Scorpio Monthly Horoscope

Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert


Welcome to the New Year!

Your year ahead in a nutshell…

No matter what your relationship status, the message for all Scorpios now is that your relationships are moving into a new cycle. The planet of Five Cups of Crazy, aka Uranus, is now moving into your Relationship Zone for a stint that will last to 2026. Forget about boring, think; unconventional, different, changing, delightfully surprising, shocking, weird, liberating, woke and radical. All these words and more are now keywords for you and your most important relationships.

What you really need to know about this month…

If there is one lesson you need to learn as 2019 begins, it’s that your word is your wand. The things you say literally attract people and events to you. Your words, and your thoughts, and especially your feelings, create. So pay attention to what you’re putting out there. You have this magical ability, but it works positively and negatively!

And what about the year overall?

It looks like 2019 will be a bit different to the past few years. In one way, it looks like there will be a lot of drama. Two of the trickiest planets, Saturn and Pluto, are practically in the same place of the zodiac at the same time. They are a focus. Wherever they are for you is where you have to deal with your dark side. Read on for more info…

There is also going to be quite a lot of weirdness in 2019.

Where this confusion hits you depends on which star sign (or rising sign) you are.

Looking on the brighter side, the lucky planet Jupiter is “at home! In the sign of Sagittarius for most of 2019 which is a very good thing and would usually herald much happier days, “and that was all she wrote”.

However in 2019 twist, as Jupiter moves through Sagittarius, it clash and clang with weird, confusing, disappointing and sometimes deceptive Neptune, three times.

As a result, we all we all need to counter this potentially yukky energy by living in integrity, maintaining a meditation practice, trusting or intuition over logic and surrounding ourselves with people we know we can rely on.

The Main Themes of 2019 To Be Aware Of…

Jupiter, the lucky planet

Gorgeous Jupiter, the harbinger of good luck and good times, is highly active this year. As mentioned, Jupiter is in Sadge which is good for us all in different ways.

Here’s where that is for you:

Jupiter is in your 2nd House – and that is very good news? Why? Because Jupiter is governs three main aspects of your life when he is here; your cash, your property and your possessions. Moreover, Jupiter is the lucky planet, so having Jupiter being triggered like this means you can expect good things when it comes to those three parts of your life. Be optimistic and good news can follow! There could be more money, increased money, expansion of your property portfolio and potentially happy times which increase your self-esteem and your self-worth, as well as your actual worth.

Note that this year, Jupiter and Neptune will clash several times and every time that happens, it’s going to bring up a lot of confusion in this part of your life. The first clash is on January 14. Expect weirdness/

Saturn, the troll

Next, we have the curmudgeonly misanthrope of the zodiac, Saturn, trolling its way through the sign of Capricorn all year, making life heavy for you wherever you have Saturn. This is extra important because we also have super-power planet Pluto in Capricorn (more about that later) so all the energies are really intensified. Here’s what it means for you:
Wherever Saturn goes, lessons follow. This year, Saturn is hanging out in your communications zone. Put that together and of course it means there are lessons about communications coming your way. This relates to what you say and how you say it, and also covers the way you think as well as the way you listen. Let’s begin with that last one.

Learning how to listen is a very important lesson this year. It’s not that you’re necessarily not a good listener, but listening to the information you’re receiving in a constructive and mature way is an excellent goal this year. If you think you’re way too old to have to worry about maturity, perhaps your lesson this year is of a different nature. Perhaps you need to loosen up your ways of communicating. There is no denying that Saturn is a restrictive planet so for some of you, this year’s lesson will be about finding the inner strength to speak up for yourself. Others will need to learn how to handle the new responsibilities they are given—and that will include learning how to be a boss. If you find yourself at loggerheads with various kinds of authority this year—from parents to teachers to corporate execs—you may be getting lessons about how to communicate with ‘superiors’ in a constructive way. This is also a good year to streamline your thought processes and to look at ways to order your ideas. However, also check to see that you are not immovable in your ways of thinking—avoid rigid thinking now. So what good are all these lessons about communications which Saturn is handing out? This is the end of a three-year cycle and this period is about preparing for the next cycle when you will start to move out of your local environment and into a wider sphere. The one thing you should do this year is keep your spirits up. Saturn in your mind zone can sometimes lead to sombre and serious thoughts. Look for the levity in all your situations and be honest with yourself if you know your mind is filled more with fear than facts.

Also note that there is a clash between Mars and Saturn on January 21 so you might feel really tested in this department then.

Crazy-maker Uranus

Meanwhile … Uranus – the change-maker of the zodiac – will be active this year too. Uranus is very active this year because in March, it will move back into Taurus for a really long spell; until 2026. If you feel like you’ve read this before, you have. Uranus effectively dipped its fuse into Taurus this year for a while before retrograding out again. This time, in March, Uranus is here to stay in the sign of money and Venus, among other things. Cue lots of change when it comes to finances and women, among other things.

So where is Uranus for you as 2019 starts?

Life is a lot about routines, right? As much as we get to escape from reality from time to time, when we go on holidays and the like, life is largely a series of repeated timetables for the majority of us mere mortals. However the planet of change, Uranus, in your Daily Life Zone, is ready to shake things up one more time. Hopefully you don’t crave being “settled” too much since that’s about the last word I’d use to describe your current outlook!

Mercury retrogrades in 2019

Nearly everyone has heard of Mercury retrograde these days, haven’t they? Certainly it seems to me that even non-astrologers know that when Mercury is going backwards, life can go a bit mad.

How it will all play out, you will find out as we get close to the dates. Just know that during those periods, you will do well to think back, gather info, fact fund and generally rethink, revisit, review and revise everything in your life. Do this instead of racing ahead. It’s not perilous to travel during these times per se, by the way, but it can be a time when you your itinerary doesn’t end up going as you thought! Same same if you travel on tickets booked UNDER Mercury was retrograde. You have been warned!

The Mercury retrograde dates for your diary in 2019 are March 6 to 28 (Mercury retrograde in Pisces), July 8 to August 1 (Mercury retrograde in Leo and Cancer), November 1 to 21 (Mercury retrograde in Scorpio).

More about those as we get closer to the dates.

2019 eclipse update…

This year will bring five eclipses, in the signs of Capricorn (New Moon eclipse on January 6, Full Moon eclipse on July 16 and New Moon eclipse on December 26), Cancer (New Moon eclipse on July 2) and Leo (Full Moon eclipse on January 21).

How will these affect you? If you’re any of these signs or have any of these signs rising (find out at then you can expect 2019 to be a standout year. Plus if were born five days before or after any of those dates, that goes double!

And remember there’s also two eclipses THIS MONTH

In particular, tune into the first one; the New Moon eclipse. New Moons are always amazing for setting intentions but a New Moon eclipse is that double (at least) and at the start of a new year with all the NEW energy about, that goes triple. So make your wishes.
Click here for a How To Wishing Guide (free!)

And here’s what the New Moon eclipse in Capricorn means for you:

This month brings a big gift with it; a New Moon eclipse in your Mind Zone, which is going to make it possible for you to draw a line under all that happened in the past, and move on. It’s a great time to stop driving yourself crazy with your thoughts and worries, if you’ve been obsessing. In the coming six months, you can also expect your ability to talk your way in or out of anything to improve enormously. Your brain, what you say and what you write will be super-charged, even if you’re normally uncomfortable expressing yourself. This applies whether you’re talking to a friend, lover, colleague or boss, writing reports, SMSes, emails or even a novel. Expect to be very busy. It’s all go!

Summing January up in two lines…

Scorpio – this year ahead is asking you to find a balance between your home and working life. You need a good, old-fashioned work/life balance, says the Full Moon eclipse

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