How To Apply Sunscreen

There are many misconceptions about how much and how often we need to apply sunscreen.

Even when we are indoors, at the office, or running daily errands, sunscreen should be applied on a daily basis. This is because UVA rays can penetrate clouds and glass, therefore playing a major part in long term premature skin ageing and can even initiate the development of skin cancers. A minimum of SPF 30 sunscreen is recommended to be applied daily when we are indoors. Sunscreen products are often doubled with your daily moisturiser for convenience.

When we are outdoors, just three minutes without proper SPF protection is enough to cause UV damage. The official recommendation from the Cancer Council Australia is to re-apply sunscreen every two hours if you’re basking in the sun. It is a great idea to look for SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum protection when we are outdoors, with 4 hour water resistance a great benefit when engaging in water activities or even exercising and sweating.

Watch Ultraceuticals Global Education Ambassador Tracey Beeby explain how adding sunscreen to your beauty routine will ensure to keep the harsh effects of nature at bay.

Sunscreen should be applied at least 20 minutes before you go outside. Include this step after cleansing in the morning, lather over ears, face and neck for complete coverage.

Tracey demonstrates that you can simply squeeze one teaspoon per limb and rub in well. It is essential to use a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30+.

To get the full benefits of your SPF protection, one cupped handful should be massaged into the skin. Masking the effects of sun damage is difficult. Slip, Slop, Slap is the best method to avoid a leather tan that looks more befitting to a handbag than your skin.

Have you applied your sunscreen this morning?

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