How Meditation Can Improve Your Sex Life

Before we can answer this, we need to ask ourselves what is good sex? Meditation Master and Co-Founder of 1 Giant Mind, Jonni Pollard shares his views on how meditation can revamp your time under the sheets. It’s my view that there are two types of sexual experiences. The first type is the expression of desires that are mostly about our own self-gratification and pleasure, without necessarily connecting with whom we are having sex with. While this sex can be exciting and momentarily pleasurable, it doesn’t nourish or satisfy us deeply.

The second, is when our individual desire spontaneously merges in a powerful union of deep physical and emotional rapture with our partner. In this kind of sex, we are out of our heads and deeply connected in the heart with a sense of overflowing love.

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It’s my opinion that what enables the first type to merge into the second type, is the willingness to connect with our hearts and share in both our vulnerability, as well as our desire to love deeply. This can be terrifying for many and we can become disconnected from our feelings to protect our hearts which can lead to sex becoming an act of using each other’s bodies to masturbate.

Meditation is a game changer for enhancing this second type of sexual experience, one that we usually call making love. How? In short, meditation is one of the most powerful gateways to reconnecting with our heart, our feelings, becoming comfortable with who we truly are and overcoming our insecurities. I can rattle off a whole bunch of scientific facts about how meditation physically changes our bodies and reduces stress to increase pleasure, however there is a deeper and more important reason why meditation is so beneficial to your sex life.

How does it work?

Meditation cultivates self-awareness. Self-awareness yields insights of truths about our limiting beliefs, behaviours and habits that keep us trapped in fear and insecurity. Over time, through the regular practice of meditation and through the development of self-awareness our confidence to be who we truly are grows stronger and stronger. When we give ourselves permission to be who we truly are we begin to attract others who are also connected to themselves. It’s when we connect with lovers on this level that gives rise to the deepest and most fulfilling lovemaking experiences.

As our connection with our self deepens, so does our desire to connect deeply with others including the way we want to express ourselves sexually. The more we meditate, the deeper our sexual experiences become. This isn’t to say that it can’t be sexy sex, on the contrary, it’s just that it is underscored with a deep authentic loving connection that satisfies the deepest yearning of our souls to love and be loved.

Is meditation difficult?

Many people think that meditation is difficult but actually, it’s one of the simplest things you will ever learn if you have an experienced teacher. I created an organization called 1 Giant Mind whose mission is to teach the world to meditate. We have expert teachers around the world that can teach you the simple art of reconnecting with the deepest part of yourself. If you can’t find one of our teachers, you can download our free app right now and learn to meditate in 12 simple steps. Following this you can then take the 30-day challenge to maintain meditation as a daily habit.

Meditation doesn’t just improve your sex life, it improves every aspect of your life. It increases your ability to not overreact to life’s challenges and meet them with creativity and grace. It increases energy levels, enthusiasm, sense of purpose and the ability to meaningfully fulfil your sense of purpose. Who doesn’t want more of that?


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