How To Build Your Ultimate Makeup Kit For Under $100!

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

The world of beauty is bigger than ever and with so many products available, it’s hard to know what’s best to buy, while getting value for money.

I love that my job allows me to try all different types of makeup from super high end, to easily accessible drug store products and my makeup kit is a big mix of everything.

But, when it comes to advice on where to splurge, I always say spend more for areas of the face that move throughout the day. That way you’ll get great longevity of wear if you have a higher quality product.

Areas like mobile eyelids, and of course expression lines on the skin are parts of the face that move constantly throughout the day. So, eyeshadow, concealer and foundation I believe should be of higher quality.

Everything else is applied to a more fixed area – Blush, Eyebrows, Lashes, Liner etc.

Lips definitely move throughout the day, and yes lipstick can disappear quickly, but I also feel that this category is huge in the market with very affordable brands offering long lasting options.

With lips, it’s about comfort and time.

Do you have time to touch up that little bit more, with added comfort, or do you want the stay put formula that lasts all day, but may be a tad drying?

That’s a question that only you can answer!

Here are my top products to build a kit for $100;


maybelline-fit-foundationMaybelline Fit Me FoundationRRP $19.95

A lightweight, breathable fit, with skin merging pigments and a translucent primer base for comfortable wear, you can’t go wrong!

Start foundation application centre of the face, then sweep outwards for a seamless finish. Press and roll, or dab, for more coverage on a certain areas.

Loreal-LumiL’Oreal Paris Lumi Magique Touch of Light Highlighting Pen – RRP – $27.95

The secret weapon of makeup to brighten skin!

Perfect for highlighting areas of the face (frontal bones) to lift and great for touch ups to awaken any dull areas of the face.

W7-cheeky-trioW7 The Cheeky Trio Cheek Kit – RRP $9.99

A 3-in-1 palette, great for contouring, as it contains a highlight (on top of cheekbone) and shade tone (under cheek bone), plus a neutral blush shade to apply on the apple part of the cheek for lift.

Could also be added to the eyes!


Samantha-Jade-eyeSamantha Jade for Models Prefer, Uncovered Nude Eye Palette – RRP $17.99

Models prefer is Priceline’s in-house brand and with Samantha Jade’s collaboration, it’s a perfect mix of affordability and quality.

On-trend shades and great for day or night and start with matte shades as a base, then add light on top with metallics.

essence-mascaraEssence Get Big Lashes, Volume and Curl Mascara – RRP $4.70

A lot of us spend a lot on mascara and yes, a more expensive brand may last longer as it won’t dry out, but, mascara should only be opened between 3-6 months, so for the price, it works.

Technique is key with mascara. Always start at the underside of the lashes and slowly roll the wand through, combing each lash hair rather than wriggling the wand, which can cause clumping.

W7-browsW7 Kabrow Brow Thickener – $4.99

Brow makeup can be seen as scary, but remember, we should just be adding density, not too much colour and of course filling in any gaps.

Pencils can look too drawn in, so this brow powder thickener can easily add thickness, by dabbing product where needed within the brow. Brush through upwards for best result after application.

3mina-eye-pencil3INA (Pronounced MeeNah) The Essential Eye Pencil – RRP $6.95

I like a traditional eye pencil, as they are easy to smudge and create different looks, like the smokey eye, more than the waterproof or liquid variety.

Brown and deep bronze liners have become a big trend, more so than black, like in the past.

Draw a line as close to your lash line as possible, a little thicker than you would normally, then with a small brush, brush upwards to create a smokey effect.


3mina-lip-pencil3INA The Essential Lip Pencil – RRP $6.95

Lip liner shouldn’t take over the mouth, but when used after lipstick or gloss, it can define the lip edge, without being the hero, whereas the lipstick/stain or gloss should be.

W7-lipstickW7 Magic Matte Lipstick – RRP $4.99

Use fingertip to dab in initial colour to really bond pigment to lip and create a stain.

Use brush over the top for more coverage and use excess leftover product from fingertip on the cheek instead of blush for touch ups.

So… The GRAND TOTAL – $97.51

It can be done, when you know what to spend money on.

Skin will look fresh and realistic with a bit of extra spend on those areas, while other areas remain accessories to skin, like eyes and lips.


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