How To Create a Rosy Complexion

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

kate-middletonWe all want that fresh glow, but sometimes we try to hard to create a glow with shades that are not in our natural skin tones, therefore looking very placed and not so natural.

While so many of us try to get rid of the pink shades in our skin, if they are in the right areas with the unwanted rosy areas concealed away it can be magic.

The Duchess of Cambridge is one that sports the rosy glow very well.

Always fresh and that little bit of colour can do wonders when you need to appear like your skin has had the biggest sleep possible, giving good glow!

The Rosy glow look is great for a pale skin to create that English Rose, romantic style effect and also works well for an olive skin.

Olive skins need to use slightly deeper rose tones, just so it actually shows well on the skin – a wishy washy look wouldn’t give you the same punch and glow as deeper mauve pink style shades.

MB PRO TIP – If your skin naturally is affected by any skin allergies such as rosacea or general high redness on the cheeks etc, this look may not be as suited to you, unless you covered everything with concealer/foundation first.

Try to use the opposite, warmer tones with maybe a slight bit of rose in very small, concentrated areas, so it does not make the skin concerns come out – it is all about balance.

Balance is so important with any look, but especially rose style shades.

This look doesn’t mean you have to have the same rosy/pink shades on every part of your face.

Think of focus points, mainly cheeks and lips, and then eyes can be either a neutral shade or smoke them up.

Very rare that these rose shades can suit someone on eyes, lips and cheeks all at the same time – there would need to be a lot of contouring under the shades to make the face look structured.

With the complexion, it is so important to still even out all unwanted concerns like redness, dark shadows around eyes and even some pigmentation with your foundation and concealer.

Instead of choosing warmer shades, which can work, wonders too, try to add a pink style highlighter across cheekbone and on highlight points. This gives instant freshness whereas some bronze/gold style shades can get a little to yellow and muddy looking – this look is all about uplifting.

armani-fluid-sheerMy favourite pink base face highlighter is from Giorgio Armani, Fluid Sheer #8

This product comes in so many different shades and are such a light texture they are great mixed into foundations or my personal like is to dab over the face to create light, but in a shade of your choice.

This pink base highlighter works perfectly on all highlight points, cupids bow, peak of brow, centre of nose and more commonly above cheekbone.

I would still give the face a little structure with some contouring shades, under cheekbones and in eye sockets mainly to guarantee some lift, but just don’t go too brown.

Colour can then be added over the top of this light contouring to give that rosy complexion.

A rosy apple of the cheek is a fabulous way to add colour when feeling flat and just in general to be a pop colour when maybe a lip or eye makeup is not your thing.

One mistake women make is applying these rosy shades from apple of the cheek right up into the sideburn hairline – it’s just too much!!

It needs to only be on the apple of the cheek as that is where colour comes naturally, try to think of this so the look doesn’t become to placed and unnatural.

MB PRO TIP – Smiling while applying blush is good and bad. Good at first to see where the actual apple of cheek is, but bad if you keep smiling while applying. Once you have found the apple, relax the skin so the blush is smoothed over the apple (in a circular motion) evenly and does not fall into expression lines.

curtis-collectionI love my Curtis Collection Baked Blush in Show Stopper (RRP $35)
It has been a great addition to my kit and love the lightness, but yet such smooth pigment to create a rosy glow that appears from within.

A rosy complexion to me means fresh, light, romantic, feminine.

The eyes can be anything from a light wash across the mobile lid to a more solid smokey effect, which you could add in later in the day.

You can keep your eyes as you would normally… Maybe a pencil smudged from lash line to the lid, a little neutral shading and contouring…

But instead of just leaving the look, as you would, add in a little rosy shade on the actual centre of the mobile lid.

I would use my blush for this as it is in the same colour family then, plus we all love a little multi-use when we can with makeup.

How much you apply is up to you, but keep it central if you want a concentrated amount, as then it will not overdone. Still shade everything else in as normal, this will avoid your look being completely different, but just adding in a fresh rosy shade on the lid.

For a more evening look, start with the rosy blush tone as a wash across lid, up to brow, this can give some punch and glow behind anything on top like a little smokey, smudged liner like what Kate Middleton usually applies.

Lastly it is the lips!

This part is easy… Pink lipsticks are common, but do you have the right shade?

A rosy pink can be soft, it can be more commonly cool, but can also be a little warmer for those pale/pink base skins that shouldn’t go to pink on the lips to avoid the whole complexion looking overdone – no one wants to bring out redness that was concealed earlier.

This look is great when the lipstick is dabbed on the lip with the fingertip to create a fusion and more a stain lip look, than that of a placed perfect lip.

Everything in this trend should be soft, rounded and natural.

If everything in the rest of your makeup is quite pink, tone down the lip and of course the opposite if you are keeping lip and cheeks as the focus and the eyes left neutral.


The Shu uemura range of lipsticks is perfect for a wide range of colour choices and these soft, rosy tones.

Being a Japanese brand, they specialize in shades that will uplift and give a great glow as the Asian skin is quite yellow in tone and needs lifting.

I love the Shu uemura Rouge Unlimited Supreme Matte (RRP $39)

Remember ladies, it is all about balance and you can realy wear any shade if it is balanced.

This trend will only work if unwanted pink tones are corrected, before the wanted ones are applied!

Keep it fresh and simple and you too can be a princess!

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