How To Create The Perfect Blow-Dry At Home

Have you ever walked out of the hairdressers and wondered why you could never create the same blow-dry effect as they do and wonder what their tricks are? Watching them do it really does not seem like it’s much different to how you do it at home. Don’t worry, ghd Australia and New Zealand ambassador, Jayne Wilde shares her tips on how you can create the perfect blow-dry at home to look as though you just got it professionally done.

blow-dryimage via pinterest

1. Firstly, give yourself a fighting chance and invest in a decent hair dryer.

2. Once you are equipped with the right tools, the next step is to remove the excess moisture out of your hair and add a heat protect spray. It’s best to remove excess moisture from the hair before styling products are applied as you will water them down and end up using a lot of unnecessary product, which is a waste!

3. Section off your hair by starting at the nape and clipping up. Now you are ready to dry all underneath sections first and then work your way up by releasing one to two inch sections.

4. Always keep the nozzle of the dryer pointing downwards to keep the cuticles smooth and avoid frizz. Make sure the sections are dry before moving onto the next section, otherwise you may end up with frizz! Repeat this process until you have covered the whole head.

5. I always like to blast the whole head after I’ve finished all the sections to ensure the hair is completely dry.

6. To my amazement, I have found that if you use a styler it prolongs your blow-dry, I have experimented on my own hair. If I don’t use my styler after a blow-dry (which is very rare!) my hair, and in particular my fringe, will be greasy by the late afternoon!

Bouncy blow-dry (e.g. root booster)

Always use a root booster, foam or mousse to make sure you achieve bounce!

Frizz free blow-dry

A light serum throughout the ends/mid lengths of the hair will help avoid frizz, or use your styler after a blow-dry to eliminate frizz.

Wavy blow-dry

Use a smaller brush than you normally would or use your styler to achieve your wave after blow-drying.

Stick straight blow-dry

Use a larger than normal brush, and make sure your hair is completely dry.
Use a styler, post blow-dry.


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