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Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

If it’s one thing I know well in my line of work as a makeup artist, it is how to quickly update someone’s makeup look.

From the years of working in department stores, backstage at fashion shows and now more a celebrity level. There is always a time when a makeup look needs to be updated quickly to give it more ‘wow’ (usually opting for that night time vibe) and it can be done with minimal product.

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We all have our everyday makeup look. For some, it might not be much, but its still at a level that you think appropriate or comfortable for the environment you are in.

What about a dressier occasion or a nighttime outing, do you change it up? And if not, it’s usually because you are not sure how. Especially if you have had your stock standard makeup look for a while. Am I right?


For any makeup look you apply, it’s always best to keep a very lightweight pressed powder and your lip product of choice as a touch up product in your handbag.

These will both ensure that ‘mid wear’ maintenance is a breeze, as we can sometimes get a tad shiny through the centre of the face (nose, chin and centre cheek) and lips always look better when freshly applied.

As for a night inspired touch up to our day look; we should only need to add no more than 3 products for that dressier edge.

Of course more than 3 is allowed if you have the time and patience, but for gals on the go, 3 can do wonders to your look.

The non-metallic Highlighter

This is great also as a touch up product throughout the day around the nose, under the eye and around the mouth if redness or foundation wears away – it gives back brightness.

A Bronzer

This multi-purpose wonder is so good at creating that extra lift in the cheeks when used as a contour shade and can be used as eye shadow. All in all, this one will update your look by adding more depth and shape to the face.

A Kohl (soft) Eyeliner Pencil

A soft, easy to blend, eye pencil is the quickest way to create a smokey eye, especially when updating your look, as they can be applied and blended out in seconds, without any fallout like that of an eye shadow.

*All 3 products are quick and easy to carry with you in case you get that phone call to go from desk to date, or drink, or dinner. Maybe even a dance?


No matter what level of makeup you have on from your day look, (hopefully some), these 3 products will upgrade any look.


Lets start with the highlighter.

This can be a highlighter pen, or even a general concealer. Trick is to know the difference between a concealer and one that brightens.

A concealer should be slightly deeper in tone than your foundation, as it is covering an area like dark circles (these are blue/green in tone) therefore need warming up for coverage.

(Fair skin use a peachy concealer to counter-act the dark circle and olive skin use more orange)

A highlight option is just a lighter/brighter shade than your concealer and can be used over the concealed area (right on the dark circle) throughout the day to keep the eyes looking fresh, but can also be used on the skin to brighten and lift areas. Top of cheekbone, centre of face, cupids bow of top lip line, peak of brow, these are all ‘highlight’ points and at night, should be addressed to brighten and lift your look.

Even if you have no foundation on, adding highlights in these areas will give great lift and glow to your look, you will feel fresher for your night out.


This is a must have handbag product to go from day to night.

You can use it with a large fluffy brush and give your entire face a healthy warm glow. Start application at the centre of your face and sweep outwards for a more natural effect.

It is also amazing as a cheek definer.

Use a smaller angled brush and apply bronzer under the cheekbone, in the hollow of the face. This recedes the area, which adds depth, which then allows for a more structured cheekbone. Great for slimming the face.

*Always apply from outer under cheekbone, coming inwards. This avoids too much build up of bronzer at the centre of the face that could look muddy.

Bronzer is also a great base eye shadow.

Use it in the morning as a light sweep across your eyelid for a warm glow on the lids. Awakening your eyes and apply extra product in the eye socket area for lift.

Because of this, it is obviously perfect as a multi-tasker to update your nighttime cheek, to then add extra depth to your nighttime eye.

Focus on the outer corners and top and lower lash lines for some warm shading.

Soft Eyeliner

Once your bronzer is updated (or whatever eye makeup you have on from the day works well too) apply some eyeliner to the outer corner, upper and lower lash line areas.

Apply a slightly thicker line than you would if you were going to leave it there as is, because with a small firm brush, you now smudge and blend that thicker eye line up into your eyelid area.

This uses the eyeliner that when applied can look harsh and turns it into a beautifully blended smokey eye.

How much you apply is up to you, but you can apply more and more to create the smokey depth you need for your night vibe.

Its also great to blend up into your outer socket line for a more rounded, lifted outer corner. Its amazing how with the correct soft (or kohl) style eyeliner, how smooth it can be blended to mimic eye shadow, but less mess from the powder.

To finish this look, grab your trusty lip from your daily touch up bag and with brighter skin, contoured cheek and a smokey eye, your night look is on point with 3 products. WINNING. Enjoy the nights ahead ladies!


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