How to Fix Over Plucked Eyebrows

For every beauty slip-up, there is a solution. But how to fix over plucked eyebrows? That takes a few more steps – and a whole lot of patience according to beauty and lifestyle expert Emma-Charlotte Bangay. 

Sometimes the sins of youth come back to bite you.

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As a young model in the times of Kate-Moss meets Calvin-Klein in the 90s, every makeup artist I met from the tender age of 15 tweezed me to the point that no teen should go. The thinner the better for them – and then they’d go me just a little more.

Today, the results of those heady modelling days is a myriad of Myer catalogues in a dusty box under mums bed, and thin brows.

Which leaves me a little stuck from my past with the pluck. And to make matters worse, as we age the hair growth cycle can change, meaning the growing back of brows takes time.

However, there is hope to achieve a future of fuller brows says Danielle Kurukchi, Brow Specialist and Owner, Final Touch Brows who kindly offers up her expertise with these simple steps to a fuller brow.

How to fix over plucked eyebrows:

Move away from the Tweezers: First up, down tools. Although it may be tough for those of us who avoid un-manicured moments with zeal, you may need to grin and bare a bit of growing time during which you don’t tweeze at all. Tame? That’s another thing entirely. If your brows are growing back, brush them up into shape – rather than pluck them – with a light coloured pencil and a fixing wax on the brow bone under the eyebrow.

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Find a Professional: “Make an appointment with a Brow Specialist who will determine the correct, shape, colour and thickness that will most complement your individual face shape and bone structure,” advises Danielle. This initial consultation will then set you up with a plan for the regrowth process.

Re-Book: Don’t be a stranger. Once you’ve had an initial consult with a brow specialist, make a booking to visit them for your first initial shape down the track. Every few weeks is advised if you have a game plan for fuller brows in place.

Get a colour diagnosis: Thin brows need not be angry, harsh brows. Often too-dark brow pencils can give the illusion of thinness, whereas a tinted brow brush, like Benefit Speed Brow, $32 in the same shade as the lengths of your current hair colour – not the darker roots, unless you hair is currently sorbet. That’s an exception – will ensure a more natural, fuller, feathered look than a pencil.

Tint: You’d be surprised how powerful a brow tint can be towards the illusion of thicker brows. If during your visit to the Brow Specialist you don’t get a pluck in the early stages, get a tint instead.

Nourish: “Caster oil is amazing for so many different reasons and hair growth is one of them,” advises Danielle who suggests rubbing a little into your brows each night before bed to help stimulate and strengthen hair growth.

Extensions: If your brows just don’t grow anymore then there is still hope in the form of Brow Extensions says Danielle. Individual hairs are attached to your natural brow hair and/or skin to help create thickness or extend your brows if they end to short or begin too far apart from each other. This is also known as ‘threading’ and has become popular in many mainstream salons.

Tattoo You: There are some really realistic brow tattoo options out there these days such as Feather Touch Brow Tattoos – mastered by brow couturist Amy Jean – which are done in light, upwardly feathers strokes to mimic the natural growth of hair.

Be patient: “Growing out your brows really does take a lot of patience but remember it is all worth it in the end!” ensures Danielle.


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