives. This is your month to remember how to say YES when people offer to help you and to ask for help if you need it and you’re not getting it. You could feel extra emotional during this cycle but a lot of your ‘stuff’ which is coming up to be dealt with NEEDS to be dealt with so don’t run away from it!

A mantra for the month…

“All my relationships are taking me forward into a better future…!”

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