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Yasmin Boland

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VIRGO March 2015


When I sat down last year to peer into 2015, let me tell you, March was the month that caught my attention. Reason being, the skies are on fire!

For one thing, after five years of unruly behaviour that has driven many of us to the brink, the planets Uranus and Pluto do their last and final clash for now. The next time these two planets will be in their current state will be 2073.

So take a moment to think about the years between 2012 (when this cycle started) and now. Can you see where you have been encourage – nay practically forced, by life, by desire, by circumstances – to make major changes in your life? And have you made those changes?

If so, you have responded to the Uranus/Pluto stresses and strains. We’re talking about huge decisions with big repercussions.


It hasn’t been easy, that’s for sure. The Uranus energy is all about change and the Pluto energy is all about rebirth. It’s electric and shocking and transformational.

And now here we are, about to experience the last of the clashes. If you have been hanging on grimly, avoiding change, well, release your grip and go with the flow. Cede control and be transformed.

There is OH so much to be learned from this cycle we are all now emerging from. And there is no doubt life will be easier once we are through March. But now, aren’t you so glad you made those changes?

Aries – your whole life!
Taurus – your spiritual life and your travel and study plans
Gemini – your friends and sex and money issues
Cancer – your work and your love life
Leo – your travel and study plans and your daily life/routines
Virgo – any sex and money issues and kids, romance and creativity
Libra – your love life and your home/family life
Scorpio – your daily work/routines and the way you think and communicate
Sagittarius – kids, romance and creativity, cash, property and possessions
Capricorn – your whole life!
Aquarius – the way you communicate, your spirituality and fears
Pisces – cash property and possessions and your friendships

So those are some of the MAIN areas where you should have had your breakthrough. And if you haven’t yet but you know you need one, work extra hard between now and the end of the month to bring one about!

And if you’re wondering when the exact clash is, it’s March 17. But honestly, it will be felt before and afterwards too.

But wait because there’s more!


This month also brings an eclipse! This time around it’s a New Moon which means it’s an ideal time to make a wish (see below for the Moon Times). Eclipses are also important times because we get a chance to redirect ourselves and our lives. If you have committed to a new direction amid all the Uranus/Pluto madness, then use the eclipse to restate your intention.
Moon times
Full Moon 15 degrees Virgo
SYDNEY: March 6, 5.06am AEDT
LONDON: March 5, 6.06pm UT
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: March 5, 1.06pm EST
AUCKLAND: March 6, 7.06am NZST
PARIS: March 5, 7.06pm CET

The Full Moon taking place now is in your sign which is a massive message from the heavens coming live and direct to YOU that it’s time to make some changes, to move on from something, and to stay calm, even when life seems to be a roller coaster. If you know you’ve spent all your time recently thinking about someone else, making allowances and generally putting them first, then this Full Moon is also a heavenly reminder to you to look after yourself. Certainly you need to find a balance between what you do for others and what they do for you and what you do for yourself!

New Moon Solar Eclipse 30 degrees Pisces
SYDNEY: March 20, 8.37pm AEDT
LONDON: March 20, 9.37 am UT
MONTREAL/NEW YORK: March 20, 5.37am EDT
AUCKLAND: March 20, 10.37pm NZST
PARIS: March 20, 10.37am CET

Here is some info about where the eclipse is taking place for you:

The New Moon eclipse this month is going to focus your attention on someone else – probably your romantic partner, past or present. Romancing someone (or escaping them) will be your focus for the coming six months. If you’re in what you know is a dead-end relationship, don’t wait a moment longer to knock it on the head, so that you clear the way for the love of your life to enter. He/she could turn up during this cycle, so don’t panic about being alone if you’re currently single. Happily attached? This New Moon eclipse promises to take your relationship up a notch. This cycle could also introduce you to one or more very powerful people who could change your life in a very good way. Avoid bullies.

And here is some info about how to harness the energy of the New Moon eclipse:

This exercise ideally takes place just (JUST!) after the New Moon.
1. If you have a Wish List from last month, read it over, to see which came true – then thank the Universe. If it’s clear one or two wishes are no closer to coming true, consider revising them. What on your list have you edged closer to?
2. Decide on your Top Ten Wishes or Intentions for the coming four weeks.
3. Be as specific or vague as you want to be, (and please include World Peace, for the good of the planet!)
4. Write your wishes and/or intentions down – either on a sheet of paper with a pen, or with coloured pens, pencils and so on. The more energy you invest, the better your results are likely to be.
5. Read them out to the Universe then either bury or burn your list, or set it aside so you can check it this time next month, to see how your wishes worked out.
THIS IS THE CRUCIAL BIT: Really really FEEL how you would/will feel if and when the wishes come true. Hold those feelings.
6. Get on with your week, safe in the knowledge that you’ve expressed your wishes to the Universe. Do all you can to make them come true.
7. Important: If you wish and wish and wish and your wish doesn’t come true and you don’t actually even seem to be edging in the right direction, then it’s time to contemplate if it’s the right thing for you.

You also need to know that…

Expect changes when it comes to your most important relationship, and/or to your situation with an ex, or even with someone you regard as more of a foe than a friend. The skies are so tense now but it’s a ‘good’ tense. It’s like the argument you have with someone that finally clears the air after years of upset.

Also worth noting, Mercury has is moving forwards again this month which means one part of your life which previously felt stalled with start to progress. Here’s where that is for you – this applies in particular between March 1 – 12.

There are times for going out dancing all night, putting lampshades on one’s head and generally doing what old timers called “tying one on”. And there are times to get your house (and life) in order. Guess which cycle you’re in now? Put it this way – let’s hope you’ve had a fun last month or so because Mercury’s move now into your 6th House of Daily Work and Health means you can expect to party less and work more over the next few weeks. The good news is that if you’ve been letting things slide a little – perhaps you’ve been having too much fun, perhaps a romance or a child has been taking up too much of your time – if you’ve been letting things slide, you can now expect to find the time and headspace you need to get back to attending to the tiny details of life. Clear your desk! This is also a great time to be making a 6 or even 12 month plan, if that’s your thing. Certainly your ability to schedule is high, so don’t waste it, if you know you need to live a life that’s slightly less chaotic. Break it down – what do you need to do, what do you want to do, and when can you feasibly do it?

And finally, one last thought on the month ahead…

Your personal life has been under some kind of fire since 2012. Have you felt it? And this month? It’s the storm before the calm. There is to be one last assault (metaphorically-speaking!) then life will settle. Evolve! Changes you need are needed are predicted re a romance, a child (your own or someone else’s) and/or re a creative project.

Have a wonderful month of amazing personal growth and remember you can read your daily Astro guidance every day here

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