How To Create The Wealth You Truly Desire And Stop Settling For Less

Are you settling for less? Take a deep breath. Stop all the multitasking and ask yourself this. “If I received everything I’m currently asking for, would it truly be enough for me?”

If your entire world expands and you’re flooded in gratitude, you’re not settling for less!

If there is a sinking feeling that you have missed something, or that you’ve asked for what you think you can have (rather than what you truly desire!) then you’re most likely setting for less.

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It’s really easy to complain about what you don’t have. It’s a much bigger choice to turn your life into an ‘asking for more’ party. Moira Bramley is a wealth coach, a facilitator of Wealth Creators Anonymous shares how you can create the wealth you deserve.

I grew up in poverty and yet I made a clear choice to be wealthy. I didn’t doubt myself. I knew that if I was asking, it would come.

Becoming wealthy was so easy for me. How come? I was not vested in the outcome and I had no point of view about how the money would come. Most people ‘try’ to create wealth through goals and plans and ‘making it happen’. I simply asked, without any expectations — positive or negative!

You are in a lighter space of being and creating when you do not have any judgement or any expectation that something will work in a certain way. If you put significance on something and obsessively go after it, you push it away. Trying to force something into existence by demanding of the universe is like trying to melt treacle in cold water.

When you set an intention, or put your full attention on creating something, you are forming the ball of treacle.

When you make a request, without a point of view as to whether it shows up or not, you are being the warm water that allows the treacle to dissipate out into the universe, beginning the fulfilment of what you are asking for.

Making the choice to be wealthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of being. If you want to stop settling for less and become wealthier, there’s two things you need to get clear on:

1. What is wealth to you?

2. What are you truly asking for (that maybe you haven’t dared say out loud yet)?

Let’s look at what you’re asking for. Make a list of everything you know you’re asking for. Is that all you truly desire? Or do you have unacknowledged asks. Keep expanding this list to include everything that would represent true wealth to you. Wealth isn’t just about fame and fortune, it’s about having an abundance of what makes you feel alive.

As you look at this list, allow all of the doubt and neediness to dissipate in a sea of warm water. Being obsessively demanding or working yourself into burnout is not the way you move out of settling for less. Letting go and allowing possibilities to come from your asks will take you much further.

You’ve seen this in action, you just didn’t know what you were looking at. The ask is the start of having more. To have your asks come to fruition, you need to make new choices, different choices, bigger choices, more courageous choices. As you expand your ‘ask’ muscle, you’ll be presented with unexpected choices.

How many times do people get into business “by accident’? Or meet a partner ‘by accident”? They often times ‘think’ it was an accident. No, they were making choices in each moment of their life. If you look at how entrepreneurs evolve, they start one thing and it leads them to awareness and ideas of what else is possible. Richard Branson started with running his school magazine and got into the business of selling advertising space. Do you think that his airline businesses played any part in him setting out to create spaceships through Virgin Galactic?

If you aren’t willing to start with what you can start with, you won’t receive the awareness of where you could go. You will never have to settle for less if you keep asking for more.


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