How To Bounce Back From Over-Plucked Brows

While little feels worse than realising you’ve over-plucked your eyebrows, thankfully, there are ways to comeback from the brow faux-pas and rebound with bigger and bolder brows.

Rescu spoke with Australia’s top celebrity eyebrow expert, Amy Jean to get her tip-top tips and tricks for transforming bad brows around for the better.

The first key, Amy Jean shares, “Don’t make your tweezers too accessible.” When it comes to brows, more really is more. While maintenance is key, avoid pulling hairs from the sculpted-brow region.

Amy Jean further shares, “If brow hairs are looking long – don’t trim them.” She continues, “Use a brow gel to tame and leave longer, trickier rogue hairs in the hands of professionals.”

When dealing with patchy areas throughout brows, Amy Jean shares, “Be patient and use four products.” She continues, “Use a creamy foundation or concealer around the brow and allow a small amount to pass through the brow and onto the skin when blending.”


We recommend: Bobbi Brown Creamy Concealer Kit, $58

Next, Amy Jean suggests, “Take a pencil in a slightly darker shade and apply to the ‘new growth’ area only.”


We recommend: Benefit Goof Proof eyebrow pencil, $42

She then suggests “applying a powder in your usual tone and fluff across the penciled area as well as through the entire brow. This will camouflage the patchiness.”


We recommend: Garbo & Kelly Brow Pomade, $32

Finally, Amy Jean suggests “using a clear or coloured brow gel to set the fly-away hairs down.”


We recommend: Luma Beyond the Brows Grooming Gel, $16.95

When it comes to mastering the art of brows, sometimes It’s best left in the hands of the professionals. Amy shares, “If you aren’t much of an artist, opt for an in-salon treatment called ‘henna tinting’ with an eyebrow specialist.”

She continues, “This will effectively ‘stain’ the skin behind the brow hairs whilst they grow out. Henna lasts between two-to- four weeks, depending on how oily the skin is.”

Amy Jean confirms, “It is completely safe and natural on all skin types, even the most sensitive.”

To learn more about Amy Jean or henna tinting, head to to
book Amy Jean instagram: @AmyJeanEyeCouture


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