Dr Sandra Cabot On How To Detox Your Liver Safely

1 in 3 Australians are affected by Fatty Liver. This condition is responsible for all manner of health issues including weight gain, hormonal imbalance, disease and organ malfunction.

Noted physician and Liver expert Dr Sandra Cabot guides us on the perils of Fatty Liver and how to quickly and safely detox for a happy, healthier life. Here are the highlights of her tips and clinical research.

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First things first. What is Fatty Liver?

Fatty liver is where the liver metabolism is disturbed so the liver is storing fat when it should be burning fat. Fatty liver now affects 1 in 3 Australians.

Having a fatty liver makes it much harder to lose weight, increases the risk of diabetes, can impact your immune system, and increase the risk of cancer. So, it’s not good to have a fatty liver and a lot of people that do have a fatty liver don’t know they’ve got it.

What I’ve learnt over 30 years of researching the importance of Liver health is that, it is possible to reverse the fatty liver with nutritional medicine.

The signs of Fatty Liver

You can have an ultrasound scan of the liver and that will show the texture of the liver. In this process, you can see the liver, so it becomes more reflective and you can see the texture of this organ, so you’ll often see the streaks of fat in it as well.

Someone who was diabetic or overweight or perhaps complained about discomfort around the area of the liver, their doctor may suggest how often this test is required.

Alkaline diets

Alkalising means to elevate the level of pH in the body, that’s how we measure how acidic or alkaline in the blood, urine or saliva is and that has to be kept within a range and if it’s too low or too high then you’ll get disturbed metabolism.

We can help to alkalise by having more greens, like green powder or green foods and taking magnesium salt. That will definitely help to elevate your pH but if then if you go and eat a lot of sugary foods or drink a lot of alcohol, you will offset that benefit. That will make you more acidic, so you will also need to improve your diet as well.

Liver health is key for a balanced detox program that’s going to benefit your overall wellbeing.

The liver is the hardest working organ in the body. It’s exposed to a lot more chemicals, there’s a lot more plastics in everything, in our food, water, there are a lot more dyes and colours. Our waterways are more polluted and our liver is the only organ that can break down those chemicals, so it’s overworked.

Our liver is a factory that breaks down toxic chemicals, it’s also a mechanical filter that removes unhealthy micronisms and debris from the blood and it also reduces a lot of immune factors and protects your immune system from overload. It’s also helping you regulate your blood sugar. A lot of people with a weight problem have unstable blood sugar so when their blood sugar goes down, they get terrible cravings for sugar. It makes it very hard for them to lose weight, so once again if we can improve our liver functions, it can really make a big difference.

Do this one thing to improve your liver function and gut health

I would advise is to use some liver herbs. You need to have a lot more raw leafy greens and salads, that’s very important and indeed the benefits won’t be confined only to your liver but they’ll greatly reduce your risk of dementia.

These natural anti-biotics help boost immunity and reduce duration of illness

Red onion, garlic, rosemary, thyme, oregano are natural antibiotics to incorporate into your diet. You can cook with these or consume them raw and eating these things regularly makes a big difference as far as the type of bugs in your gut. Also, you can do some juicing or make smoothies in a blender.

Try this juice recipe every day for a happy liver

Have lots of different colours in it, so carrot, beetroot, ginger, and something green and some citrus.

Drink it everyday on an empty stomach because if you have a juice with a meal, you’ll be full. It might be a bit much for your gut to handle all at once and if you’ve got bowel disease, you’d want to dilute the juice with water first, because you might find that you will get a little bit of diahorrea from it.

Clean hydration is key

So many people are chronically dehydrated and the research on Alzheimer’s disease is that there is protein building up in the brain Amaroid. They know it’s a defect of clearing the protein than reducing it. I think that happens because people are dehydrated. If you’re dehydrated, circulation all over your body is reduced and you’re not going to clear the toxins that build up in the cells and in between the cells in lymphatic fluid. So, I think chronic dehydration can lead to chronic diseases and people forget to drink water.

I think we need at least 2 litres of water a day and that could be like soda water, mineral water, or tap water.

We don’t know if we’re getting some plastic in bottled water. I rather have tap water than drink still water from those really thin plastic bottles.

The truth about how much alcohol your liver can handle

I’d say one standard drink a day. Let’s say, 7-8 drinks a week is safe.

A bottle of wine a day is 7 standard drinks, and that’s very, very toxic to your liver and brain in one hit.

So, it’s not really not sustainable, you will find that you’ll have ongoing damage to your liver and probably to your state of mind and memory loss and I think what has happened over the last 20 years, is we’ve normalised excessive drinking.

Adding these two supplements to your diet could potentially help

I think, if you’re highly stressed you should definitely take magnesium, it’s a great relaxer and makes a huge difference to stress levels.

I think if you’re Australian you should take selenium from time to time because it’s highly likely that you’ll be selenium deficient. I’ve written a little book, that’s got lots of studies and it’s really fascinating. Selenium really reduces risks of many types of cancer. The doses in Australia that are regulated by the TGA is 150 micrograms. The toxic dose is about 900 micrograms.

And you can give selenium to children as a lot of children really need it.

Selenium is a mineral central to human and animal health and it specifically concentrates on the cell where it is beneficial to your DNA and that will enable you to fight viruses a lot efficiently and indeed studies with aids viruses has found that it reduces viral by 50% so it’s good to take it with the antiviral drug, it will reduce your risk of many types of cancer and it will have an anti inflammatorily effect particularly for people with immune disease and it’s a central for healthy thyroid tissue, thyroid disease is the most common disease in the world and it’s been shown it can help many types of thyroid disease.


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