How To Make Your Career And Family Both Feel Like They’re Number One

Karen Phillip

Relationships Expert

Being a working mum can be really tough. We work within our home relentlessly, then we go to work and undertake our job or employment role, we spend so much of our time caring for our children, then we remain a loving, caring mum and wife or partner.

A woman wears so many hats and performs so many roles. Most of us love it. And most do an excellent job at being a worker, mum, wife, and homemaker. Add to that we are also a friend, sister, and daughter. The role and life for a woman is extensive.

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How then can we ensure we put in the required time and effort to develop our career while being a loving, attentive and time giving mum and wife?

Time management is fundamental and prioritising is crucial.

We meed to take a moment and prioritise our week, write down everything we must attend to and delegate any jobs we can to others. This enables us to manage the limited time we have available.

When at work we focus on the job at hand. We put in the required time, appease the boss, and allow the organisation to recognise our commitment, and occasionally remain later to finish off an important task. This is noticed. Sometimes woman are viewed with suspicion by the boss as some believe their priority is no longer their career, only their kids, and family. Men do not experience this disparity, only women seem to and therefore need to show more commitment than many of their male counterparts.

Women also want to be the best mother they can be. They want to provide their kids with their time, their focus and guarantee them they remain her priority at all times. Then, of course, she needs to remain focused and attentive to her husband or partner. So many roles. It’s a wonder why so many women do their various jobs so eloquently and efficiently.

When a woman is with her kids or family, she must focus on them and only them. No work, no social media, no phone conversations, only them. This allows her family to see how committed she is to only them. Women also need to set an example to their husband and kids to ensure the family dinner is device free. This is the time to bond, share, communicate and discover what everyone has done during their day. This is not possible with devices being watched or interacted with as it isolates everyone else.

Spending one day or even half a day with the kids makes both them and you feel connected. Forget the housework; that can wait. You can either delegate jobs to the kids or get a cleaner once a week or fortnight. Forget the shopping, order on line and have it delivered. Forget wasting time on social media; there is always better and more attentive things to do with the kids than that.

Have a date night with your husband at least once a month, more if you can. This is where you both put on your best outfits, look a million dollars, go to a nice restaurant, just the two of you. You leave the phones in your bag or pocket and just sit, relax and talk. It is this attentive bond couples need, to reconnect their coupleness regularly. Laugh together, review your week or month, set goals, discuss plans and share your thoughts, feelings, desires and needs.

Wearing each individual hat for each specialty role and job enables a woman to concentrate and focus on their current responsibility, placing all efforts on that. When we alternate onto our next role, we focus on that. All the time knowing what hat we wear and what priority we are focusing upon. It is the woman who is able to master this over any male counterpart. The ingenuity and creativity of a woman is magnificent.

Do what you do well, focus on each area as needed and know that in a few short years to come, the need of your children will dissipate and you will have more time to spend on the areas of your life you choose. You may even get some ‘Me time’ again, and that is always amazing.

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