How To Dress for Success and Confidence

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 3.37.36 PMColette Werden, style and image specialist for female professionals and creator of The Ratio System helps women achieve a longer, leaner appearing silhouette, no matter their shape, or size. RESCUTV sat down with Colette Werden as she discussed  how to dress for success.

Colette explains The Ratio System is a way of dressing to a “one third (torso), two third (leg)” ratio. The ratio simplifies the process of achieving a longer, leaner silhouette, for any body shape or size, eliminates the restricting “rules” that come with traditional body shape dressing, camouflages a woman’s stomach and thighs, creates the perception of a feminine, hourglass silhouette with ease, takes the guess work out of wondering whether an outfit works or not.

Depending on the individual woman and the areas she wants to highlight, these are Colette’s dos and don’ts when it comes to dressing for success:

Key garments:

  1. Cropped jackets / blazers
  2. Blazers / jackets with one button that do up at the waist
  3. Tops that cinch in at the waist (eg. Peplum tops)
  4. Necklace that reaches the waist (no longer
  5. Waist belts (thickness depending on woman’s body proportion, may not be appropriate if thewoman has no defined waistline)
  6. High waisted bottoms – jeans / pants (skinny or straight), skirts (pencil or flare at waist)
  7. Dresses that cinch in at waist (style dependant on women’s overall shape)
  8. Scarves that reach no longer than the waist when wrapped (opposite ends on scarf tiedtogether and wrapped in snood style ideal)

Important to note: “waist” means the natural waist line (not higher, not lower) – to find the natural waist line, tip to right and pinpoint where the body naturally “folds”.

Screen Shot 2014-08-08 at 3.44.17 PM

Best to avoid:

  1. Low waisted pants & skirts
  2. Balloon tops with thick ribbing at bottom
  3. Heaving pleating on skirts around thighs
  4. Dresses that move in and out from the hip, or have gathering at the hip
  5. Necklaces that finish at the lower stomach region
  6. Hip belts
  7. Hipster Jeans (the term “muffin top” was created when hipster jeans came out)

*Note: can be made to work with the right styling technique, however with basic styling knowledge they’re best avoided

Watch the full interview with Colette below:

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