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October is calm down time…


If you’re starting October feeling a tad exhausted and wondering how you’re ever going to make it to the end of the year, relax.

After the ups and downs of September, which brought eclipses, you might be pleased to hear that October looks like being a lot calmer.

The things with the past month or so is that is has been something like a ‘clean sweep’ in our lives. The eclipses released our grip on things we had to let go off.

Where our behaviour just had to change, well, hopefully you have made the changes. (Personally I dropped caffeine and took up herbs and feel better for it – you?)

If your life recently took a dramatic swerve in a new direction, that was the September eclipses for you – however you can now go into something a little more like cruise mode.

So, calmer October. If you’re thinking about doing Sober October, the energies this month support it, so do it for your liver and for a good cause!

The most active planet this month is Venus, aka the planet of love and abundance. Moreover the links Venus is making with the other planets are overall positive. That is good news for all of us since it means our love and abundance factors should be on the up and up.


Did you know that you’re in a cycle where you could make a lot of cash? (As long as you’re not second-guessing and doubting yourself, Virgo-style). The key to increased financial success for you now is to believe in yourself. Verge on big-noting yourself. All this goes triple if you have a creative project going which you hope will pay off. Another thing to remember is that money is energy and it responds to what we say and feel. So think good thoughts and affirm good things when talking about cash.


Venus is is all about romance and riches – it’s your love planet! Venus guides you when you fancy someone, when you fall in love and when you yearn for someone or something from the bottom of your heart.

So, matters of the heart are dealt with by this beautiful, kind and caring planet. Venus is about pleasure, kindness, caresses – things like lacy underwear and all things sweet. In her highest form, Venus is about perfect and ideal relationships. How you relate to others depends a lot on your Venus. Ditto how you fall in love.

This month, Venus is making 6 major links to other planets and 5 of them are overwhelmingly positive.

Venus spends half of October in the sexy sign of Scorpio moving into cheerier Sadge on October 18. Here is where Venus is for you until October 18. Venus really is a planet worth getting your head around, being so lovely as she is…)

Venus is now moving through your third house of communications, thoughts and Your Every Day life, where she’ll stay for around four weeks. This is a wonderful transit if life has been a little tough over the past few days or even weeks. For one thing, if you’ve been working too hard and/or worrying too much to enjoy yourself, that phase is about to end. In fact, you can expect to start feeling quite sociable now. If you’re single and looking for love, you’d do well to accept any and all invitations coming your way now. People are going to be extra drawn to you as Venus gives you the gift of the Charming Gab – your words are going to be more seductive to Someone Else’s ears than ever. For that reason, if you want to tell someone how much you care for them, the coming four weeks are the ideal time. Whatever else happens, you can expect to have Love On The Brain. Also this month, pay attention to those around you – you may not have realised how much love there is in your life, especially in your immediate environment. Take no one’s love for granted! This Venus cycle is also good news if you either wish you could spend more time with your siblings (the chance should arise) or if you’ve had a falling out with a brother or sister and want to make up. Extend the olive branch.

And here are the 5 hot and 1 not Venus dates for your diary…

October 1 – Venus trine Neptune – this is a very romantic connection and really rather a lovely way to start the month. Very good for a date or some kind of romantic rendez vous, or to set up a date for the evening of October 5…

October 5 – Venus sextile Pluto – this is less romantic and more passionate!

October 11 – Venus trine Chiron – there is a lot of love and healing in the air today and tonight.

October 26 – Venus square Neptune – if you think someone looks like a rat, smells like a rat, talks and walks like a rat – they could be a rat! Note this is the one not-lovely Venus connection of the month…

October 26 – Venus sextile Jupiter – arguably the most romantic night of the month – book a sitter!

October 29 – Venus conjunct Saturn – not exactly ROMANTIC however there could be some important home truths and/or commitments coming up today and tonight


We might not have eclipses to deal with this month but there are still some ructions going on in the skies. Specifically, clashes involved the Sun, Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Uranus and Pluto.

Mars in particular seems to be in the wars. Which is sort of just how he likes it, since Mars is the planet of war and blood! On a personal level, when Mars is clashing as he is this month, in the sign of Capricorn.

It will be easier than usual to get into spats with the people who annoy or antagonise you, as well as with the people you love!

The peak clash days of October for all of us: October 5, 7, 13, 16 and 29. All these are days are charged emotionally. Go easy! (If you know how to meditate, do it!)

Here’s the rundown on where angry Mars is for you this month – you have been warned!
Mars’ visit to your 5th House of Fun means you are officially ready to have a Good Time. In fact, over the next few weeks, you can expect your desire to party hard to be so strong that it overwhelms you – even if you have deadlines to meet and responsibilities you should be dealing with,. Ooops. You want to express yourself – and damn anyone who doesn’t like you for Who You Really Are. For some, kids will be a source of hours of entertainment. However, if you’re locked in some kind of dispute re children, go easy now. Sexually, you’re h-o-t.


As you might know, Mercury did a retrograde in September which was another reason why the month was so tense for so many people. Will Mercury going forwards again give some people a second chance? Yet it will. (Maybe even Brad and Angelina who announced their divorce under the retrograde – here’s hoping!)

Mercury is now back up to speed and will spend most of October charging through Libra.

Here is what that means for you:

Good news! After last month’s retrograde, communications planet Mercury is now resuming normal transmission and going forwards again… so some of the chaos is about to ease up. For you, Mercury has been going backwards in your SECOND HOUSE of cash, property and possessions. If you’ve been going two steps forwards and one step back where any or all of those subjects are concerned, now you know why! This weekend, as Mercury changes directions, you can expect (or at least allow for the possibility) one last blast of mayhem. And after that? It’s smoother sailing. Your financial statements will start to make more sense, there will be fewer annoying glitches when it comes to dealing with money, and if you’re trying to buy or sell something, you can expect a lot less weirdness.


This month is a bit unusual as it brings not two lunations but three! We get the New Moon in Libra, then the Full Moon in Aries and then another New Moon, this time in Scorpio.
New Moon at 9 degrees in Libra
SYDNEY: October 1, 10.11am
LONDON: October 1, 1.11am
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: September 30, 8.11pm*
AUCKLAND: October 1, 1.11pm
PARIS: October 1, 2.11am

Here is some info about the first of the New Moons…

New Moon (or solar eclipse) in Libra g (Between late September and late October)
◗ 1. Really relate: How well do you relate to others?
◗ 2. Partner up: Partnerships in particular get special attention at this New Moon.
◗ 3. Negotiate: The New Moon in Libra is a wonderful time to negotiate or renegotiate anything you’re not too happy with.
◗ 4. Look gorgeous: Libra is refined and beautiful.
◗ 5. Regain your identity: Consider if you’re be co-ey.

Then we will get the Full Moon in Aries…

Full Moon at 24 degrees in Aries
SYDNEY: October 16, 3.23pm
LONDON: October 16, 5.23am
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: October 16, 12.23am
AUCKLAND: October 16, 5.23pm
PARIS: October 16, 6.23am

Here’s what the Full Moon means for your sign…

The Full Moon is taking place in your 8th house. For you, it’s partly all about joint finances – that means where you get paid by someone else or where you pay them and also about loans and debt. It’s a time to be thining about what’s yours, what’s someone else’s and where the two may or can or even should meet. You may find that you’ve been thinking too much about someone else’s needs but now comes a time when you start to focus more on feathering your own nest. There really is nothing at all wrong with that – in fact, with the Full Moon in your 8th house, it’s pretty much what you should be doing. Sexually, the coming month is emotionally charged. If things are good, they should get better. If they’re not so good, it’s time to address the issues. Sex is not always easy to talk about but this Full Moon brings makes it easier.
And the third lunation of October the New Moon in Scorpio

New Moon at 8 degrees in Scorpio

SYDNEY: October 31, 4.38am
LONDON: October 30, 5.38pm
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: October 30, 1.38pm
AUCKLAND: October 31, 6.38am
PARIS: October 30, 6.38pm
Here are a few ideas of how best we can all use the New Moon in Scorpio energy…
◗ 1. Get sexy: The energy of the New Moon in Scorpio is very sexy.
◗ 2. Invest wisely: Financial partnerships also come under the New Moon in Scorpio.
◗ 3. Make inner peace: Possessiveness and jealousy are also very much the Scorpio energy.
◗ 4. B-r-e-a-t-h-e: Not your monkeys, not your circus
◗ 5. Drop grudges: This is the time to ditch emotional baggage and drop grudges.
Note that it’s a superb month for manifesting your dreams this month – if that is something you would like to do click here for your free New Moon Wishing Kit…

And finally…

The stage is set for some romance this month as Venus moves through your Communications Zone and Mars moves through your Fun Zone. Put those two factors together and you should find you can seduce anyone with your words and once you have them in the state of mind you want them, you can have some fun with them! Having fun with friends is also very highly recommended if you’re single and plan to stay that way.

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