5 Proven Ways To Look Forever Youthful

Emma-Charlotte Bangay

Beauty and Lifestyle Expert

Want to stay forever young? This may seem impossible to you, but there are steps you can take to ensure every year doesn’t appear on your face. By doing these 5 simple things you are bound to have fresh and fabulous skin that will fool anybody that passes you on the street.

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1. Get your beauty sleep:

Sleep is a healer, but unfortunately it is also a low-priority for many women. If you want to wake up feeling revived, you need to go to sleep earlier. It will also better arm you with the protection against ageing diseases like memory loss, high-blood pressure, and a weak immune system. Think of it as your bunker for beauty and health in your older age; getting more sleep now will hold you in better stead.

Eight hours is optimum when you can – and if that’s not realistic, get that much at least four nights a week.  If you’re a bit of an insomniac, at least rest. Put yourself to bed with an audio book on the earphones. Tune out and rest up. If you’re still struggling with sleep, introduce more magnesium into your diet – almonds are a great source – as a deficiency can lead to sleep woes.

2. Stay Trim:

Not thin, but trim. That is the trick to ensuring all your internal organs are able to fire on full cylinders, and no excess fat will hold you back in your quest to remain active and pain-free as you age.

It’s never going to be easier to do than today, so switch up your bad routines and introduce some healthier ones now. For starters, structure your diet around greens and grains – eliminating as many sugars and preservatives that you can – and get active for 20 minutes a day. Whether that is a solo run, walking the kids to school, or cycling to work, moving your body regularly and keeping excess weight at bay is one of the cleverest physical – and mental – youth boosters. 

3. Slip Slop Slap:

Wear sunscreen. Prevention is the one and only surety when it comes to protecting the skin against ageing UVA and UVB rays. And this doesn’t just apply to summer holidays. Nope, SPF protection is imperative 365, so thankfully many clever beauty brands have eliminated the hard work for you and put an SPF in everything from foundations to bronzers, to lip glosses to cheek creams…

4. Stay Sharp:

Stay inspired. Keep a keen mind helps to ford of memory loss in older age, keep trying new things and never stop learning. Whether it be a new class in chess, a Zumba membership or going back to study art as you’d always wished, with age comes the freedom to choose what you want to focus your free-time on, and stave off mental ageing.

Oh, and it helps to keep laughing too. Lighten moods – and life’s heavy load – by surrounding yourself with good friends, great times and gorgeous get-aways to uplift, whenever life allows it.

5. Stay Hydrated:

The skin is one mighty big organ, and it needs to be watered well. Experts agree that 1.5 – 2litres of water per day is sufficient hydration for a healthy fit adult. This will keep collagen buoyed and internal cell health at a premium – the benefits of which will show all over your face via smoother skin and less heavy lines. Cheers to that!


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