How To Combat Puffy Eyes And Dark Circles

We all know that dreaded look when you wake up in the morning with a puffy face and dark circles under your eyes (which isn’t from left over mascara). What many people don’t realise is the cause of the dreaded ‘eye bags’ can stem from many things, not just tiredness alone.  In fact, dark circles and puffy eyes can be much more complex than that, stemming from things we can’t control like age, genetics, hormones, and then things we can control like diet and tiredness.

Eye bags are caused by fluid retention in the eye socket, where the orbital fat (the padding behind the eyes) has drooped and migrated south. Without getting too technical, it is basically a combination of thinning skin and weaker collagen and gravity bringing the orbital fat below the eyes, which then gets targeted by fluid and can swell the area.

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Technically, dark circles under the eyes are caused when the skin below the eyes begins to thin. This thinning of the skin highlights all of the blood vessels and small muscles which sit under the eye area. This then creates the appearance of darkness in that area. Unfortunately for some people, this type of change to the eye area can be hereditary, which can mean their dark eye circles are seemingly always there.

There are various treatments which can minimise the appearance of dark circles under the eyes and puffiness which include at-home and in salon methods. Biologi’s Dermal Specialist Lucy Kuper shares her top tips on how you can combat puffy eyes.

Watch how you sleep

An at-home measure not only includes getting more sleep, but watching how you sleep. Try sleeping on two pillows or focus on sleeping on your back rather than on your stomach. By elevating your head, you can help to minimise fluid build-up overnight.

Try a cool compress

Preventative methods certainly can’t help if the eye bags are already there! So if you find yourself with puffy eyes in the morning, try a cool compress by using two cold teaspoons placed flat against the eye socket. You can do this by popping the teaspoons in the freezer for a few minutes, then letting them cool enough to put on the sensitive eye area. You can also do this using a cool jade roller  with some serum to gently massage over your face.

Watch your diet

Firstly ensure that you are getting enough water throughout the day because dehydration means the eyes cannot receive adequate blood flow and the build-up of blood can cause the area to swell. Also try not to have too much salt, as this is thought to cause the body to retain water and then bloat, which obviously affects your under eye appearance too.

Load up on Vitamin C

High levels of natural vitamin c helps firm the delicate surfaces under the eyes. Minimising the appearance of any darkness, it will also assist with collagen production, skin elasticity and suppleness, skin brightening and protection from environmental damage.

Consult the Experts

A salon treatment can include injecting a filler such as Restylane, which can be filled into the tear trough, allowing for something in between the skin and underlying tissue, making any dark circles appear lighter. PRP and laser resurfacing are also options which can reduce the appearance of dark circles in that area.

Cover up

If all else fails, invest in a good concealer which can at least hide the under eye bags for a little while! You’ll want to choose a concealer with a hydrating consistency and ideally a non-budge texture that has enough coverage and pigment to hide those circles!


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