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Yasmin Boland

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Welcome to the new month! This week on my Facebook page, a few people were commenting about how tough this year has been astrologically-speaking. People often say this to me at the end of the year. Usually, I disagree. But this year? Not so much!

2014 has been quite tough, astrologically-speaking. The April Grand Cross was i-n-t-e-n-s-e. And now? Now every time I sit down to write these monthly Stars for you, I breathe a cosmic sigh of relief! Things – at least compared to April – are still much, much easier.

There are some major events coming up this month even so, which I will go into. But suffice to say that for all the signs, July looks like being relatively cruisey for most of the time.

The first thing to note is that Mercury, the planet of communications, will no longer be retrograde as of July 1. Personally I am a fan of Mercury retrograde. In fact I could say that in a way I am a fan of every possible astro-configuration. There are always chances to evolve and grow coming to us from the Stars. This time around, Mercury was going backwards in the sign of Cancer and then Gemini. Here is a quick rundown of how that affected all the signs:

Aries – your home life and the way you communicate was up for a rethink
Taurus – lots of miscommunications and also your finances had a second chance
Gemini – financial and Whole Life rethinks were possible
Cancer – the way you live your life was up for revision and you had some second thoughts about your spiritual convictions
Leo – your spiritual life got another look in and some friends came back into your life
Virgo – a misunderstanding (or reunion) with a friend was likely and you had a chance to do a career rethink
Libra – you had a chance to rethink your career and revised thoughts re travel
Scorpio – travel plans were revised and so were some ideas to do with sex or money or both
Sagittarius – there were second chances re love and money and your love life got your attention
Capricorn – who you love got a rethink and you had a chance to revise your daily routines
Aquarius – your daily life and work practises were up for revision as were your thoughts about a child, a romance or a creative project
Pisces – you had a second chance re a romance, a creative project or something to do with a child (your own or someone else’s) and something do with who you live with and/or where you live

Now Mercury starts to move forwards again. Firstly in Gemini and then in Cancer as the month unfolds. Here is the info about how you will be affected between now and mid-July. Check my site moonology.com for more info about what happens after that!

I’m happy to report that Mercury, the planet of communications will start going forwards again this week. Expect fewer people misunderstandings! For you, Mercury has been going backwards in your TENTH HOUSE of career. If you’ve been going round the houses at work, making silly mistakes, enduring upsets with colleagues or co-workers and generally wishing you could get away from it all to a place where you don’t need to go to the office, that was Mercury retrograde for you! This weekend, as Mercury changes directions, you can expect (or at least allow for the possibility) one last blast of mayhem. And after that? It’ll be easier to think straight. If you’ve been rethinking your career strategy over the past few weeks, it’s almost time to implement your new plans.

With Mercury now going forwards, it’s going to be easier to press on with our plans. Mercury retrograde is not a bad thing per se but it can cause annoying delays. However if you’re attuned to the cosmic vibe, you are probably already aware that these are the delays we have to have – or delays that give us a chance to slow down and take care of business before we rush on to the next thing!

The next big event to mention this month is the move of the planet of good luck and good times, Jupiter, into the sign of Leo.

Jupiter is the big planet who is full of confidence. Wherever he is at any one time in our chart is where we may feel as though we have the Gods and Goddesses on our side. Whether you’re a Leo or not is not really all that relevant here. Using what astrologers call Whole Sign Solar Houses, we can see that Jupiter is moving into a new House for you which means that a new part of your life is about to be touched by some extra good luck.

Here’s where Jupiter will be bringing you extra luck between now and this time time year (ish).

Even if you don’t currently think of yourself as ‘the Spiritual type’, Jupiter’s year-long visit to your 12th House, starting now, could see that changing, dramatically even. Under this once-every-12-years transit, people who’ve never so much as said “Ohm” have found themselves taking up meditation and – hey presto! – suddenly being introduced to their Higher Self. No kidding. If you’ve read enough about Angels to start to get curious about what it all means, Jupiter will bring singing choirs of them into your life, if you but seek a little bit. Your 12th House is the deepest, darkest part of your chart, and Jupiter is one of the most ebullient, noisy planets. You might think that the two don’t go well together but in fact having Jupiter arrive in your 12th House is a bit like having happy, screaming kids running through a cellar, throwing open doors that have been locked for years. And I do mean, years. Jupiter here can lighten you load, even if you’d rather be alone more often than usual. The 12th House is where you contemplate your fears – Jupiter laughs in the face of fears and if nothing else, will help you confront those scary ideas that have been plaguing on and off for years. Just finally, remember that this part of your chart is where you keep the Things You Don’t Like To Talk About. Jupiter is the planet of plenty and could see you developing quite a swag of secrets. Fine. Just be careful about what you keep hidden! It may not stay hidden forever… and the guilt that often goes with secrets ruins what can otherwise be a positive time for you.

If you’re curious about Jupiter in Leo, here are some of the overall effects that this transit is likely to bring; a return to loving bling; more showing off from the celebs; a return to more conspicuous consumption; celebrity culture getting even bigger; more famous for five minutes people; it’s also going to be an extra time for Leo and Leo Rising people!

And then of course, we get a bit of love info. Venus is the planet of love and abundance and this month – on July 19 – she moves into Cancer, the sign that Jupiter just left. Wherever Venus goes, sweetness follows, so wherever Venus is in your chart, life should be that bit sweeter. Here’s what Venus in Cancer means for you:

Venus is now moving into your eleventh house of wishes and friends, where she’ll stay for around four weeks. This Venus cycle sprinkles some magic love dust over you and your friends. OK that might sound a bit ridiculous but watch over the next few weeks. It should start to become pretty obvious which of your friends are worth keeping for life, as your relationships grow warmer and lovelier. Anyone who makes you feel less than great about yourself could be cut off your Christmas card list now. Even if life has been tough of late, being with people you love will be extra rewarding over the next four weeks. Expect to find it easier than usual to meet new people, if you know the time has come to expand your circle. If there’s something you’re keen to accomplish now and you need a friend’s help, just ask. If you’re sexy but single and looking for love, this is the ideal time to either go to as many parties as you’re invited to, or to throw a party or dinner part of your own and see what happens. Anywhere that you have to spend time with lots of people rather than one on one is best for you over the new few weeks.

And then at the end of the month, we have the planet Mars FINALLY moving out of Libra where he’s been all year. The partnership lessons you have learned since the start of 2014 has been partly thanks to this very long-running Mars cycle. Mars is the planet that likes to get things done so wherever he goes, you have that much extra oomph! And this is where he is for you as of the end of the month:

The good news is that your mind is now as sharp as a tack. The not-so-good news for anyone you don’t like the look of is that your tongue is also razor-like. Mars is in your communications zone so you can expect to perform well mentally and in writing. You will relish the chance of a verbal dual, you will cut people down to size with a few well-chosen words and you should find it easy (at last) to catch up on all those old emails. Want the courage to send that saucy SMS? You’ve got it. Just remember than Mars is the planet of anger too, though. Remind yourself 10 times a day to speak calmly and respectfully.

You also need to know this about July…

If you’re feeling ‘scattered’, use the new Jupiter energies to sort that out. How? There’s no pill for it. Rather, sign up for a yoga or meditation course. Inner peace can be yours! Since you’re a practical sign, let’s point out the fact that inner peace can really make your life work better, personally and professionally. Just say “Ommm…”
And finally, the New Moon and Full Moon info!

The July 2014 Full Moon takes place in Capricorn on:

Sydney – July 12 @ 9.24pm AEST
Auckland – July 12 @ 11.24pm NZT
New York – July 12 @ 7.24am EDT
London – July 12 @ 12.24pm BST

The July 2014 New Moon takes place in Leo on:

Sydney – July 27 @ 8.41am AEST
Auckland – July 27 @ 10.41am NZT
New York – July 26 @ 6.41pm EDT
London – July 26 @ 11.41pm BST

Have a great month!

For your short, sharp and shiny Weekly Stars from Yasmin Boland, click here. For your Daily Stars, click here. To order a horoscope report, click here.

Last Updated 1/07/14

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