How To Achieve A Killer Body All Year Round

Everyone wants to know how Australia’s top stars stay in shape so we have asked Ben Lucas, co-owner of Flow Athletic who trains the likes of Erin Holland, Talitha Cummins and more.

Here are some top tips from Ben Lucas, the guy who gets results.

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Strength Training

Strength training is incredibly important as it boosts your metabolism and gives your body tone and shape. It actually takes a lot of hard work and dedication to add bulk to your body, so ladies, stop blaming the weights!

Furthermore, if you are time poor, adding weights into your workout will help you get results much faster as studies show that strength training will help your body burn fat for up to 38 hours post workout.


I am a huge believer in having a holistic approach to your workouts, so for every strength session, you should do cardio and a lengthening session such as yoga or dance.

For cardio good options include a spin class, long run, sprints/ hill sprints or even some intervals on the treadmill or bike

Food Prep

Preparation is the key when it comes to staying healthy, but when it comes to staying in shape, nutrition tends to be 80% of the battle.

I suggest planning out your meals at the beginning of the week and making everything that will keep in advance. If you know you probably won’t cook at home every day, pre determine what healthy options are around you so you can be ready to go at your meal times. If you already have the game plan in your head, then you are less likely to make unhealthy decisions

Cut The Rubbish

Cut the rubbish and that means the little snacks in between! 1 piece of chocolate here, a couple of chips there- it all adds up. There’s always snack food available on set – that’s why food prep is so important.

Gym Workouts To Try

TRX single leg stiff legged deadlift


– Adjust the TRX so that both handles are slightly below chest height
– Stand straight facing the TRX with both hands in the TRX handles facing towards the ground
– Keep your left leg straight and planted on the ground. Now stretch your right leg toward the back of the room while pushing your arms forward. Try to do this movement in one go like a seesaw. Your right leg, body and arms should be in a straight line.
– Hold this position for a few seconds making sure your glutes and core are engaged

This exercise works your hamstrings, glutes, core and upper back.

Resistance band lateral step squat


– Place a resistance band jump above ankle height
– Put your legs wide and sit backwards into a squat
– Now move your right leg out an inch and move your left leg in an inch
– Keep doing this move until you reach the end of the room (or do 10) and then go into the opposite direction
– You want to keep your legs out in a wide squat the entire time to maintain resistance

For your glutes, quads and abductors

Single kettle bell overhead lunge


– Start in standing position with the Kettle Bell in your right hand
– Now step forward and lunge downwards with your LEFT leg while pressing the right hand with the kettle bell to the sky
– Pull your leg back to standing
– Do 10 a side x 3 sets

This exercise works leg and glutes but by adding in the overhead kettlebell component, you will be forced to engage your core too.

Decelerated push-ups

– Find a bench or step that is 50 cm + in height.
– Put your feet onto the step and your hands onto the ground so that you are in a decelerated plank
– Now lead with your chest as you lower yourself to the ground and then push back up
– Your timing should be 5 secs down and 1 up – slowing the speed of lower portion of movement forces the use of abs

Battle rope intervals


– When using battle ropes, stand straight with the ropes in your hand
– Now engage your core and pull your shoulders back
– Squat down with your weight going back into your heels for support
– This is the correct for when doing this exercise
– Do rope intervals for 30 on, 30 off for 5 mins. This exercise is a calorie and metabolic blast!


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