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Virgo Monthly Horoscope


Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert

VIRGO April 2015


The first thing to note is that there is a Full Moon eclipse taking place this month. These are almost always about endings and can also be about detoxification, letting go, the process of releasing someone or something.


The Full Moon eclipse will take place in the sign of Libra, which means that no matter what sign you are, there could be important relationship issues coming up for you. Because life has been so up and down of late, and because so many people have been working so hard on their relationships, for many, this eclipse is all about leaving behind a bad cycle that was tough to deal with. Hopefully that sounds like your life?

However if you know you are still involved in an unhealthy or unhappy relationship that you’re probably never going to get back on track, then this could be the time that you decide to let go and move on.
Overall, eclipses are also about letting go and moving on. They can also be seen as a very bright celestial spotlight shining in one part of your chart. It can be as though the Universe is giving you a very big hint about the big issues coming up for you as the bright light of the Moon lights up your chart.


The fact that we are still in the eclipse season as April begins is a red-flag to anyone hoping for a totally easy and calm life. We are not there until at least a good 10 days after the eclipse, arguably 14, when the New Moon will trigger the start of a new emotional cycle.

If you have FEARS this is the time to raise them up to the Universe. I am a big believer in making astrology even more cosmic by calling heavenly creatures such as the angels and Goddesses. If you like to do the same, then call on Archangel Jophiel as April begins, and ask for help to see life with more beautiful eyes. Knowing that life can be beautiful is a huge step towards making life more beautiful. Obviously there are times when this is easier to do than others.


Consider taking a break from reading and watching the news, if the constant stream of upsets gets you down. Count your blessings every day. Even doing something like starting a private Instagram account, just for you and your friends, nothing to do with work, can help because it leads to looking for the beauty in every day life. And this month really is a month to bring beauty back.


This is where the eclipse is lighting up all the sign’s chart. Read your Star sign AND your Rising Sign of you know it!

Aries – your love life
Taurus – your daily routines and your health
Gemini – regarding romance, creativity and kids
Cancer – at home
Leo – when it comes to travel, communications and your siblings and neighbours
Virgo – regarding cash, property and possessions
Libra – your whole life!
Scorpio – your fears and your spiritual life
Sagittarius – regarding your friendship circles
Capricorn – your career and ambitions
Aquarius – regarding travel and study and adventures
Pisces – regarding sex and money


FYI this is when the eclipse is taking place around the world…
Full Moon Lunar Eclipse 15 degrees Libra
SYDNEY: April 4, 11.06pm AEDT
LONDON: April 4, 1.06pm BST
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: April 4, 8.06am EDT
AUCKLAND: April 5, 1.06am NZST
PARIS: April 4, 2.06pm CEDT

And this is what is means more specifically for your sign…

Intimacy, power struggles and questions about who has the upper hand, cash, control and joint finances have been a focus for many of your for the past few weeks. This Full Moon eclipse suggests that you shift your focus a little. Instead of worrying about who owes and owns what, worry about what you have, and what you have to offer someone else. It’s as thought the Universe is asking you to think less about what someone else can do to make you happy, and to worry more about what you can do to make others comfortable. Rediscover the pleasure of giving.


And then along comes the New Moon to remind you Virgo… that new beginnings are possible both in your love/intimate life and re cash, especially where it’s connected to someone else, or to do with credit cards and/or paying debts.

New Moon 29 degrees Aries

SYDNEY: April 19, 4.57am AEST
LONDON: April 18, 7.57pm BST
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: April 18, 2.57pm EDT
AUCKLAND: April 19, 6.57am NZT
PARIS: April 18, 8.57pm CEDT

It’s not an eclipse but it’s still a very powerful time for you to set your intentions. The other thing about this New Moon is that – as mentioned above – it’s the start of the new cycle, post the eclipse season.
As always with astrology, the key to success is to live really consciously. That means not just retreating from life and hopping to duck the hard stuff, refusing to deal with the issues as they come up.
Rather, facing up to your feelings and fears is the way to move through them. So do that for the 19 days of April and then be grateful with the New Moon comes along to change the mood. If you have done the emotional work asked of you by the eclipse, you will be that much better and wiser for it.
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There is a changing of the guard coming up for you financially. Forget about any financial issues you have faced. Decide that from here on in, you are going to be more proactive about making the cash you need to lead the life you want. The less you worry about money, the more time you will have to come up with brilliant cash strategies. The more you can stand on your own two feet when it comes to money, the better now too.


As of April 12, the planet of love, Venus, will move into the sign of Gemini. Venus in Gemini is a wonderful thing because Venus is about romance and Gemini is one of the signs that knows how to communicate. If you want to talk to someone about an affair of the heart, best to leave it until after April 12 —
This is where Venus will be affecting you – also read your Rising sign if you know it!
Aries – you will find it easier to talk about your feelings
Taurus – good money times could be coming your way
Gemini – expect to be feeling loved up or to know more what you want from love
Cancer – a time to do things for the people you love with no thought of reward
Leo – you and your friends are in for a lovely time
Virgo – expect to be flavour of the month at work/work love affairs are well-starred
Libra – if you go away, a holiday romance could await. See the big love picture.
Scorpio – sex and money matters are both well-starred
Sagittarius – your love life is being blessed so hopefully happy times are ahead (Saturn notwithstanding!)
Capricorn – it’s time for you to fall in love with your daily routines; look after yourself
Aquarius – you will be feeling the love for your beloved, caring for a child, or being creative
Pisces – your home life should be sweeter than it’s been in some time

And now that you have read that, here are some more details for your sign…

Venus will be now moving into your tenth house of work, where she’ll stay for around four weeks. Venus is in many ways, the Great Attractor. Wherever she appears in your chart is where you suddenly find yourself able to attract people to you, charming them as you go. Right now, Venus in your work zone means you can expect your professional life to pick up. If you’ve been waging wars with office politics, relax. You are entering a four-week period when you’ll find it much easy to negotiate your way to peaceful agreements with co-workers and clients alike. Alternatively, you can use this cycle to bring in more business as people find themselves quite simply being drawn to you. If you want to convince someone to invest in your ideas, don’t delay. Now is a great time to speak up. If you’re contemplating or actually having a romance at work, Venus’ move through your tenth house means the relationship gets a chance to blossom. Because this part of your chart is associated with the planet of age, you could easily find yourself being drawn to someone either a lot younger or older than you.


Change is very much afoot for you now re your finances this month, so no matter what you’re worried about, whatever you do, don’t panic! This is not a harbinger of doom for your cash flow. In fact, it marks the end of a cycle, so if things have been dire, they can start to improve henceforth. Cashed up. You could actually end up feeling rather more flush soon.

Also – for all the signs – be aware that mid-month, Pluto stops moving forwards for a while. This takes more pressure off. All in all, if you’re in recovery from the past few months, use April to breathe as much as you can (after the eclipse it will be easier!) Yes there will be ups and downs, but overall, things really are starting to settle.

Note to stress-heads: If you were using the madness and the chaos of the past few months to give you the adrenalin you needed to forge ahead towards your plans, now it’s time to b-r-e-a-t-h-e. It doesn’t matter what sign you are, the pace needs to slow now or we will all end up run ragged. April is also a really wonderful time to take up some kind of self-care practise like meditation or yoga. Make the time! To paraphrase yogic great Iyengar, don’t wait until you feel peaceful enough to do some yoga, do some yoga to feel peaceful.

And finally, an affirmation for your sign for the month:

“Every day, in every way, my finances are improving…”

Have a wonderful month, and remember you can read your daily Astro guidance every day here

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