How To Conceal Dark Circles

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

One of the biggest mistake women make is using the wrong shade of concealer to correct a dark circles. Usually it is too light and this makes the area go grey.

Here are some tips to get the most perfect and natural result:

1. Don’t match your concealer to your face shade; a dark circle has a blue/green/purple undertone, so it needs an entirely different shade tone. Usually a peach to yellow for pale skin and a yellow to orange base for olive skin.

2. Puffiness also needs a slightly deeper shade to correct and recede the area, otherwise using the same shade as your face or a lighter shade will make it stand out. Don’t highlight a puff, correct it by going deeper with concealer.

3. When applying, only dab on the area where the concern actually is. Too many apply out to the outer eye area. This is where we can get expression lines and then we can age ourselves when the product creeps into our ‘crows feet’. We should only apply where needed; less is best when it comes to areas on the face that has movement.

4. Once the area is corrected, use the double concealer trick. Correct first to reduce concern, then highlight over the top to brighten and lift the area. The deeper shades used to correct either dark circles or puffiness is great to counter-act the problem, but they can appear dull. Use a brighter concealer over the top, in a light dabbing application; you will see the area lift instantly.

5. For puffiness, don’t use the highlight directly on the puffiness. Only directly underneath it, where the shadow is. This will lift forward the shadow, appearing more in line with the puffy area, creating balance.

Watch my below video demonstrating how to conceal under eye circles.

Product used in video:


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