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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert

VIRGO July 2015

The biggest astro-news of the month is that Venus – planet of love and abundance – starts a rare reverse cycle. That’s going to mean a few things

  1. Venus will be going more slowly throughout July so we all get more of her magical powers where-so-ever she may be in our chart
  2. Come the end of the month, we will all be asked by the Universe to think more about what we actually do and don’t value
  3. Money-making ideas and love affairs that you thought were over could be about to get a second chance
  4. It’s coming up to a time when we will all be taking a step back to appraise how much someone or something really matters to us – and during that time, we could feel a distance from the person or situation we’re reconsidering. It’s nothing to worry about and all just part of the natural order of things!

One really gorgeous fact connected to Venus retrograde is that as she goes, Venus makes a gorgeous pattern in the skies. In fact, it’s known as the Venus Mandala and it’s the pattern you come up with if you trace her forwards and backwards motion over a period of years. Click here to download a copy of it – print it out and leave it somewhere you can see it this month and ask the Universe to help you to get the most out of this cycle, which only happens every 18 months.

All that said, Venus doesn’t start to go backwards until July 25. So more on what that means for you next month. In the meantime, she is in Leo – here’s a reminder what that means for you, in case you missed it last month. It’s OH so worth knowing where love and abundance planet Venus is at any one time!

Venus is now moving into your twelfth house of secrets and sleep, where she’ll stay for around four weeks. If you find yourself being required to make some sacrifices for someone you love at any point over the next few weeks, do it with pleasure, if you can. This Venus cycle is partly about putting someone else’s needs before your own. You might not get instant thanks for what you do, but the good karma will eventually find its way back to you. On the other hand, be very careful to avoid bad karma now. Especially be careful if you’re thinking about getting involved with someone who is not really available to you. Quell any desires to get involved in any love triangles. Let me put it bluntly: take care before you either have an affair or seduce someone who’s attached elsewhere. You have been warned! Similarly, be careful if you feel like you’re giving or getting mixed messages romantically now – sometimes during this cycle it’s impossible to be CLEAR. Confused by love? Far better to be patient. Being in this cycle means the next Venus cycle sees the love planet in your own sign. And if you think that sounds good, you’re right.

There are no major astro-events this month so I thought I would go through the power points energetically speaking, as well as giving you the info for the New Moon and Full Moon as usual.

The first week of the month looks rather lovely. If you can schedule in some romantic times or fun with friends, go for it.

However by the time we get to the second week of the month, the tide is rather turning! Don’t worry just be forewarned and therefore forearmed! On July 13 to 16, there is clashes between the Sun and Neptune, Venus and Saturn and Mars and Pluto.

As a Virgo: You need to be careful this month that you don’t go and lose your cool with a friend who matters to you. Sometimes friendships can end as a result of an argument. Do you really want that?

You also need to know that..

This is the month to make some wishes. Especially mid-month. Write down these wishes and then turn them into intentions, complete with action-plans that you can follow through with. Don’t write this idea off as mumbo-jumbo. Do some proper research. Even the famous Harvard Business School recommends list writing as a way to achieve your goals. Intentions are very powrful! Your Wishes Zone has the most power in it that it’ll have for two years. Might as well harness it. Also look to see which friends or contacts can help you.

Happily the New Moon comes along and hopefully sweeps troubles away. Here are the July New Moon times around the world:

Full Moon 10 degrees Capricorn

SYDNEY: July 2, 12.20pm AEST

LONDON: July 2, 3.20am BST

MONTREAL/NEW YORK: July 2, 10.20pm EDT

AUCKLAND: July 2, 2.20pm NZT

PARIS: July 2, 4.20am CEDT

And here’s where the July New Moon is taking place for you:

The New Moon is taking place this month in your 11th House which is the part of your chart which relates to your friends and the things you’re wishing for. In a nutshell, having the New Moon here is very auspicious for two reasons. For one, it means you’re in a cycle over the coming four weeks when you can meet new people and sometimes, that’s the exact tonic we need. Be open to having new friends in your life. For another, though, it’s a hugely important time for manifesting.

Or to look at the same cycle from another angle…

This is the month for you to make a wish. What springs to mind? Believe you can make your dreams come true. The New Moon in your Wishes Zone is a shot of energy towards whatever you want. So make your desires known to the Universe – write them down or say them out loud – and then take action/follow through.

By the end of the month, the focus shifts as the Sun makes its move from homey Cancer into flashier Leo. Think of the Sun as a great big spotlight – where it goes, your focus follows, for the coming four weeks at least. Here’s where the spotlight will be for you as of July 23.

As the Sun slips into your 12th house this month, you get to slip into the Twilight Zone. Well, sort of. The Sun goes through this part of your chart once a year. As it does so, you can expect to feel a little more like staying at home and contemplating either your navel, or your life, or both. And that is just fine. Take it easy on yourself this week and over the next four weeks. It’s an excellent time to get some rest, explore the esoteric and listen to your dreams. Also see if there are events from your past which have created patterns which are now dictating how you react to events in the present… is it time to break with the past?

And then finally, we get to Venus retrograde. As I said, more about this next month but in the meantime, here’s a taster of what it’s going to mean for each sign:

Aries – reconsidering what matters to you in your daily life and re your health

Taurus – it’s time to work out how much a creative project or a romance really matters to you

Gemini – how much do you value getting your home life in order?

Cancer – it might be time for you to say sorry to someone or accept someone’s apology

Leo – money you have been waiting on could finally materialise

Virgo – it’s time for you to work out what you really value and act accordingly

Libra – an old fear related to love or money could come up

Scorpio – time make up with an old friend?

Sagittarius – reassess how much your work matters to you

Capricorn – a wonderful time to revisit somewhere you used to love

Aquarius – money and sex issues could be back for re-evaluation

Pisces – an old lover could be back on the scene or you’re reconsidering your love life

The end of the month sees the chaos planet Uranus start a retrograde cycle. This means that for all the signs, there is going to be another chance to deal with something which has been causing chaos. It’s a matter of realising that we can’t control anyone or anything and learning to go with the flow whenever THAT issue arises. End the month trying to release control. Whatever you’re being retested on as July ends – pay attention (that’s basically what it means to ‘live consciously’) it’s your chance to master this issue in your life. Good luck! Remember to download your Venus mandala here

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