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So firstly, how did you go with September?

I don’t know about you but I found September very full on. Hope you are feeling ok after it. As regular readers will know, we had some major planetary electricity to contend with!

As you might know, some very smart people say there is nothing in astrology, but honestly, I don’t you’d say that if you really kept an eye on the Stars! September brought the new Saturn cycle and the eclipses. All in all, if you’re at all tuned into the cosmic, you probably felt some stuff going down!

And now here we are with October. Looking at the list of upcoming planetary events, I am happy to report it appears to be a lot less … intense. In fact, apart from two fleeting Pluto clashes, overall, it’s looking like an easy-going time ahead for all of us.

Given this, the best course of action in the coming four weeks is to work with Pluto. Pluto is the planet that helps us to blast away the past so we can be reborn. It’s the planet of death and rebirth. It’s the planet that allows us to transform our lives, including our most difficult relationships.

When times are tough and Pluto in involved, the solution is always the following; find a win/win outcome. Pluto is a terrible bully – or can be – but being altruistic is a Pluto work-around. So be kind. Be love. Be your best self, as they say.

Your October in a nutshell…

Things do look tense re love, money or family around October 11. Just be your usual stoic self and rise to any challenges and you will be fine. The wonderful thing about being a Virgo is that you really can handle just about anything. And right now you have Lady Luck on your side as well. Overall, October should be fun.

The focus is on…

Last month saw a heck of a lot of activity in the sign of Libra – that’s the sign of partnership. And it continues now. The Sun spends most of October in Libra, so our focus can naturally be on harmony and peace-making. If you have an issue with a partner in your life – be it a personal or professional connection – once again the same heavenly message is coming your way; work it out. Be a good partner. Give and take equally. And if you have an issue with someone and you really don’t think you can every work it out, that’s ok. Some people really do come to us to teach us lessons. In fact, some teachers say we make agreements with people before we come down to Earth and that the people who teach us by upsetting us agreed to take on this role as our (annoying!) teacher before we even incarnated! Deep!

I can’t swear that this is true, but it really resonates with me. In other words, anyone you’ve fallen out with this lifetime was sent to you to teach you the lesson you learned from the upset. Think about it!

In the meantime, here is what the Sun’s move through Libra means for YOU:

This month sees the Sun out of your sign and into your 2nd house – many of you may feel a bit of a drop in power levels, as though someone has turned down your wattage. That’s fine and nothing to worry about. It’s just that the Sun has moved out of your sign for another year, so life will feel less like it’s being lived under the harsh glare of a spotlight; life should feel less intense; you now get a chance to catch you breath. Breathe! Over the next four weeks, as this shift takes place, it’s important to think about what you really value in your life – materially and emotionally – and to have a look at how much you love yourself (and ask if you could love yourself more). PS Money is good but don’t make the mistake of thinking that having ‘stuff’ makes you a better person…

Message from Venus

On October 9, Venus (planet of love and abundance) moves into Virgo, the sign of the Virgin. In other words, it’s time for us all to get in touch with that more innocent side of ourselves. Do be sweet with your beloved, don’t be picky! October 11 looks a tad tricky as Venus clashes with Saturn. There will be some people feeling unloved. If you’re NOT one of them, use around October 10-12 to reach out to someone who is having a rough time. By October 17, things look very sweet indeed for most of the rest of the month. Best date nights are October 16, 22, 25 and 27, October 27 is good for making up after an upset with someone you love, be they friend or family. Here’s where Venus in Virgo is for your sign.

Venus is currently moving through your first house of self and image. This is a wonderful Venus cycle for you – Venus is the planet of love, luxury, beauty and all things gorgeous. To have her in your sign means it’s Your Turn to start feeling her charms. Singles can expect to have more admirers than usual. Couples who’ve been feeling less than their best should find it easy to find ways to rediscover the romance. And whether you’re single or attached, you can expect to feel a lot more loved and even downright popular over the next few weeks. Those in problematic relationships are not promised an Instant Cure but (a) you should find more time to work on your relationship and (b) you should find it easier to negotiate your way to at least some kind of agreement. Appearance-wise, this is The Moment Of The Year to invest in a haircut, some new clothes, whatever it takes, to make you feel more worship-worthy. Venus, planet of love and beauty, passes through your sign but once a year – make the most of her visit. You are currently, officially, The Sign Most Gorgeous.


This is one of those months when you’ll be glad you’re Virgo. Life looks good. You’re feeling creative, you’re in the mood to flirt with your partner or someone new if you’re single and if you have kids, it’s looking rosy with them too. OK so life in October won’t be perfect, but you have the makings of a great month.

Mercury Direct

Mercury ends his retrograde cycle on October 10. If you have been putting off making a book or buying a phone or doing anything else because of Mercury retrograde, October 10 (or better yet a few days afterwards) is your best bet. Mercury was reversing in Libra so hopefully you have learned lots about relationships this past few weeks! Of course, depending on your chart, Mercury’s reverse cycle in Libra also meant something specific for you. Here’s where Mercury’s reverse cycle touched you more personally. Read your Rising Sign if you know it, too.

Aries – yes, your love life.

Taurus – lessons to do with how to run your life, tick tock

Gemini – rethinking something to do with kids, romance or creativity

Cancer – revising something on your home front/re family

Leo – communication snafus ease up now

Virgo – money questions start to get some answers

Libra – your whole life starts to move forwards again

Scorpio – it’s been about your spiritual journey, rethinking it, perhaps

Sagittarius – old friends coming out of the closet, revising things with current pals

Capricorn – work queries and any mayhem should be resolved soon

Aquarius – confusion about the big picture will ease up, ditto re study and travel plans

Pisces – second chances re sex and money coming your way

Mark it in your diary – October 11

Do you want to improve and change your life at all? Then get your ideas in order in advance of this date. It brings a rare and harmonious link between the planet of improvement Jupiter and the planet of transformation, Pluto. This connection promises amazing possibilities, especially but not only workwise. Think about where you want to turn your life upside down and inside out and this alignment will help you to achieve it. You don’t have to act on the day. The lead up with be just as important. The key is to think big.

Where’s the Moon?

Note that the most recent eclipse touched …

Your Eight House – This is the part of your chart connected to love and sex, as well as to all the things you consider to be taboo. If you’ve taken a walk on the dark side lately, it’s time to come back into the light! If you’re looking for ways to boost your sex life or your finances, you should have had all the hints you need now.

Here are the New and Full Moon times for the month of October…

New Moon 20 degrees Libra

SYDNEY: October 13, 11.06am AEDT

LONDON: October 13, 1.06am BST

MONTREAL/NEW YORK: October 12, 8.06pm EDT

AUCKLAND: October 13, 1.06pm NZST

PARIS: October 13, 2.06am CEDT



Full Moon 4 degrees Taurus

SYDNEY: October 27, 11.06pm AEDT

LONDON: October 27, 12.06pm UT

MONTREAL/NEW YORK: October 27, 8.06am EDT

AUCKLAND: October 28, 1.06am NZST

PARIS: October 27, 1.06pm CET

Overall, it’s a month when some amazing changes are possible, especially around the middle of the month. Lucky Jupiter is involved in this so work with Jupiter by being optimistic about life. As they say, attitude is destiny!


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