How To Create The Perfect Bridal Makeup

It goes without saying that the day of your wedding is when you want to look and feel your absolute best. From famous brides to emulate to looks to avoid, renowned celebrity Nigel Stanislaus Makeup Artist from RescuMe Academy’s Be Your Own Makeup Artist shares his tips on how to put your best face forward on your big day. 

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Resist temptation to go full-on ‘glam’

While ‘glam’ style makeup is trending at the moment (think dramatic, colourful eyes and intense highlight) Nigel believes there is a time and place for it – and your wedding day is definitely not one of those times.

“I think that a bride should look beautiful, glowing and natural on their wedding day rather than ‘glamazon’,” Nigel says. Why? “It uses way too much product, so it looks very harsh and structured both in the flesh and in photography.”

In general, Nigel recommends opting for a more classic, muted look over an edgy, directional bridal makeup as it is very quick to date – after all, you want to treasure your wedding photos for the rest of your life!

“Because it’s a trend, in five years’ time it’s going to look so dated, and your kids are going to wonder why you chose that makeup for your wedding day, and you’ll likely regret it too.”

So, what to rule out? Heavy foundation, harsh contouring, too-dark smokey eyes, full strip lashes and matte lips are a big no-no, according to Nigel.

“Unless you’re Celine Dion or Jennifer Lopez and you’re performing in Vegas under lights that are ten times harsher than natural daylight, then yes, go full glam. But any other girl should look fresh and radiant, which transcends any time and culture,” he says.

Opt for glowing, understated makeup

Not sure how to nail natural, radiant bridal makeup? Nigel believes that less is always more, and opts for medium coverage, velvet-finish foundations over matte formulations every time.

The rest of your look (eyeshadow, blush, bronzer and highlight) should be in earthy, natural tones that are complementary to your skin tone, hair and eye colour.

“Create some eye definition with soft eyeshadows, a little bit of eyeliner and subtle false lashes, but that’s it,” he says.

Some brides opt for a bold lip for their big day, but if in doubt, stick to nude, your-lips-but-better shades.

“An absolute failsafe lip option is a nude liner and lipstick, because it’s low maintenance, long-lasting and so easy to quickly touch up.”

So, needing some new inspo to add to your bridal beauty Pinterest board? Look no further than the royals.

“I think women should definitely look to wedding makeups like those of Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle,” Nigel says. “You should look like yourself but happy, radiant and blushing – happy is the look that I think will trend forever.”


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