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Yasmin Boland

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VIRGO November 2014

This month there are no dramatic clashes in the skies (well, none of the really big and challenging ones), not eclipses to speak of, not even any retrogrades of any note.

So does that mean we are all going to have a super easy time of it? Actually, maybe! Certainly there are some months when the planets are madly clashing and clanging and life down here on earth can get rather intense.

FYI the reason why this happens is at the root of how horoscopes work – it’s all about ‘as above, so below’. In other words, we are all connected to all life everywhere and the state of the cosmos has a lot to do with the state of the nation and the state of our lives!

But back to this month. Taking a look at the planetary activity for the month ahead, the planet Most Worth Watching looks to be Venus, aka the Goddess of love and abundance.

So if you want more love in your life or you’re looking to increase your flow of abundance, listen up!

Firstly, some info for all the signs…


Venus, as you might know, was a Goddess. The Goddess I most strongly associate with Venus is called Lakshmi. She is Hindu, if you don’t already know, and she is all about having love in your heart and abundance raining down on you. Because Venus is so active this month, it’s a great time to get some Lakshmi into your life.

One of the best ways, if you’re female (or you don’t mind wearing a bit of makeup!) is to really embrace your femininity. Lakshmi follows beauty. In fact it’s said that if you want abundance to enter your house, you need to keep it tidy and looking beautiful, otherwise Lakshmi won’t visit! Similarly, if you pay attention to your grooming this month, whatever that means for you, be it beautiful hair, great make up, lovely adornments, or whatever, Lakshmi is far more likely to grace you with her presence.

If you want to go the whole hog with Lakshmi, it’s a great idea to print out a picture of her and put it on your wall. Or download it and have it as your computer or phone wallpaper. By the way for anyone who wants to conceive, this is a triply good idea.

VENUS DATES FOR YOUR DIARY for all the signs

November 1 /2 – Hot and sexy. If you’re looking for love, no matter what your sign, today has great love vibes.
November 3 – Healing. Whether you have love issues or problems related to cash, today is the day to work on yourself. Forgiveness is often the first step to solving a problem.
November 9/10 – Don’t go over the top, neither re love nor money! If you know you’re about to go too far, stop, breathe and take a step back. It’s easy to overdo it today.
November 12/13 – Excellent for making agreements re love or money or both. Even if things were shaky, what’s agreed now should stick.
November 17 – love lives lighten up, intensity lessons. If things have been a bit turgid in the romance department, then this is good news!
November 20/21 – If you’re a bit suss about someone or something, check it’s not just fear affecting you. Not? Then you might have good reason!
November 26/27 – Positive changes re love or money highly possible now. The thing is, though, that you have to believe that you are at least possibly destined to be rich!
November 27 – Be kind even if someone is pushing all your buttons! The people who push our buttons have the most to teach us, usually.

Venus starts November in the sign of Scorpio and moves into Sadge on November 17. Here’s where she is for all the signs while she is in Scorpio (1/11-16/11)

Venus is currently moving through your third house of communications, thoughts and Your Every Day life. This is a wonderful transit if life has been a little tough over the past few days or even weeks. For one thing, if you’ve been working too hard and/or worrying too much to enjoy yourself, that phase is about to end. In fact, you can expect to start feeling quite sociable now. If you’re single and looking for love, you’d do well to accept any and all invitations coming your way now. People are going to be extra drawn to you as Venus gives you the gift of the Charming Gab – your words are going to be more seductive to Someone Else’s ears than ever. For that reason, if you want to tell someone how much you care for them, the coming four weeks are the ideal time. Whatever else happens, you can expect to have Love On The Brain. Also this month, pay attention to those around you – you may not have realised how much love there is in your life, especially in your immediate environment. Take no one’s love for granted! This Venus cycle is also good news if you either wish you could spend more time with your siblings (the chance should arise) or if you’ve had a falling out with a brother or sister and want to make up. Extend the olive branch.

And this is where she will be impacting all the signs, as of November 17.

Aries – re travel and study – if you are in love with a foreigner (or even just someone from interstate) things look good. Also if you’re going on holidays, romance awaits.
Taurus – Venus in this part of your chart is in theory very good indeed for you sexually and financially. Things might not magically perfect overnight but life should be sweeter.
Gemini – Venus will be in your Love Zone, very good news for Gemini lovers. Unless you’re not happy with your partner, in which case it could be ‘talk time’.
Cancer – Venus will be making your daily life sweeter. How lovely is that?
Leo – Your love life, your relationship with kids (your own or someone else’s) and/or things on a creative project you have going are all about to sweetened by Venus.
Virgo – Your home life and the situation with family is going to be a little lovelier now as Venus moves through your Family Zone. Stop taking on too much!
Scorpio – Here comes Venus into your sign. She’s the Goddess of love and wealth. So if you think it sounds like a good thing, you’re right! Just allow things to unfold.
Sagittarius – Being alone is easier with Venus in your 12th House. You could be doing lots of kind things for someone else. Don’t expect thanks … yet.
Capricorn – Been a tad tough on a pal of yours? Now is the time to make things up. Stay really honest and things can work out eventually.
Aquarius – Your working life could be a little confusing to start with but ultimately the passage of Venus through your Career Zone should work out well for you.
Pisces – You will reap big rewards if you study or teach during this cycle. Ditto if you can get away from it all and go on some kind of adventure.

You also need to know that:

Deep healing in one important relationship is possible this month. So think about where there has been some kind of emotional rupture and decide that you are going to focus your energies on healing the situation with that person. Chances are that (1) boundaries need to be drawn and (2) that some serious talking through of upsets needs to be done. Also this month, as Venus meets Saturn in your Chat Zone, it’s a great time to either make a verbal commitment to someone emotionally or sign off on an agreement professionally.


You’re on fire creatively month. Do you have a project that you want to make real? Use November to break through any fears you have. You are ripe in oh-so many ways now. Want to conceive? It’s a good month for it. If your love life has been stagnant, expect things to get far livelier – to say the least.

Moon Report
The November 2014 Full Moon takes place in Taurus on:

Sydney – November 7 @ 9.22am AEDT
Auckland – November 7 @ 11.22am NZST
New York – November 6 @ 5.22pm EST
London – November 6 @ 10.22pm GMT
Montreal: November 6, 5.23pm
Paris: November 6, 11.23pm

We all need to attend to the mundane details of life but there is a point at which we have to cry STOP! and start to turn our minds to something just a little bigger and more fascinating. And your time to do that starts now. Sure, there are dozens of little jobs which need to be taken care off but you also need to find a balance, so that you get to play with some big ideas too, otherwise your brain might just atrophy! Study and travel will help you broaden your horizons, so grab the chance for either of those if they come up.

The November 2014 New Moon takes place in Sagittarius on:

Sydney – November 22 @ 11.32pm AEDT
Auckland – November 23 @ 1.32am NZST
New York – November 22 @ 7.32am EST
London – November 22 @ 12.32pm GMT
Montreal: November 22, 7.33am
Paris: November 22, 1.33pm

Have a super awesome month and remember to check your Stars every week right here.

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