Building Your Lashes Without Going Faux

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

We all want quick fixes when it comes to makeup, fixes that instantly make a difference without spending too much time for a result and dressing our lashes is definitely one of those.

By wearing mascara, we define our lashes but also add depth, which can contrast against our eye colour, as well as creating shadow on the upper lid. This can help lift the overall eye area.

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Wearing mascara alone wont ‘fix’ all of our concerns with the eye area, but it is definitely a mandatory makeup item that everyone should use for a quick fix bright eyes open effect.


Like anything in makeup, highlight and shade plays a big part in results for adding new dimensions to the face.

Adding lighter shades will brighten, plump and bring an area forward. While using darker shades adds depth, recedes and re-structures an area.

Seeing as using mascara is adding depth to your lashes, this is why we get an instant open eye effect. It recedes the skin behind your lashes to open eyes.

For the upper lid (where mascara is more concentrated) this can help lift the upper eyelid where puffiness can occur.

Adding eye shadow onto any puffiness in this area, in a deeper shade to your skin tone, means magic is created by giving the eye a total re-structure.


Adding shade tones to the eye socket area is the only way to reduce any puffiness or heavy lid concerns. This recedes the protruding skin back by adding depth; therefore adding lifted shape to the eye.

Wearing mascara or eyeliner alone will assist in adding depth, but not completely correct the problem of a puffy eyelid.


We have an abundance of choice when it comes to mascara, it is after all one of the most purchased items in makeup, next to lips. But how do we know what to look for?

For me, it is all in the wand.

The smaller and thinner the wand, the more natural the result. Perfect for a non-makeup or a first time wearer and especially as an everyday mascara without being too much focus and only adding lash length.

Smaller wands mean less actual product on your lashes, this also means less depth. So if you do suffer from puffy, or a heavy upper eyelid, a thicker wand mascara will do more for your eye shape as it adds more depth to then lift this concern.

Volume means darker, fatter lashes. Perfect to assist in the upper eye lift.

The larger/thicker wands of mascara are more popular because they do more for the lashes adding volume as well as length. Because of this, choosing a larger wand does mean your mascara will be more visible, so for some, this type of mascara may only be chosen for night or a more made up eye makeup look.


One thing that fake lashes do well is add length.

So if your lashes are on the small side, there isn’t too much you can do to fake length with makeup.

If length is something you are after, but still don’t want to go fake, try using mascara with fibres in it. This will add teeny tiny little fibres to the ends of your lashes to create more length.

You can also use a lash primer. This coats the lashes and dries, so each individual lash is thicker and slightly longer once you apply your mascara over the top.

Creating the illusion of volume with makeup is much easier as it’s all down to the base line of the lashes.

Adding eyeliner to the base line of your lashes will definitely define the eyes, but also extend and deepen your mascara base line. This makes lashes appear thicker.

If you then smudge out the eyeliner, a pencil or cake liner would need to be used rather than a liquid. With a mini brush, this creates a smokey illusion, making the base line of the lashes further extended and creating even more volume.

Another great trick is to always apply slightly thicker eyeliner on the outer corner of the upper eyelid. Puffiness on the upper lid can sometimes be worse on the outer corner of the eye, collapsing the outer eye making it droopy.

The more depth you add, the more receding you achieve and this will lift the outer eye area, creating a youthful eye.


For a real makeup artist secret touch. Lift up your upper lid and apply eyeliner to the upper under rim of your eyelid. This adds depth, which makes the lash line lower for a cat eye effect.


There are a lot of application myths out there, but there really is only one correct way to apply mascara,

It’s all in the wrist.

The slower the application, so the lashes can comb through the wand perfectly and the twist of the wrist. So the entire mascara wand combs the lashes and not just one side, is the winner.

Starting at the base of the lashes is key for the ultimate lash comb through when applying mascara. If you only apply at the tips of the lash, you may weigh them down and not get the best lift.

Zig Zagging is actually not the best method, despite it being a common lash tip.

If you have longer lashes and start to zig zag your application, the lashes will sway side to side and then join up, creating a clumpy effect. So its best to always do the wrist twist roll when applying mascara.

So ladies, lashes can be a girls best friend. Definition, contrast, lift and shape all in one product. Oh and go black, much better effect than brown which can look dull.


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