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VIRGO February 2015


The skies are once again relatively good-humoured this month so hopefully we will all be the same! One thing to note is that the planet of love and abundance, aka Venus, is quite active this month. She makes four planetary connections AND she changes signs. In other words, love and abundance are going to be two big topics for February. Just as well, given that it’s Valentine’s Day month!

Here are the hot Venus dates for February:

February 1 – we will be feeling Venus/Neptune. Venus is the planet of lovey dovey warm feelings and Neptune is the planet of love. Put them together and – for all the signs – it certainly makes for a lovely Valentine’s warm up. Having said that, Venus can also be related to money and Neptune to deception. So if you’re involved with someone you don’t really trust, be that in a love or a money way, watch out!

February 8 – there is a brilliant Venus/Pluto connection today. So for all the signs, it’s a day to believe that love can transform your world. Because guess what? It really can! Also a very good day to turn over a leaf financially if you know you need to…

February 9 – a day for healing. If you have had your feelings hurt or your heart broken, this is the day to talk things through. It doesn’t have to be with the person who upset you. it could be with someone totally not connected. But talking love or money issues through today is highly recommended, for all the signs. If you are really struggling, ask someone close to you for a massage or get a professional one. It could really bring about an emotional shift.

February 14 – As for Valentine’s Day itself, the day looks pretty, shall we say, untroubled. There have been years in the past when I have opened my book of planets and found horrid Saturn issues or scary Pluto issues pushing the romance out of the day. In 2015, though, there’s a wholesome Virgo Moon connecting with beloved Venus. So if you’re in love, go out and celebrate. And if you’re not, then have some fun with friends.

Another thing to note about Valentine’s Day is that the Mercury retrograde cycle which started last month will have finished by the time February 14 rolls around. So chances are any proposals made tonight are not going to be retracted or rethought later on!

Speaking of Mercury retrograde, here is where your ruler Mercury will be going forwards for you as of February 12.

Mercury, the planet of communications will start going forwards again this month, which is great news for you if your daily life had had you on the hop. For you, Mercury has been going backwards in your SIXTH HOUSE of daily work and health. If you’ve been going two steps forwards and one step back where any or all of those subjects are concerned, now you know why! If, on the other hand, you’ve used the past few weeks to re-direct your daily duties or to get back into health routines you’d allowed to lapse, good for you. You made the most of the cycle. This month, as Mercury changes directions, you can expect one last possible blast of mayhem. And after that? Expect a lot less uncertainty in your daily life.

February 21 – FYI Venus moves into Aries today. Here’s what Venus in Aries means for your sign. (This influence lasts for about a month…)

Venus will be moving into your eighth house of sex, money, intimacy and taboos, where she’ll stay for around four weeks. This is one of the sexiest transits of Venus – though sometimes it’s very subtle. This is the part of your chart where you keep your feelings re jealousy and possessiveness, so be careful if you have a tendency in one of those directions. If you’ve already been struggling with one or both of those issues recently, matters can be expected to come to a head at some point over the next month. Subconscious psychological patterns which influence you when you’re in a relationship are likely to become more obvious – analyse yourself and see what you see. Be honest with yourself. Are you scared of letting someone get too close? What tactics are you using to keep them away? Sexually, this could be a super-charged month – make sure you don’t go getting in over your head, if you decide to Do Your Eighth House Thing and smash down taboos. Go at your own pace. Financially, this part of your chart is about shared cash – the coming four weeks is a particularly good time to either ask for a raise or a loan.

February 25 – this is also a day for everyone’s diary. Venus and Saturn are connecting harmoniously which is great news. Saturn makes promises and keeps them. So it’s a great day for making a deal money-wise or making someone a heartfelt promise. If someone is promising you good things now, there is every likelihood they will come good on their pledge!

As for the rest of January? Here’s a bit more of an overview:

Forget about any work weirdness you’ve experienced in the past few weeks. Actually it was just the Universe giving you the time you needed to focus on a particular work problem or career issue. Being a Virgo, you’re awesome with details. Hopefully they have now all been attended to and you know where you stand. Now that you are clearer on the way forwards, you can start to make things happen as you would like them to. It’s a case – as ever – of if you can believe it, you can achieve it.

And more info about this month…

This is the time for you to be reworking your daily routines and schedules. Your main objective right now is to think about what’s not working for you. What’s not good for you? What is toxic? Negative? Destructive? Blitz: These are the things you need to be getting out of your life this month, so the rest of the year is more functional.

Another big deal this month is the move of the planet Mars into Aries.

The top 5 things you need to know about Mars in Aries

1. Mars is a feisty planet at the best of times and Aries also has a pretty short fuse. So once Mars moves into Aries on February 20, best not to prod any bears around you. And if you don’t know what that expression means, it means don’t provoke any people you know have bad tempers!

2. Saying that, there is also a really positive side to Mars in Aries. For one thing, everyone is going to be a whole lot more spontaneous as they tap into this very courageous energy. More entrepreneurial too.

3. Mars is very sporty and in Aries, something like boxing will be fantastic for your workout regime.

4. If you’re the kind of person who usually deliberates for ages over anything and everything (and perhaps loses the odd opportunity as a result) Mars in Aries between now and the end of next month will give you a taste of how acting fast can work for you. Try it, you’ll like it!

5. Sexually Mars in Aries means single people are going to be far more likely to hook up with someone new than usual. There is just a recklessness about this combo. So have fun but take care! Mars in Aries can also revitalise the sex lives of old marrieds, if you’re more in that category!

Here’s what Mars in Pisces means for you and – fyi – all the other signs too:

Aries – it’s really and truly all systems go for Aries!
Taurus – will find it easier to keep their cool…
Gemini – a great time for Geminis to go out and meet some new people
Cancer – Cancerians will be on fire at work and doing very well indeed
Leo – many Leos want to get away. Good news for them; it can happen!
Virgo – Virgos could be feeling sexier than they have done in some time. Sex. Passion. Intimacy. Cash. What you are not allowed to do. All these are the domains of the 8th house. Now you’re about to have super busy Mars in there, stirring up these areas of your life. Having Mars in the 8th house can do wonders for your sex life – certainly your libido should be higher. However, Mars is also an argumentative so and so and in this part of your chart, he can cause arguments about sex or with your partner (or ex) about cash. Best advice – enjoy the heat of Mars in your sex zone. Promise yourself not to argue about cash.
Libra – a wonderful time for Libra singles – they should chase their crush! Marrieds can bring sexy back
Scorpio – time for Scorpios to really put that New Year’s exercise regime in place!
Sagittarius – they can expect to expend a lot of energy in their personal life this month
Capricorn – Cappies are extra motivated re doing things at home or with family
Aquarius – it will be easier for Aquarians to speak their mind this month – watch out!
Pisces – Pisceans will be more motivated about money than they have been in a long time

And finally – where’s the Moon? Here are the lunation times for the month ahead.

Full Moon 15 degrees Leo
SYDNEY: February 4, 10.09am AEDT
LONDON: February 3, 11.09pm UT
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: February 3, 6.09pm EST
AUCKLAND: February 4, 12.09pm NZST
PARIS: February 4, 12.09am CET

We all have deadlines to make and appointments to keep and so on – agreed – however be honest; have you been living your life focusing so much on all that, on getting where you need to go, taking care of business, that you’ve come a little bit adrift? Do you need to slow down, smell a few flowers and then have a think about life, where you’re going, what you’re doing and what you want for yourself? And if you’re the spiritual type and you know you could go deeper, the Full Moon is urging you to do exactly that!

New Moon 30 degrees Aquarius
SYDNEY: February 19, 10.48am AEDT
LONDON: February 18, 11.48pm UT
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: February 18, 6.48pm EST
AUCKLAND: February 19, 12.48pm NZST
PARIS: February 19, 12.48am CET

This month the New Moon takes place in the same place it did last month! So you get a double whammy. In case you have forgotten or you missed it, here is the info about what the New Moon in Aquarius means for you…

Oh you lucky, lucky thing! You have the New Moon in your 6th House AGAIN this month! In one way, this is one of the most tedious Houses. It’s the part of your chart which is all about your daily routines. Not exactly riveting! However, you’re a Virgo so you are good at this stuff. You know routines make the world go round. Plus this is also the part of your chart where you get a New Moon and you get a chance to TWEAK your routines so that at the very least, your daily life runs in a way that pleases you. If there are minor changes you need to make to the way your life runs, to your routines and schedules, then this is a great month to put those changes in place.

Have a super awesome month and remember to check your Year Ahead Stars here.

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