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October 2014

This is one of those months when you need to decide what you want. Reason being, there are big changes ahead. The people who are clear on what they want now have a better than average chance of achieving their goals. This is always the case but it goes quadruple now as the New Moon and Full Moon eclipses take place in October.

People who have not idea of what they want are likely to feel tossed and buffeted around by life. Anchor yourself by making a list of your top ten goals for the end of the year. Chances are you already have an idea of what you would like to get nailed down before the year is out. Use the powerful energies around this month to make an action plan with bullet points that you can tick off.

On that point, it’s a good moment to mention that manifesting goals is all about a combination of desire (for something), belief (that you can achieve it) and action (that you need to take to make it happen. I have never read The Secret but I have the impression that the message in there was largely about believing you can achieve something. That’s absolutely crucial, there is no doubt. But you also need to take practical steps towards your dreams, and never more so than during an eclipse month.

Eclipses are highly energised times and we would all do well to use them. They are times when it’s possible to leap from one life to another, so to speak. Think of the eclipses this month as your chance to get back on your right and proper path – the path that you decided you wanted to take before you came down to earth to live this life.

And if all that sounds rather far out, don’t worry! Just remember that this month is a month when you can let go of the old to allow in the new, even if it’s October and doesn’t feel like the time of year when you would usually be encouraged to do it!

Here are the Moon times for the month:

The October 2014 Full Moon Eclipse takes place in Aries on:

Sydney – October 8 @ 9.50pm AEDT
Auckland – October 8 @ 11.50pm NZST
New York – October 8 @ 6.50am EDT
London – October 8 @ 11.50am BST

Note that the Full Moon is all about emotions, which are astonishingly powerful things. Here’s where the Full Moon eclipse is taking place for you:

The Full Moon eclipse is taking place in your 8th house. For you, it’s all about cash, property and possessions – what’s yours, what’s someone else’s and where the two may or can or even should meet. You may find that you’ve been thinking too much about someone else’s needs but now comes a time when you start to focus more on feathering your own nest. There really is nothing at all wrong with that – in fact, with the Full Moon eclipse in your 8th house, it’s pretty much what you should be doing. It’s also the end of a cash cycle and the start of a new one – and it could be a new and improved one so have faith!

Then we get the New Moon eclipse. There is hardly ever a more powerful time to start anything – so what do you have in mind?

The October 2014 New Moon Eclipse takes in place in Scorpio on:

Sydney – October 24 @ 8.56am AEDT
Auckland – October 24 @ 10.56am NZST
New York – October 23 @ 5.56pm EDT
London – October 23 @ 10.56pm BST

Here is where the New Moon eclipse is taking place for you:

The New Moon eclipse is taking place in your Mind Zone, so your ability to talk your way in or out of anything is about to improve enormously. Your brain, what you say and what you write will be super-charged, even if you’re normally uncomfy expressing yourself. This applies whether you’re talking to a friend, lover, colleague or boss, writing reports, SMSes, emails or even the Great Aussie novel! You’ll also be super-busy now – expect to be racing around hither and thither over the next three or so months, when the eclipse energy will start to diminish.

If you want more information about the New Moon, you can buy and instantly download our New Moon info sheets here.

The fact that it’s an eclipse month takes precedence over everything else really. However there are a few other October astro-events worth thinking about.

The first is that Mercury will go into another reverse cycle. There are about four of these a year, which is why it feels so regular! When Mercury goes backwards, it’s time to reassess everything. It can also be a time when we feel a little confused by life. However it’s also a time when we can review, reedit, revise and so on.

Think of it like this; one minute, you’re racing through life and it’s all going really fast and you barely have a chance to really think too much about what you’re doing. The next, when Mercury reverses, the tempo changes. Suddenly instead of racing ahead with one new thing after another, you get a chance to work on something, to really go over it, to review it and work out if you need to make changes.

It is really important to take the time to review your life in October. Think about if you have changed your mind about what you do, where you live, who you love. We will feel this cycle all month but the specific dates of the reverse cycle for anyone who wants to note them in their diary are October 5 to 26.

For you, the bulk of the Mercury reverse cycle is affecting you in the following way…

You can expect to be doing some rethinking and reconsidering re cash, property and/or your possessions during this cycle. Your self-esteem and what you really value is also up for a rethink. It may be time to reconsider what’s important to you in life. It sounds like a big question and, yes, it is. But you only get the occasional chance to really revise such major issues. So what really matters to you? Is your current lifestyle supporting what you believe to be important in the great scheme of things? If you’ve been feeling negative about yourself lately, this cycle asks you to think again about your opinion of yourself! What good does it do you to be small? This cycle is also about cash, property and possessions. On the one hand, you do need to be extra careful in all financial transactions as there is extra room for confusion. On the other, most positively, it’s a very good time to rethink your finances and some of you will even see money you’ve been waiting for finally making its way into your bank account. If you’re trying to make a big decision re buying or selling properly, gather the facts first. The key with Mercury retrograde is always to let the cycle unfold without making any major decisions, if you can. Mercury retrograde usually leads to more information being sent your way, so it’s best to wait and see what transpires before you act.

Love action…

The other thing of note this month is that things are looking good for us mere mortals re love and money this month. In fact, if you’re single and looking, October 2014 is a great month to meet someone. And if you’re attached and want time to either re-seduce your lover or just spend time with him/her, then you are also in luck. There are great romantic vibes dotted throughout this month and the fact it’s an eclipse months makes it even more powerful.

So reading this, if you are in a very troubled relationship, does it mean everything is going to be ok? Maybe or maybe not. You certainly have the planets with you rather than against you. by the way, this applies whether the partnership you’re talking about is a personal one or a professional one.

Here are the hot Venus nights this month. Note they are also very good for doing financial deals.

October 11 – exciting as well as romantic and potentially lucrative. Good for online dating.

October 14 – a lucky day for romance and money.

October 20 – good for anyone who wants to be brave romantically or financially.

October 27 – out and out dreamy, if you’re with the right person

And here is where Venus is for you in October…

Venus is currently moving through your second house of cash, property and possessions. On the one hand, you do need to watch yourself, if you know you have a tendency to spend more than you should. You could find yourself feeling very flush now – but be sure you can cover your basic expenses before you go lashing out cash on something which has taken your fancy but which you maybe should be hesitating over. Your tastes might be more expensive than usual but before you give into your desires, double check with your accountant or whoever else is likely to go “Tsk tsk” if and when you spend up big on things you don’t really need! The up side of this Venus cycle is that you can expect more financial opportunities to come your way. Keep your eyes peeled and you could find the period lucrative. Also use this four-week period as a chance to work on your self-esteem. Don’t just think about that – do it. Start by making a list of what you know is Uniquely Wonderful about you. Seriously. Then ask your best friend what he/she thinks is Uniquely Wonderful about you. Try it.

You also need to know that …

You have had loads of lessons in the past few years about training your brain to think more positively, and about how thinking positively can improve your life. Now comes the New Moon eclipse, to boost your ability to focus on the good things. Really truly aim for it this month. Less complaining and stressing, and more thinking about what you want/like!

Being born Virgo is partly about learning not to be so self-critical. Or to phrase it more positively; being Virgo is partly about learning to love yourself and the way you are, the way you think and express yourself more. If you’re still too hard on yourself, and you still commit the crime of regular negative self-talk, tackle that now.

Overall the month ahead is action-packed. Don’t be caught napping! We would like to offer Rescu readers a special deal on our Life Destiny reports this month, in honour of the eclipses. Get 3 reports for the price of 2 if you order before October 31. Just click here for more info. And have a great month!

Have a super awesome month and remember to check your Stars every week right here.

Last updated 1/10/14

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