How A Simple Mindset Change Can Change Your Life

Being human often comes with the consequence of making things overcomplicated for ourselves. It’s not our fault, it’s a design flaw, Karen McDermott, author of Mindful Magic and Law of Attraction Practitioner shares some of her tips that may help with the process.

– Live your balance, not someone else’s
– Become more aware of the little things that make you happy.
– Gratitude is an energy shifter.
– Know your why.

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We’ve heard it all before. How harnessing the power of our minds can change our life and help us live a more simple fulfilling existence. I believe in it so much I implemented it into my life and wrote a book about my thoughts and experiences.

I discovered that becoming more mindful doesn’t mean that you wave a magic wand of simplicity and all will be wonderful and well however, there are simple practices that you can begin implementing into your life right now that will have an immediate impact in your experience right now that will ripple through to your future. So I figure why not embrace a concept that maybe you do have our own magic wand? A power that you can access anytime to sweep across our life and change your experience instantly, would you invest in that gift? You don’t need to, this gift is something you already own, the only price is time and energy to start becoming familiar with it and realise its potential power. Introducing mindful concepts into your everyday life is key to making this happen.

Here are some guidelines:

1. Declutter your life. Get rid of those things, and dare I say people, that no longer serve you and your purpose.
2. Gift yourself the freedom to focus on a goal and work towards it.
3. Leave space for the magic to shine in. If you fill up every space in your life, there is no room left for magic.
4. Change your mindset on simplicity, it is not boring!
5. Be grateful for the little things. Identify the root of where your gratitude resides, keep it simple.
6. Introduce relevant affirmations into your life. These are wonderful instant mindset shifters.

I have to hold my hand up and say that I don’t think simply, in fact I am probably one of the biggest out of the box thinkers I know. But through this crazy balance I have created for myself there is a simplicity that shines through. How? It’s because simplicity is at the core of my endeavours, everything flows back to down time with my family, they are at the essence of my being.

I remember a time before I embraced mindfulness when I would cringe at the thought of contentment. For me that was a swear word, I avoided that at all costs. Little did I know that choice was depriving me from fully experience life at another level.

Choosing to live a more simple life doesn’t mean that we can’t be happy, in fact true fulfillment is never too far away when we keep things simple. Being mindful to keep space in our lives so that magic can shine through is one of the keys to happiness.

We all have our own magic balance that should not be gauged or compared to another’s. Personally, my balance comes from a bit of chaos and a whole heap of love.

When you are familiar with your purpose for being your why will be strong and you will feel much more fulfilled. Life can be as simple as that! When we enhance this by surrounding us with people who support and compliment our purpose then the jigsaw of life will slot into place quite easily.

Now I am in no way saying that you should turn your back on people who don’t compliment your purpose but I would suggest that you are open and request that they respect it because it’s part of the person you have grown into and important in the person you are going to become. In supporting you as you grow they will experience the best of you. That goes for friends, relationships and family members.

So when do you begin? Now! There’s no time like the present. Set the intention now in this very moment and begin to gift yourself the joy of a magic mindset. A simple, exciting and more fulfilling future awaits the other side of intention.


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