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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert

Every month as I come to write these reports, I cast the chart for the month ahead and hold my breath as I take a look to see what’s coming up. As much as I do believe in the law of attraction and as much as I can see in my own life how our thoughts create our reality, I also strong believe that we are subject to the movements of the planets. Heck, people have been using this stuff for literally thousands of years. It even says in the Bible that “there will be signs in the Sun, Moon and stars…” (Luke 21:25-26) (though PS as you probably know, the Christian church later turned away from astrology bigtime)…

So what about this month? What sort of forces are on offer to us all?

The biggest energies I see ahead this month are linked to the planet Saturn, the great teacher of the sky, the planet that likes to rap our knuckles sharply if and when we let ourselves or anyone else down, aka the karmic planet who reminds us that we reap what we sow.

Of course, Saturn has two sides to him. If and when we work with Saturn and not against him, Saturn is the planet who brings up stability and security. He’s the foundations we can build our lives on. As long as we play by his rules. And playing by Saturn’s rules effectively means doing what we said we were going to do when we said we were going to do it.

Saturn is now at the very end of a long stay in the sign of Scorpio. For Scorpios, it’s been a testing few years however they are starting to see how true it is that hard work really does lead to success (a very Saturnian thing).

Here’s a rundown for where he is in your chart – if you know your Rising Sign, read that as well… bear in mind, where Saturn goes, lessons follow…

For you as a Virgo – Saturn is challenging you to think positively and speak kindly

Now that you know that, here is some good news! This month, Saturn will be bringing to healing and stability to the part of your life mentioned above.

Here are the important Saturn dates for August for all signs:

August 1 – some good news
August 5 – healing
August 9 – rise to any challenges!
August 25 – communication solves problems, use your energy wisely
August 26 – a little glitch, perhaps?

It might be worth your while to note these dates down in your diary… a few days either side of them, some of the issues will come up – the more maturely we handle Saturnian issues, the better the outcome. That’s Saturn’s way.

So now let’s balance out all this Saturn news with some Jupiter news. Jupiter is the planet of happiness and good luck – sort of the opposite of Saturn! Jupiter will be triggered 3 times this month, In case you haven’t cottoned on yet, here is where Jupiter is for you:

You currently have Jupiter in the 12th House: If you already think of yourself as a fairly spiritual type, your engagement with All Things Mystical is about to go off the scale as Jupiter starts a 12 month visit to your House of All Things Cosmic. Jupiter is the planet that expands things and in this part of your chart, he’s going to raise the intuition levels of everyone born under your sign. Even the most cynical and disbelieving amongst will wonder if perhaps there is something in this “spooky” stuff after all. You have a chance to learn oh-so much about the spiritual side of life if you’re so inclined…

Here are the main Jupiter action dates of August 2014, for all signs:

August 1 – Mars clashes with Jupiter – we all need to keep our cool
August 2 – Mercury meets Jupiter – if you went OTT yesterday, you might be able to talk your way out of it today
August 18 – Venus meets Jupiter – making last night and tonight two of the most romantic of the YEAR

Meanwhile, Venus moves into Leo – and for you, that means Venus is currently moving through your twelfth house of secrets and sleep. If you find yourself being required to make some sacrifices for someone you love at any point over the next few weeks, do it with pleasure, if you can. This Venus cycle is partly about putting someone else’s needs before your own. You might not get instant thanks for what you do, but the good karma will eventually find its way back to you. On the other hand, be very careful to avoid bad karma now. Especially be careful if you’re thinking about getting involved with someone who is not really available to you. Quell any desires to get involved in any love triangles. Let me put it bluntly: take care before you either have an affair or seduce someone who’s attached elsewhere. You have been warned! Similarly, be careful if you feel like you’re giving or getting mixed messages romantically now – sometimes during this cycle it’s impossible to be CLEAR. Confused by love? Far better to be patient. Being in this cycle means the next Venus cycle sees the love planet in your own sign. And if you think that sounds good, you’re right.

Some important Venus dates for this month…

August 1 – this is a red letter day for Venus – she connects with planets. First she clashes with Uranus, then harmonises with Saturn and Chiron. There could be some wild and out of control moments related to love or money but it looks like a case of all’s well that ends well…
August 18 – Venus meets Jupiter. See above! It makes last night and tonight two of the most romantic of the YEAR
August 25 – Venus harmonises with Uranus – a great day to turn a matter related to money or love around – or to do something lovely and spontaneous with someone you love
August 26 – unfortunately yesterday’s good Venus vibes are followed by a rather difficult clash between Venus and Saturn – less love in the air, that’s for sure.
August 27 – and then? A clash between Venus and Mars. That can be nice for a bit of sexual friction but it’s also a rather antagonistic link… so go easy today especially re love or money!

You also need to know this…

This is a good time for you to lay low, Virgo. In particular if you’re feeling low on energy, don’t force yourself out into the big wide world when a night on the sofa with a good DVD is what you’re really craving. We all have times like this. Make the most of it! Don’t exhaust yourself.
You can now draw a line under the past 12 months. A new cycle starts here as the New Moon takes place in your sign. As of August, you get to use the lessons that life has taught you recently. In particular, wipe away any upsets you have had with your partner or ex. Don’t lose the lessons … just don’t dwell.

And finally, the New Moon and Full Moon info!

The August 2014 Full Moon takes place in Aquarius on:

Sydney – August 11 @ 4.09am AEST
Auckland – August 11 @ 6.09am NZT
New York – August 10 @ 2.09pm EDT
London – August 10 @ 7.09pm BST

The Full Moon is always a time of letting go and right now, the Full Moon in the skies is suggesting you need to let go of at least one thing in your daily life which is doing you no good. It may very well have to do with your health – what in your life do you know has to go? Laziness? Smoking? Drinking? Arguing? Missing someone or something? Whatever the case, the Full Moon now brings you your annual chance to let go of something which isn’t good for you and to not miss it much at all! It’s a very good opportunity and not to be wasted!

The Archangel guiding this Full Moon is Uriel. If there’s something (or someone) you know you need to let go of, then light a candle and ask Uriel for help with doing so.

The August 2014 New Moon takes place in Virgo on:

Sydney – August 26 @ 12.12am AEST
Auckland – August 26 @ 2.12am NZT
New York – August 25 @ 10.12am EDT
London – August 25 @ 3.12pm BST

The Archangel guiding the New Moon is Archangel Metatron! Metatron has the ability to bend time – so make your New Moon wishes with absolutely no regard at all for what has happened in the past!

Have a great month!

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Last Updated 1/08/14

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