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Virgo Monthly Horoscope

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Yasmin Boland

Astrology Expert



Your horoscope for February looks wonderful. Of course, being a grounded Virgo, you know that doesn’t mean 100 percent smooth sailing 100 percent of the time. But overall February is mighty promising. You have great stars influencing your home life, your love life and the way other people see you, too. There could be a few unexpected financial developments, but chances are they will be fleeting glitches which you can easily handle. Virgos with heavy hearts can find respite and emotional healing. Talk things through with someone whose opinion you trust.

In other news…


So it’s February. The month of romance. Or will it be? So it’s February. What follows is information for all the signs, since I am pretty sure everyone (well, almost) wants to hear about it….

• Astrologically, February 14 has one very big thing going for it. The next cosmic connection afterwards is being communications planet Mercury and sign-on-the-dotted-line-and-commit Saturn.

• In other words, anything you agree to on Feb 14 – such as, saying marrying someone! – is well-starred. And in the business world, this also applies to any deals made.

• The day features peak romance potential, or nearly as the Moon moving through sensual Taurus on the day/night triggers lucky Jupiter and passionate Pluto and soon enough, love planet Venus.

• In other words, things are looking good. Definitely a night to get a sitter if you have kids, to go out if you’re attached or single. Enjoy.


The Aquarius New Moon
New Moon at 20 degrees in Aquarius
SYDNEY: February 9, 1.38am
LONDON: February 8, 2.38pm
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: February 8, 9.38am
AUCKLAND: February 9, 3.38am
PARIS: February 8, 3.38pm

Radical change ahoy!

This is a wonderful New Moon, no matter what your Star sign. Reason being, this New Moon can help us to find a new solution to an old or on-going problem, and also augurs well for love and money for all of us. Aquarius is a revolutionary and electric energy, and when the Moon is new in Aquarius, it’s a great time for us all to get in touch with that part of us which isn’t constrained by society’s rules and norms. For example, if you’re having issues at work right now, you could use the energy of the Aquarius New Moon to find a whole new way to tackle your situation, including a pursuing a complete career change. The modern planet associated with Aquarius is Uranus, and he’s the planet that brings radical change!

You also need to know that …

The Aquarius New Moon is also the annual heavenly marker used to usher in Chinese New Year. This year will be the Year of the Monkey. If you were born a Monkey, it’s your year! These are the Year of the Monkey dates:

February 20 1920 to February 7 1921
February 6 1932 to January 25 1933
January 25 1944 to February 12 1945
February 12 1956 to January 30 1957
January 30 1968 to February 16 1969
February 16 1980 to February 4 1981
February 4 1992 to January 22 1993
January 22 2004 to February 8 2005


Oh you lucky lucky thing! You have the New Moon in your 6th House. In one way, this is one of the most dull and tedious Houses. It’s the part of your chart which is all about your daily routines. Not exactly riveting! However, this is also the part of your chart where you get a New Moon and you get a chance to tweak your routines so that at the very least, your daily life runs in a way that pleases you. If there are minor changes you need to make to the way your life runs, to your routines and schedules, then this is a great month to put those changes in place.

If you would like to download your New Moon Info Sheet with tons more info about what this New Moon means for you, please click here.


One thing to be aware of under this New Moon is that there is a lovely link between sporty Mars and healing Chiron that can benefit you no matter what sign you are! This Mars/Pluto link gives us some hints about how to heal any current emotional issues; for one thing, good old fashioned exercise, be it a work-out at the gym or a run or a cycle around the park, yoga, tai chi or anything else, can be really healing at this time. As you probably know, exercise is at least as good for the mind and spirit as it is for the body. So harness the healing New Moon energy by getting active. And if you want to get healed but exercise is just not your thing, Chiron being active at the time of the New Moon means that a massage could also help to release tensions from your body, be it a professional massage that you pay for or one you get from a friend, lover or family member. Swapping massages could work extra well right now – as they say “give a healing, get a healing!”


Aries – your secret self/the deepest darkest bit of you can heal
Taurus – a friendship can heal
Gemini – a work issue or relationship drama can heal
Cancer – something to do with study, travel or publishing will feel healed
Leo – sexual healing is on offer
Virgo – love is healing
Libra – your health can heal, your daily life feels easier
Scorpio – a healing is possible re a child, a romance or a creative project
Sagittarius – something to do with home or family can heal
Capricorn – your mind feels healed
Aquarius – your self-esteem is healed, and your cash flow causes less angst
Pisces – your whole life is up for healing now

No matter what your sign, make your New Moon Wishes… as soon as you wake up on February 9

Note that at the time of the New Moon, there is a wonderful link forming between the planet of love, Venus, and the planet of plenty, Jupiter. You probably don’t need to be an astrologer to deduce that this is a very good thing! For this reason, if you want to make some New Moon wishes about your love life or your finances on February 8, you have full cosmic support. Wishing for more love or more money (or both!) would work perfectly with this astrology.

The Archangel of the New Moon is Uriel – talk to him if you are living too much in your head and not enough in your heart, if you have been too clingy lately or if you need a bright idea to solve a problem.


For you as a Virgo

Fun-loving Venus is currently moving through your fifth house of fun. And if you think that sounds like a good double whammy, you’re right. There nothing that the planet of pleasure, Venus, likes more than enjoying herself. And as she goes through your House Of Fun, having a good time is her Number 1 Mission. And it can be yours, too. Live a little, as they say! If you needed some kind of excuse to stop worrying and start indulging, you have it; Venus in this part of your chart means you are almost duty-bound to work less and to spoil and amuse yourself more. This Venus cycle is also good news for singles looking to meet someone, because your fifth house rules romance – of the light-hearted variety. Certainly, if there were ever a time to get out there and shimmy your shui, this is that time. Couples don’t miss out, either. If you don’t find some of the old romance seeping back into your relationship over the next four weeks, it might be time to start talking to each other about your romantic expectations. Romance each other. This transit is also excellent for anyone with issues connected to children (your own or someone else’s). Any child-related issues should be more easily negotiated and resolved. Good news really is possible. Ditto if you are working on an artistic or creative project. Your ability should be extra high – now all you need to do is discipline yourself to harness your extra creative ability!


The 2016 Valentine’s Moon in Taurus is sensual so if you want to seduce someone around then, a light and but sensual dinner followed by a massage is highly recommended. That might sound flippant but if you’re keen to tune into the Taurus vibe, food and touch go perfectly with the energies, frankly!

By Valentines Night on the 14th, we are on course for the Virgo Full Moon which will take place at these times around the world:

Full Moon at 4 degrees in Virgo
SYDNEY: February 23, 5.19am
LONDON: February 22, 6.19pm
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: February 22, 1.19pm
AUCKLAND: February 23, 7.19am
PARIS: February 22, 7.19pm

The February Full Moon is in the sign of Virgo
Again, doing things a bit differently this month with more info for all the signs.
As you probably already know, the Full Moon takes place in each sign once a year (not counting Blue Moons). Each sign brings up different questions and areas of our life that we can work on.

In the case of the Virgo Full Moon, regardless of our sign, it’s a great time to ask ourselves:

• Are you worrying too much? Virgo is a wonderful sign and we all have Virgo in our chart somewhere, but it is also the sign which worries too much! Ask yourself if you need to relax a little and enjoy life more? Think of the Virgo Full Moon as your annual anti-stress reset button.

• Are you paying enough attention to detail? Virgo is meticulous. Are you? In this life, we get back what we put out. So if, far from worrying too much, you’re actually going through a slacking off phase, use the power of the Virgo Full Moon to bring yourself back into balance. They say that the devil is in the details, but success is also in them too! If you know you have been sloppy lately, use this Full Moon to close that chapter of your life.

• Are you looking after your health? Virgo is strongly associated with health, diet and exercise. Not from a vain point of view, but from the point of view that we need to have a healthy body to have a healthy mind and vice versa. The Full Moon in Virgo is therefore a wonderful time to ditch a bad health habit. (If you made some healthy New Year’s resolutions which you have already abandoned, recommit to them now!) Virgo is strongly associated with alternative health remedies too, so if you have a health issue, it’s a great time for a visit to your friendly, local naturopath.

• Are you being helpful to the people around you? It’s too easy for us mere mortals to be totally selfish. Virgo reminds us that happiness comes from helping others. Use the Full Moon now to leave behind any ego-driven behaviour. Ask yourself how you can help the people in your life. Seriously. Make a list about what you can do for the five or ten people you’re closest to. Try it. Then throw in some random acts of kindness to strangers.


The Full Moon taking place now is in your sign which is a massive message from the heavens coming live and direct to YOU that it’s time to make some changes, to move on from something, and to stay calm, even when life seems to be a roller coaster. If you know you’ve spent all your time recently thinking about someone else, making allowances and generally putting them first, then this Full Moon is also a heavenly reminder to you to look after yourself. Certainly you need to find a balance between what you do for others and what they do for you and what you do for yourself!


The Virgo Full Moon is associated with the throat chakra. This is the energy centre which helps us to speak our truth. If you have been having trouble letting people know how you feel, visualise your blue throat chakra spinning big and bold and a lovely sky blue. Chanting the word “Hum…” will help being your throat chakra into balance, as well. Doing this on the day of the Full Moon will really help. Hold the intention of communicating better. The throat chakra also helps is to find the courage to reach out for what we need in this world, so it’s well-worth getting it in good shape!

Also note that… regardless of your sign…
Virgo is the sign associated with the planet Mercury, which is the planet of communications. Hence why working on your throat chakra is important right now. But this year, the Virgo Full Moon also happens to be happening in tandem with some wonderful connections between Mercury and Saturn then Uranus. This makes this Full Moon even more importantly a time to say what you mean and mean what you say. If you’re feeling nervous about expressing yourself, ask the Full Moon angel Metatron for help!


You have the Stars on your side all this Valentines month, so hopefully it’s all going to go swimmingly for you. What you need to remember is that you are still The Sign Most Likely To Meet Your Soulmate. So if you’re not happy single or with your partner, change things. And if you are happy, celebrate it this month!

If you want to work with the New Moon, you can get one of our New Moon Info Sheets here – work with the Full Moon with our 15 minute Full Moon meditation here.

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