How To Fix An Eyeliner Disaster

Michael Brown

Beauty Expert

Well, you’re in luck!

Gone are the days where we are expected to have perfectly applied liner!

Yes, there will always be room for a beautiful and chic winged liner, but there is also a big trend of relaxed beauty when it comes to eyes and liner can be saved instantly if its looking a little worse for wear, creating a smokey vibe to change up the look.



One of my favourite ways to add depth to the lash line, without looking dramatic or too placed, is using a deeper shadow shade on the outer part of the upper lash line.

It’s there, it gives lift, creates depth, but in a very subtle un-obvious way, which is so great to keep people guessing, rather than a very placed artificial look to the eye.

A deeper shadow can be added to the outer part of the eye for depth and lift, then you feel you have your desired shadow look, try using a small angled brush and trace the upper lash line with a much deeper shade.

Instantly it fattens lashes, and if you add a slight outer flick, you’ll also get great lift to the look.

To Fix

If your shadow liner is fading and looks a little tired after a long day, just buff the liner in to create a smokey shadow edge, rather than a defined one.

For added depth, blend some of your deeper eyeshadow from outer eye to inner and it will upgrade your day look to a night smokey eye.


A non-waterproof kohl pencil has been my go-to for many years.

Being so soft and easy to blend, you can literally chuck it on the lash line and even work it up to the mobile eyelid and with a flat firm brush (fingers can work too) blend the product to create a soft, smudged effect. Perfect for that one product/shade smokey eye effect.

In today’s world, these types of pencils are more used to add depth and be smudged in, as opposed to creating a perfect winged liner.

But, if you do, during the day the kohl pencil may transfer onto your eyelid with heat and general movement of the eye.

To Fix

If your pencil style liner has transferred to your lid, or run a little because of eye movement and heat, just use a shadow brush to blend it into the area it has transferred to create a smokey shadow effect.


The old school liquid liner still has its place, giving definition to the lash line, which gives a thicker lash look and by adding a slight wing, can give lift to the eye. Only problem is, once it’s on, it’s on!

Most formulas are long wear, which is great, but it means if it does start to fade or wear away, there is not much blend available, to turn it into something more smokey as a fix.

Gel liners on the other hand are super popular, as they are easier to apply as you use an angled brush, plus have much more blend-ability to create a softer line, or even a smokey effect.

I’ve even used gel liners as a base shadow for a smokey eye when I’ve needed extra depth and staying power.

To Fix

A liquid liner should technically last the distance with no transfer, if it’s a good one that is!

But, as you cannot really ‘buff’ out a liquid line, its best to have your deep shadow or pencil/gel liner on hand, to either go over your faded liquid friend, or use to create a smokey shadow on the area.

Gel liner for me is the easiest product for a great eye define, as it can be an eyeshadow base, a perfectly applied winged liner and then buff out for the perfect smokey eye.


While I’ve got you, I am going to run through an easy way to create an outer wing on the eye:

– Start at the outer part of the eye and measure where your wing should be with your eyes open.
– Place an angled brush where the wing should be, remember a wing should give you lift, so the point of the brush should be on a diagonal from outer eye, heading up into your hairline.
– With eyes still open, and coming slightly from the lower lash line, mark your outer wing line with your chosen product, using your angled brush.
– Still with eyes open, thicken and shape wing to your desire
– Closing the eye, join outer wing to upper lash line and trace along until finished


Keeping eyes open, ensure your wing is placed perfectly when your eyes are in the state they are most of the time. Applying closed. May give you a false point, therefore when you open and your eye skin adjusts, you may get a droop!

Happy Eye Defining!


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