How To Achieve The New York Beauty Look

Home to Glossier and RMS Beauty, New York City is no doubt one of the top global capitals of beauty. Nigel Stanislaus, creator of RescuMe Academy’s Be Your Own Makeup Artist course, lived in the city for four years and counts the NYC approach to beauty as one of his favourites. Why? The women favour an understated, natural approach to skin and makeup.

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“For me, generally when I think about the quintessential New York woman, I think of women such as Blake Lively in Gossip Girl or Sex and the City’s Carrie Bradshaw,” Nigel says.

“I think the New York girl wears her makeup very similarly to the Bondi girl – so it’s very bare and minimal, they don’t like to wear a lot of makeup.”

The first step for the NYC woman putting her best face forward? Efficacious skin care that doesn’t completely break the bank.

“They concentrate foremost on good skincare products before even thinking about makeup,” he says. “Of the women I know, they use brands such as Elizabeth Arden, Drunk Elephant and Dr Jart.”

In short, they love a product that does the work for them – think active! “They’re crazy about active formulas with hyaluronic acid, salicylic acid, glycolic acid and the like,” Nigel says.

“For me, I personally love to use something like Peter Thomas Roth Hungarian Thermal Mask or the Cucumber Eye Patches, I bring those to jobs with clients all the time.”

When it comes to their overall makeup routines, Nigel says that compared to the rest of America, the New York approach is more European.

“Think the Glossier girl,” Nigel says. “They’ll do their eyebrows brushed up and subtly filled in, they don’t care too much about whether they wear mascara or not, although they are sure to cover any flaws.”

When it comes to colour and shade? You guessed it, less is more. “Blush isn’t really too important to them,” he says. “They will use a little bit of lip colour but nothing too obvious, and that’s pretty much it – it’s very basic.”

As pared back as they like their makeup during the day, they aren’t afraid to push the boundaries a bit for night. “New York ladies do love to experiment and dress up for parties, events or to take a look from day to night,” Nigel says.

They don’t stray too much from a minimal, uncomplicated base, but they’ll do something like a velvet crimson or red matte lipstick to make a sophisticated statement.”

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