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Yasmin Boland

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VIRGO December 2014

Info for all the signs: Take note. This is a huge month astrologically for ALL the signs. The following info applies to everyone because it’s totally fair to say that 2014 ends not with a whimper but a bang! (You need to keep reading to the end for info which applies just to your sign…)

December brings is another of what some astrologers have been calling “the Heavenly Bells”. It’s a clash between the mighty planets Uranus and Pluto. These two planets are about revolution and destruction respectively and their clashes on and off since 2012 have come with a very loud “Evolve or perish!” message.

And Christmas Day itself? It looks very intense… Work extra hard to be nice to your family! The good news is that Christmas Day is swiftly followed by some lovely healing energy suggesting even if things get fraught over the turkey, you can sort them out quickly enough. Certainly it’s an intense Yuletide so reach out to anyone you know needs some TLC during this season which can be wonderful for some people and very testing for others.

If all that sounds a bit full on, it actually is! Many people have already made massive life changes these past few years, because they had a sense that it really has been a case of “It’s now or never!” Whether it’s changing jobs or changing relationships or moving countries or even changing careers, it’s been huge.

And if you have heard the call to make the changes but you have done nothing about it, that’s when you’re going to run into trouble. This month (December) brings the sixth out of the seven all up clashes. So what are you going to do about it?

We’re talking about the housewife who decides she wants to be a lawyer or coder or whatever. That she wants to change her life. The successful business man who decides to trash his career to spend more time with his family. The person who finally goes back to that town or country from their past that they have missed ever since they lived here. And so on. It can be clashing and clanging you can’t ignore in your relationships or smashing through something else that’s holding you back. It can be overcoming fear or learning how to fight back.

Here’s a rundown about where the clashes and clangs have affected all the signs:

Aries – the way the world sees you and also re your brilliant career and your ambitions
Taurus – your secret self, your deep, dark psyche and your connection to the cosmic and also re travel and adventure, higher learning, religion and/or publishing and the internet
Gemini – your friends and the social circles you move in, sex and money and other topics people try to avoid
Cancer – your brilliant career, ambitions and your love life – also re the VIPs in your life … and perhaps re an enemy
Leo – re travel and adventure, higher learning, religion and/or publishing and the internet and re your daily work routines and your health
Virgo – re sex and money and other topics people try to avoid. Also re a child (your own or someone else’s) a romance or a creative project
Libra – your love life and re the VIPs in your life and perhaps re an enemy. Also, at home and re family, flatmates, and where you feel at home/belong
Scorpio – re your daily work routines and your health plus the way you communicate. Also re neighbours and siblings and travel
Sagittarius – re a child (your own or someone else’s), a romance and/or a creative project plus regarding cash property and possessions
Capricorn – at home and re family and flatmates, re where you feel at home/belong and the way the world sees you
Aquarius – the way you communicate plus re neighbours and siblings and travel. Also re your secret self, your deep, dark psyche and your connection to the cosmic…
Pisces – re a child (your own or someone else’s) a romance and/or a creative project and also regarding cash property and possessions

The sixth of the seven clashes takes place on December 15 so you will likely feel any pressure mid-month. This is not something to fear. It’s actually a clarion-call to evolve your life in the way that you want it to go.

These energies are all about us being outrageous in some way, doing something that is liberating and somehow takes us off the grid of our lives.

For something a bit different, here’s a thought for you from one Buckminster Fuller, usually described as “an American neo-futuristic architect”. It’s OH so Uranus (unconventional and modern) and Pluto (out with the old, revolution or nothing!) Of course, not everyone will go this far, but it’s surprising conventionality strikes me as very appropriate!

“We should do away with the absolutely specious notion that everybody has to earn a living. It is a fact today that one in ten thousand of us can make a technological breakthrough capable of supporting all the rest. The youth of today are absolutely right in recognizing this nonsense of earning a living. We keep inventing jobs because of this false idea that everybody has to be employed at some kind of drudgery because, according to Malthusian Darwinian theory he must justify his right to exist. So we have inspectors of inspectors and people making instruments for inspectors to inspect inspectors. The true business of people should be to go back to school and think about whatever it was they were thinking about before somebody came along and told them they had to earn a living.” – Buckminster Fuller.

So that was Buckminster’s view. Just for the record, he was Cancerian.

FYI the last of the Uranus/Pluto clashes takes place in March. Life will become easier then but we shouldn’t wish the current pressures away. They are shaping up and challenging us and allowing us to grow. Keep an eye on your Weekly Stars for more info as the clashes clang!

And speaking of work, there is another massive astro-event this month – the planet of hard work and reality, Saturn, moves into Sagittarius for the first time since 1988. Think back to that year, if you can remember that far back! Some of the challenges you faced then you will face again. If you worked hard and succeeded, you can do that again now. Again, this info applies to all the signs, because it’s so BIG! But read on for more details about how it applies to your sign specifically…

Saturn is one of the most feared planets and yet is also the planet that is responsible for helping us to feel more secure and stable in our lives. Saturn will stay in Sadge until December 19 2017 (except for a retrograde dip back into Scorpio from June 14 2015 – September 17 2015).

First, a quick look at what this means overall. When you think of Sagittarius, adventure and exploration are the ideas which. Sagittarius is also all about higher education, the internet, belief systems, philosophy, religion and the law. Sagittarius always sees the big picture. Sagittarius is all about possibilities and expecting the best to be just around the corner.

Saturn on the other had is all about why thing may NOT work out. While Sadge bounds ahead expecting wonderful results, Saturn stops us in our tracks and asks us if we have crossed our Ts and dotted our Is.

Sagittarius is about freedom while Saturn is about commitment.

As you can see, they are quite opposing energies and yet they will be mixed for the coming three years.

Sadge is the hot air and Saturn is the planet that says “Ok but how do you make it real?”

If you know you’ve been talking your talk but not walking your walk, Saturn’s move through Sadge will help you to change that. Saturn will bring lots of very lofty ideals down to earth. As I write, I keep thinking about the hippy side of Sagittarius. All sorts of alternative ideas – from the benefits of raw food to the dangers of fluoride to the medicinal uses of cannabis – will up for examination while Saturn is in Sadge and that’s a good thing. Rather than just relying on the internet for all our info, Saturn will ask for peer-reviewed studies about what actually is and isn’t good for us.

For your eyes/your sign only…

Here’s what Saturn in Sagittarius means for your sign:

No matter how old you are, no matter how long you’ve been living away from home, or whether you’re a grandchild or you have grandchildren or both, one of the major issues for you with Saturn’s arrival in your fourth house is independence. And while you’re working on that aspect of your life, see also, inner stability. These are the major life lessons on offer to you from the Cosmos now. Accept them gracefully and you will prosper.

You are being given a big opportunity to take a deep breath and look inwards. It’s time to think about your roots and where you come from, as well as where you belong.

For some of you, reminders from the past will come creeping out of the woodwork and some childhood fears will be addressed. OK, as you sit here reading this, that might sound a little scary. But why do you think that people around the world pay psychiatrists and the like to listen while they talk about their childhood? There’s a simple reason—because it can unlock fears. If you can see where your fears come from you will be better equipped to deal with them. We all have stuff that we base our emotions on. What happened to you as a child that holds you back now? Saturn’s move through your fourth house gives you a chance to rebuild ‘broken emotions’.

For folk who have already faced their childhood fears, there are other lessons in store. Being more grown up when dealing with your family is one possibility for growth here. No matter how old you are, it’s time to act maturely where your nearest and (hopefully) dearest are concerned. Responsibilities of the family kind are coming your way. For some, this can mean having a child while for others it can mean simply sorting out your family home—physically rebuilding or fixing that leaky roof, for example.

Your parents could help you if you’re still talking to them. If you’re not talking to them you may well have the chance to work things out with them during the next few years. You have a chance to make your dreams come true where family is concerned now but the energies you are working with are demanding and won’t give you much for free.

And some love and money news…

On December 11, Venus moves into the sign of Capricorn. These two are great allies. Venus is about love and riches and Capricorn is all about getting serious. So having Venus in Capricorn is good for getting serious re love and ways of tapping into your abundance. And yes, it’s extra good for Capricorns and also for Cancerians. However Venus in Capricorn will affect us all – here’s the info for your sign:

Venus is now moving into your fifth house of fun, where she’ll stay for around four weeks. There nothing that the planet of pleasure, Venus, likes more than enjoying herself. And as she goes through your House of Fun, having a good time is Number 1 Mission. If you needed some kind of excuse to stop worrying and start indulging, you have it; Venus in this part of your chart means you are almost duty-bound to work less and to spoil and amuse yourself more. This Venus cycle is also good news for singles looking to meet someone, because your fifth house rules romance – of the light-hearted variety. Certainly, if there were ever a time to get out there and shimmy your shui, this is that time. Couples don’t miss out, either. If you don’t find some of the old romance seeping back into your relationship over the next four weeks, it might be time to start talking to each other about your romantic expectations. Romance each other. This transit is also excellent for anyone with issues connected to children (your own or someone else’s) – matter should be more easily negotiated and resolved. Good news really is possible. Ditto if you are working on an artistic or creative project. Your ability should be extra high – now all you need to do is discipline yourself to harness your extra creative ability!

You also need to know that…

If your life is not feeling romantic enough for you, the skies strongly suggest you do something about that. You are actually one of the best signs of the zodiac to partner up with. Romance: You’re modest, you love to help out, and despite your often chaste exterior, you often have a seriously kinky side. Put that in your online profile…


Think over the past two years and about how much you have or haven’t learned to think positively. If you feel like astrologers everywhere have hammered you about this, apologies. But it truly has been the biggest lesson that the Universe has been trying to teach you. Can you see how expecting the best and thinking about what you want and – crucially – not moaning, brings amazing things into your life? If you haven’t got your head around this year, make it your focus for December. You truly won’t regret it.

And the New Moon and Full Moon of the month:

The December 2014 Full Moon takes place in Gemini on:

Sydney – December 6 @ 11.26pm AEDT
Auckland – December 7 @ 1.26am NZST
New York – December 6 @ 7.26am EST
London – December 6 @ 12.26pm GMT
Montreal: December 6, 7.27am
Paris: December 6, 1.27pm

The December 2014 New Moon takes place in Capricorn on:

Sydney – December 22 @ 12.35pm AEDT
Auckland – December 22 @ 2.35pm NZST
New York – December 21 @ 8.35pm EST
London – December 22 @ 1.35am GMT
Montreal: December 21, 8.36pm
Paris: December 22, 2.36am

Have a super awesome month and remember to check your Stars every week right here.

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